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Hated rehab, do I need a detox center?

mollyoo0 rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
i went to my first rehab a few days ago, left after 1 1/2 days, i was very uncomfortable. I'm not looking for a paradise, but i think i should feel comfortable, after 3 days they want you to sit in groups all day long, i can't sit that long . my back can't handle it, i can't even see right, or even think right. am i wrong . i think i need a detox situation . i live in the Sacramento area, any input would help.
deeeCA Re: rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
Are you clean now? And if so, how many days have you been clean? My boyfriend got off the stuff... slept for a week and then went into a treatment program much like the one you mentioned. he goes to classes all day. He's learning... you have to want it. Maybe you should think about going inpatient if you can. You will be well cared for and they will help you with the detox. Just an idea....

mollyoo0 Re: rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
i went to in treatment, there was no detox, just either stay in bed or go to group. my head spins too much to do either, I've used once (took one hit.) i can't or don't want to look for other options if i hadn't taken a hit.

mollyoo0 Re: rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
could it be i don't want to be clean? i say i do, i do want to be clean. 20 years my mind isn't like anything it should be, maybe I'm just f*&&^%cked

Re: rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
Of course you want to be clean mollyooO.
Just never give up, the obsession to use isn't forever.
IMO detox is a good idea rather than placing an addict directly into a group setting while in the midst of acute withdrawal and meth psychosis.
For now stay hooked up here with the forum, we DO know exactly how you feel.
And remember the only thing harder than quitting meth is... to keep using it.

And *YOU* are next!
It IS your turn.

mollyoo0 imo detox
what is an imo detox and how do i find one?

Re: rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
i think i should feel comfortable
My best 'thinking' is what kept me spun for so many years. I was SO sick physically when I went to rehab, but they had doctors on staff. This was back when not nearly as much was known about meth and the affects it has on a person. I felt like @#%$ the first week, the first day I don't remember except I stayed in bed all day and there was another very nice lady in rehab who stayed with me (she was also a needle user).

Personally, in-patient rehab was the best thing that ever happened to me, despite the discomfort I felt early on 

Sfj Re: rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
I'm sorry about your less than favorable experience with rehab. There are many options though.

I'm not sure what the problem was but judging from your post it seems that they did not meet your immediate expectations. That's OK. Don't let that deter your recovery. Very few of us ever went to rehab without having some misgivings, disappointments, and problems with the staff, the other clients, the rules and procedures or other aspects of the program. It isn't easy.

The program has to be adaptable and try to meet the needs of different people who are all in one way or other pretty messed up.

I'm assuming that you are in an inpatient or residential program. You didn't really say which.

I think I should feel comfortable. Maybe

I don't think your goal is to feel comfortable is it? Your goal is to recover from drug addiction. That is going to be uncomfortable. I'm not sure how you define 'comfort.'
As far as your back is concerned, you're right. If you have physical back problems, you need to be given accommodations that are appropriate.

What kind of place are you looking for?
Are you trying to quit meth only? Or some other drugs?
Meth detox is not the same as detox from other drugs.

I live in San Francisco. Would you like to talk on the phone?
I'm a substance abuse counselor at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics Inc. but I'm also a recovering meth addict. (speedfreak)

Thinking About Quitting

Did you leave of your own accord or did they ask you to leave?
Can you go back to the same place?
Do you have a 'Case manager?'
Are you part of a 12-step program?
CMA Website

If you can, please try to let us know your goals and objectives and we'll try to help you.
I never tell clients what to do, but I offer them information and then let them make their own choices. Even meth addicts are capable of making the right choices.

You are responsible for your recovery, but you are not responsible for your disease.
How can we help you.?

Re: rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
Hey don't sweat it...I went to rehab 3 years ago for 1 1/2 day and quit. It was in Dallas and was a county run operation. I HATED it...for me I wasn't ready to give up on my way and meth yet.

2-weeks ago after numerous times of trying on my own over the past 3 years...I decided to go to outpatient rehab. I can't say I LOVE it all the time...often I am grouchy and bored as hell.. BUT.. I do LOVE it most of the time and I have learned so much. I have a week left of day treatment and then start nights...

Anyways my point is...don't wait 3 years to try again...I have lost so much precious time over those 3 years.

Wish ya the best

Sfj Re: rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
To mollyoo0,
Brok3n had some good points.  I agree with them.
May I ask,
"Why did you choose residential over Outpatient?"
Loraura Re: rehab reject; 20 years smoking meth
am i wrong .

Yes, I think you are wrong to expect to feel comfortable while in early recovery.

Are you aware of what meth use does to your brain? if not, please read this:

Understand that it is possible that you will feel extremely uncomfortable for quite some time while your brain begins to heal from the damage meth has caused to it, and while it slowly replaces the dopamine meth has caused your brain to destroy while you were high.

I have back problems. I can not sit for more than 20 minutes or so without beginning to feel pain. After an Hour I'm ready to scream.
Solution: Get up, walk around, stretch, then sit back down.
Tell them you have a back problem and that you need to do this to relieve pain.
This allows you to be in group, and also relieve your pain. As much as possible.

You will, however, feel pain worse now that you are detoxing.
Rehab is not going to be comfortable.
Getting clean on your own will be equally uncomfortable.
If getting off drugs were comfortable, no one would have issues doing it!
It is our discomfort, that we feel we can not tolerate, that drives us back to using.
We are wrong. We can tolerate it. You will not die of discomfort.  You may die the next time you use, though.

Prepare yourself for being miserable now, so that you can FINALLY be happy later.  The other option, is to remain locked in miserable addiction until you die.

I hope you chose the short term misery of early recovery to the long term misery of active addiction.

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