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Diluted urinalysis drug test?

Diluted urinalysis drug test?
I have a family member who is on probation and takes a UA (urinalysis) weekly. His last one came up "diluted" they put him back in jail until he starts his intensive drug treatment classes on the 30th. They said it would not effect his probation. He said he did nothing to cause this UA to come back this way. Am I being blind? I just don't understand. Anyone with some insight on this?

Thanks a bunch...giddy
Re: Diluted urinalysis drug test?
I haven't heard of diluted, but it sounds like they have...I am a firm believer in keeping an addict getting ready for treatment Out of Circulation-could have saved many lives as the stress of that in between time thinking about beginning treatment for most meth addicts is Huge and when they are most likely to veer off their path to recovery. Takes the strain off the loved ones hoping too.
vctry7 Re: Diluted urinalysis drug test?
My husband's urine came back diluted once. It was because he drank about 2 gallons of water right before the test to try and pass. The testers are on to that trick.

Around here a diluted test automatically is counted as a positive result. If the person wants to fight it with blood or hair they are given the chance, but most don't because they know the outcome.  
Re: Diluted urinalysis drug test?
you aren't being "blind" ........you are being deceived.
not unusual for us speedfreaks to be deceptive.....if you knew they were doing it , you'd want em to stop.  and they don't want to.

Re: Diluted urinalysis drug test?
"he said he did nothing"

*WE* LIE LIKE DOGZ! & Our mission IS to keep you "confused"
So much
Re: Diluted urinalysis drug test?
Your relative more than likely did something to try to make the results show negative while he was using. There are several things to do that. My son's ua came back diluted before and he said he had done meth and tried to clean his system out with "pectin" the stuff you use to make jams and jellies. It didn't work. But it wasn't until after the fact that he admitted using. At the time he denied it. So more than likely your relative was using and as all of the others said. Addicts lie and they do it very well. They are so convincing some times. Good luck to you!
I'll keep praying that he can break the grips of meth!
God Bless!
Re: Diluted urinalysis drug test?
i tend to agree with you, when he got sentenced he was court ordered into this program. he's been waiting all this time.
i feel that when the ua came up diluted it raised a red flag and the judge decided for his own good that jail would be a better place for him until treatment started.
he's bored ,too much time on his hands. can't go back to work till after the treatment, that's 3 months. he has 18 days of jail then he'll be out again just pray this treatment works. he has so little confidence in the system and all that goes with it. he seems to be taking a defeatist attiude and that worries me. he is such a smart and good hearted guy, been thru hell the past couple years.
i see him in a dark hole and all i want to do is grab him by the belt and pull him up to the light.
seems he just about gets there and something else happens.
he's been trying sooo hard to do the right thing.
just going to pray pray pray that all this works out for the best for him. he deserves a break today!
thanks for ur input this site is the best

So much
Re: Diluted urinalysis drug test?
I will also pray that this treatment works for him. That he can break the hold meth has on him. But only he can do this and you can be strong and be supportive to him, but don't enable him. I don't have much faith in the system either. My 22 year old son Austin battled a 10 year drug addiction. The past 6 years was a love affair with crystal. Austin couldn't live with meth and couldn't live without it. He pulled the trigger to take his life this past August after being apprehended in a car jacking. Please visit his memorial website, light a candle, read his story. May Austin's story give all of you strength to know that meth kills and you don't want it to end this way.
I will be thinking of you, please keep in touch.
God Bless.

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