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Phentermine - New meth of today's 'justifiable' usage?

Is this the new meth of today's "justifiable" usage? I was put on phentermine to lose weight, however, my husband (who used to be a meth user/dealer) uses it when he comes off then end of his work hitch working all night to stay awake.....He doesn't act irrational or paranoid...but he does have the twitching jaw...the dilated pupils, etc. and it freaks me out....

Are we playing with fire here????

PLEASE!!! Anybody.....he didn't ask for it...I offered and now I feel like an idiot....He doesn't want more but the side affects really threw me for a loop!!

Am I playing Russian roulette here???

Re: Phentermine?
Did you read the accompanying information that comes with drugs from the pharmacy? If not, do your own research and/or ask a pharmacist. They can assist you.

Sfj Re: Phentermine?
I think the answers to your questions are self-evident.
If you need more info, there is a ton of it available on the internet.
A Google search for "Phentermine" will yield more than enough results.

For us to tell you what to do, is what I'd call foolish.
Do what you want, but, realize the danger.
If you are looking for condemnation - nope - can't do it.
If you are looking for permission - nope - can't do that either.

If it were me, I'd avoid it. Because it is a central nervous system stimulant. It is an amphetamine, or at least the chemical structure is amphetamine-like to such an extent that I'd consider it a form of speed.

A doc may disagree with me. Maybe taking it as a dietary medication is indicated. I don't know.

Do you think anything good will come of it?

Weigh the pros and cons.
Re: Phentermine?
No, I don't think anything "good" per sey will come of it but it has been sitting in my medicine cabinet for over 1 year and my hubby has never touched it (I counted the pills because I'm just weird that way) and the only time he has taken it is to stay awake....

I know I sound like an idiot here but I just don't think my hubby misses speed....he has adult ADHD and is treated for that and always tells me his ADHD meds do for him the same thing meth did.....he says that's why he did it and that's why it was so easy to walk away from...

IDK....just looking for some input and all the input is greatly appreciated!!

Sfj Re: Phentermine?
I had to laugh a bit at that.
Isn't that the way we addicts think ?
it has been sitting in my medicine cabinet for over 1 year

"Like, OMG, if its in there, we have to use it."
I know that's how my "addict" thinks.

Re: Phentermine?
Why not just throw it out. Then you have nothing to worry about. If he is on meds from the Doctor he doesn't need to be self medicating with left over meds, and you don't know what will happen when you start mixing that with the drugs that that DR has given him My son has ADHD and takes adderall. When I'm tired and drained I don't go to the medicine cabinet and help myself to his adderall to help me stay awake, just because it's there doesn't make it OK for me to take it. I do what I need to do without a drink or a drug, IMHO it's the only way.

Isn't that the way we addicts think ?

LOL - It used to be how I thought that and if one works two work better.

Loraura Re: Phentermine?
Phentermine IS addictive. It IS an amphetamine.
I know.  I was addicted to it.

After using it for much longer than recommended by the drug manufacturer (by doctor shopping to get more) it slowly lost it's desired effect, and was only required for me to function.

I was a diet pill junkie.

I can not say enough about this drug to deter people from using it.

Penel0pe Re: Phentermine?
In addition to everything that has been said already, I want to add that I don't know a single person who didn't put back EVERY POUND (And then some, JUST LIKE METH,) when the phentermine was discontinued.)

Remember "Fen - Phen"... it was taken off the market because people were having cardiac arrest from the combination of these two drugs?

The "Phen" in the "Fen - Phen" is Phentermine.

It's speed.

Re: Phentermine?
Flushed the bottle guys....thanks....talked it over with hubby and he said he didn't care what I did with the pills so I flushed em....out of sight out of mind!

Thanks for all your responses, however, I do have another question:

My husband is on Ritalin for Adult ADHD....isn't that legal speed as well?

His Dr. knows about his past use and had no problems putting him on ritalin because he has been clean for over 3 years....she was also the one who told us that alot of people with ADHD turn to meth to help them feel "normal"....they don't get the same "high" that others get...it just levels them out...this was what my husband tells me he experienced and said that is why he was able to drop meth so abruptly and didn't crave it....his withdrawals were almost non-existent other than he did eat more...

