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Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA


Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
I've never been to a CMA meeting, as I live out in the sticks/ boonies/ boondocks and there isn't one within driving' distance. In fact, there's only 2 CMA meetings in my entire state. And I'm talking physical state here, more than my "state of confusion" or state of limitation.

I was just wondering, how does a CMA meeting compare to a NA meeting?
Does CMA have it's own printed literature or does it use NA literature?
Do big city/ metropolitan area tweakers/ speedfreaks in recovery find it helpful to attend both CMA and NA meetings?

Do you think it hinders my recovery as a "polysubstance dependent" addict to focus on my addiction to meth over the pot and crack? Crank was what brought me to my knees in record time. When I say, "My name is Lisa, and I'm an addict" I'm generally thinking of meth first & foremost. I really feel especially violated by meth, and my life has been ravaged by meth. If I hadn't tried crank I probably would've taken another year, maybe even a few years, before hitting rock bottom and seeking help for addiction. Maybe my HP was actually more merciful in letting me learn my lesson the express route.

What do y'all think?
Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
i can't compare CMA to NA for you because we don't have cma here in Australia, not where i live anyways... but i can relate to everything else you said...
had i not got into the ice i would have taken at least a few more years to hit my bottom...ice dragged me down quicker than anything ever did....for me, I need to work on my addiction, not my meth habit or my specific drug of choice, I need to work on my ADDICTION...

that's what i get at na...
Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
Yeah, the underlying theme is addiction for me too. For me, it's like the game pop goes the weasel. I bang one habit down and another addiction pops up~~ even in ways that aren't substance-abuse related.

For that reason, I'm starting back at step one in the NA workbook.  
Sfj Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
The most important thing is that you find something that works for you. I live in San Francisco and we have a good CMA fellowship here. But there are also many meth users who prefer NA or AA. That is their choice. I've found that each individual meeting, or fellowship has a unique and distinct character. It is just like each person has a unique personality. Some towns have fellowships that are very strict. Some towns are very flexible and loose. Same with the fellowships. On this forum, KCI, I'm probably the biggest proponent of the CMA fellowships. I've been very much involved at every level for a number of years.

This is a good topic.

I feel my viewpoint is consistent with the objectives of this forum and website. This is a methamphetamine support forum although sometimes people bring up issues having to do with other topics (OT) and other substances including narcotics such as heroin, oxycontin, methadone, and other opiates. Since I don't use those, and never had much of a problem with narcotics, I don't go to NA anymore. Once in awhile I might go maybe, to have fellowship with a friend but that's it. I don't drink liquor and I've never had a problem with drinking or alcoholism so I don't attend AA meetings anymore either.
But I also have complete respect, admiration and complete gratitude for those programs and the people who find a pathway to recovery through those programs. Many millions of people have been helped in the rooms. That is undeniable. I've never attended Cocaine Anonymous or Marijuana Anonymous either, even though they are worthy organizations.

My problem and Drug Of Choice (DOC) was methamphetamine. It is often called by a euphemistic name Crystal Meth.  The street name that I was more familiar with was speed.  In 1994, a group of gay Speedfreaks in West Hollywood recognized the problem in their community and realized that way to often, Speedfreaks were not readily welcomed in other 12-step groups. That was the birth of
Crystal Meth Anonymous

There are people who feel that all drugs are the same and they feel comfortable in the other programs. I found the understanding and unique behavior and psychological approach of Speedfreaks quite a bit different from people who drink alcohol or use narcotics. I love CMA, I've made very good friends. I serve on two committees at the Regional level; I started two groups, secretary one, and attend about six meetings a week on average.

The format of CMA and NA and AA are exactly the same in essence. We use the same steps and read the same literature. WE in CMA feel a great amount of gratitude toward AA and NA for paving the way for us.

Some of us from this website, forum and chat room will be meeting again this Spring in West Hollywood for fellowship and sharing. NA and AA are good, but may I suggest, at least consider trying CMA?

