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High or crashing?

Northapt High or crashing?
One interesting thing I learned from you all today was that its hard to tell if someone's high. (Normal acting may mean high and so then angry, mean and moody means coming down.

Can anyone comment on my daughters behavior during this last relapse? I wasn't around all the time but I didn't see the sleeping for days that I used to.
What I did see was:

1.didn't check mail for weeks
2.refused to use an answering machine and phone was often unplugged.
3.Couldn't (or wouldn't keep commitments) or was hours late. Normally she'd say she forgot she was supposed to stop by. She even stood me up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks to you all. You're helping me to understand this disease.
Re: High or crashing?
The behavior you have listed is perfectly normal...
... for an addict.

lily Re: High or crashing?
Ignoring mail...phone...and appointments could also be depression, not necessarily signs of using.

Someone else may come along with more info soon.


Re: High or crashing?
Well this sound's like what i went through when i was using. I was so strung out. I used to not go outside for day's on end. Because i just knew all my neighbor's were out to get me. Sometime i would not go out or get my mail for like 2 or 3 week's at a time.
As for the answering machine. I just knew my answering machine and also all of my electronic devices in my house were all bugged. Anything that had a light on it was electronic waves that monitored my thought's and my movement's. But if i covered the light on the front. Like say the little red light on the answering machine. It would delay the waves and they had a harder time finding me ( don't ask me who they were ).

I used to plan on going somewhere. But then when it got close to time to going. I just knew they would be waiting there to get me. So i would say " ha-ha i am not going to go there now so you can get me. Then hours later when i just knew they were tired of waiting to get me. Then i would go to where ever it was that i had planned on going. I just knew i was out smarting them. To this day i still don't know who they were. The voices in my head just always said " they ". I know this sound's totally and completely insane. But at the time i just knew all of this was real. I am not saying your daughter is using. But this is what i went through when i was using. Hope this helps.

Re: High or crashing?
yeah, it sounds familiar, just disengaging from what you'd probably call "normal" life. priorities change totally. activities you'd consider a part of a regular every day life just kind of evaporate away.

of course, everyone is different. some people seem to carry on in perfectly normal routines. but i think the only part of my life i carried on half-way normally while i was using was probably my jobs. i kept working to have money to keep using. well, i did lose jobs, change jobs, quit jobs, and work minimum-wage jobs with no drug testing.

I'm glad you're here asking questions. this is a good place for support.

Northapt Re: High or crashing?
Thank you all for your comments. It helps me understand. I just learned she won't go for UA's anymore, won't call her lawyer (She involved with Child protective service) and won't go for assessment. The hammer is going to drop for her soon as far as losing her child, I prey this will be her bottom.

Thanks again God bless!

Re: High or crashing?
I agree with Lily. I was 200 days clean and would NOT answer my phone, return mail or just about anything because of depression. Quitting meth has thrown me into the deepest darkest depression I have ever known...I screwed myself up so bad using to begin with is what I mean....IMO

Re: High or crashing?
IMO she's using again, not answering the phone is one thing, losing a child is another.

Re: High or crashing?
It *could* be depression as Lily and Broken said. Would she go to an MD to be checked out for depression? I'd wish for her to be honest about is or is she not using meth with the MD...this is vital information not to be withheld.

With the risks of losing her child thru CPS and not doing UA's,  I'm leaning towards using. So very sorry Ron. I'd still try my darndest with the medical doctor route...remember though, I'm a fighter tooth and nail as long as there is breathe in me for getting folks "bottoms" raised. Many probably disagree with me but I am who I am. Not going to close off my heart at this age for anyone.

Prayers for you and all yours

Northapt Re: High or crashing?
In regard to your comments on a doc, I suggested that a long time ago. She won't listen now as she thinks "I'm a secret spy for the CPS workers" and CPS (child protective service) is following her in a truck all day. She's so out of it she's asking for a public defender not realizing the public defender she already has can't call her because the phones off the hook (see above) I'm afraid it looks grim right now but I know she is headed down to where she must go if she is ever to rise up again clean.

I love all you guys. Thanks

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