Dunno....what do you think?

Re: Phentermine?
Good for you flushing the meds. Taking meds prescribed by a doctor in the doses that are prescribed is not drug abuse. Buying meth from someone on the street even for the purpose of self medicating is drug abuse. My 16 year old takes aderall he hates it but has come to realize that he needs it. His 18 year old brother was stealing the aderall when he was 16 that was drug abuse.

Loraura Re: Phentermine?
I don't know a single person who didn't put back EVERY POUND (And then some, JUST LIKE METH,) when the phentermine was discontinued.)
Ya you do -- ME.
But only by using a 12 step program to stop using food as a drug.

However, without OA, every time I'd try to quit, I'd gain back 15 pounds or so very quickly which, in my mind, was terrifying enough to go back to the pills.

It took me 3 months of no diet drugs, and a program to enable me to abstain from compulsively overeating, before i started losing weight again.

Talk about frustrating!!!

Eating what would logically cause any normal person to lose weight, for 3 months straight, and not lose a damn pound!!!

It took that long for my metabolism to recover.

Re: Phentermine?
talked it over with hubby and he said he didn't care what I did with the pills so I flushed em

What would you have done if he DID care? What if he had said he wanted to keep them around, just in case?

If you have an addict in the house, recovering or not, why would you ask what they wanted done with the pills? I'm not trying to attack you, I'm just not sure I understand.

If I had pills like those lying around, the last thing I'd do is ask my husband what he wanted me to do with them.

No attack, I promise.

vctry7 Re: Phentermine?
Does he take the Ritalin as prescribed? Or does he skip days and then overdo it?

Re: Phentermine?
To answer your questions....yes he does take his ritalin as prescribed, and actually, he hates having to take a pill everyday to help him stay focused and on task at work.

If he misses a dose (I have to remind him alot), he just skips that day and continues the next with his normal dosage.

I understand your concern and query about me asking him what he thought about me flushing the pills...let me clarify, I flushed them then asked him how he felt about it and he said he didn't care....He has only taken one since I had them and we tried it to help him stay awake because he had to pull a double at work....he said he didn't like the way it made him feel so he never took anymore. Sorry if I didn't clarify that better...I get to rambling...

Anywho....he is very good about taking his meds properly and in fact he was only diagnosed and treated for ADHD because I saw a problem with his inability to focus, communicate, etc....these were all problems he has had since he was a child and he was just never diagnosed...they just wrote him off as being stupid and threw him into special ed classes...

Now he makes 80k a year and we have new home a new baby and he has been at the same job for 3 years and is the supervisor of his crew....things couldn't be better...

I just come up with these questions from time to time because I think so much about things until they start driving me crazy so I come here...

Thanks to all for listening and responding!! I really appreciate it!!

Cassandra Re: Phentermine?
my husband used to take phentermine to 'help' with the comedown...

it wasn't good...

kell Re: Phentermine?
Are we playing with fire here????

IMO...yes you are. Why risk it? When that doesn't become enough...which it will... then what...METH?

Re: Phentermine?
Become enough for what? He never took the phentermine to get a fix or anything of the sort....he had to pull a double I offered and he reluctantly took it...didn't like the way it made him feel (the same as meth) and never took it again...it's been flushed....

This man....as hard as you may find it to believe....does not have a "problem" with meth....yes he used it and used it when it was around but it never had a hold on him....that's why I am puzzled and wrote the topic about ADHD saving him from addiction....he could care less if he used it or not and walked away from it cold turkey with one swoop!.....No withdrawals...no cravings...nothing, just weight gain....

I really think there is something to people with ADHD and the different affect that amphetamines have on them....hubby says he never felt pleasure from meth....just did it to stay awake to party longer and to get things done....odd thing is he DID get things done...never left projects hanging or stuff laying around everywhere in multiple pieces....he has a condition and it is mental and amphetamines (ritalin) help him immensely without the sever side effects of junky meth....

Re: Phentermine?
your in denial....

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