San Francisco Bay Area CMA

Are You A Tweaker? 
Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
I love your handle. I can't get over it!
I attended CMA meetings in both San Francisco and San Diego.
CMA does have it's own literature, although much of it is in the form of pamphlets... there is no CMA "big book".

If you haven't, read "Are you a Tweaker?".. at the CMA website. There was no turning back after I read that one-page blurb. The denial couldn't compensate. I could relate.

I never attended CMA meetings exclusively, in fact most of the folks I knew in CMA also attended NA and/or AA meetings. It was nice to have the variety. Also, people could talk more specifically about the effects of meth more comfortably.

One thing about CMA that kind of sets it apart is that it's fellowship is largely gay men. Which is also a positive thing, since their experiences are so similar.

And I got to restart my computer.. more later.
jes78 Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
i think as long as it works for the person, that's what matters. jes78
Penel0pe Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
I've been to a couple of CMA meetings with Sfj and I enjoyed them - they are slightly different than NA, but the basics are the same - RECOVERY. Just a greater focus on meth - but the message I heard was the same - don't get high on anything, no matter what.

The snacks were better too

I go to NA, but the next time I go visit my friend "J," I will gladly go to another CMA meeting. I can relate. I will continue to work the NA program because that is the one that I work, but the CMA meetings were a nice addition to my personal recovery since meth WAS my drug of choice. I too believe that the problem with me isn't one particular drug - it's addiction - but CMA is a good fellowship, the people I met are as friendly as those in the rooms of NA, and the recovery was good.
Loraura Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
I'm confused about one thing:


The format of CMA and NA and AA are exactly the same in essence. We use the same steps and read the same literature.

I know that AA and NA do not read the same literature.
Which literature does CMA use?  The AABB?  The NA Basic text?
Any and all of it?  FOr example some AA meetings are big book study meetings.

Showing up with an NA basic text would mean that you'd have to borrow a book. Which is fine, but they are definitely different.
There are also AA 12 an 12 study meetings.
AA has a 12 and 12 book.
OA has a separate 12 and 12 book, but uses the AA big book as it's basic text. Kind of. So..
Also, OA, AA, (and I'm assuming NA) are sticklers about using conference approved literature.

Does CMA have approved literature?

Sfj Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
The Literature used in CMA meetings is a combination of AA, NA and our own.
The readings are CMA. The only time other literature is used is if the specific meeting has a Book Study Format. Most meetings don't
Most are either speaker, discussion, or a combination of speaker discussion.

The Book study meetings have a choice of using NA or AA literature. The most common choice among the book study groups is the NA Literature. These decisions are up to the individual fellowships as determined by group conscience which is a kind of silly euphemistic term that means  'we voted on it.'

For example, one group uses the NA Step Study guide on Thursday night, another group uses 'Just for Today' on Sunday.

So the answer is: 'We use the best of all possible worlds.'
Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
They use NORMAL literature... 
Re: Crystal Meth Anonymous compared to NA
I find this very interesting.. because I'm kinda going back and forth with AA and NA at the moment. AA last night was pretty funny, they were all addicts, alcoholics were outnumbered. it's all the same I know but I'm just saying... people were sharing about heroin use and other things last night... I just found it very interesting.

AA OR NA? I know most people here are meth users but I'm anxious to hear which you prefer (if you attend meetings). man.. I can't take some of the stories over and over again at AA by the same people, NA seems a little more laid back to me. its a shame there aren't more NA meetings to choose from. They have 3  per week right here in my town whereas AA has 6 meetings at LEAST a day in my town. I have all of the literature now for both... love it all.

But finally.. although I was never a meth addict, that CMA meeting I went to in San Francisco was the best 12 step meeting I've ever attended. maybe cause I love gay men?  JK. No, the enthusiasm was contagious and that was before I really got into 12 step meetings.

Sorry to ramble on... any thoughts?

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