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Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?

dells Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
A friend of mine found methadone in her sisters possession, sister then admitted to being addicted to Oxycontin and said she was prescribed the methadone to get off it. I didn't think methadone was prescribed for that, anyone know?
Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
you could cross from oxy to methadone. Methadone is a partial agonist, oxy is full agonist, so the methadone will have a long 1/2 life, so it could be used to taper off oxy, i wouldn't recommend it. I went from oxy to suboxone. it sucked, suboxone is similar to methadone in that way. but it still sucked.

oxy sucks none the less

kell Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
Methadone is a synthetic narcotic that has been used to treat opioid addiction. Oxycontin would fall into that category.



jes78 Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
yes it is. oxycontins, I've heard, are harder physically to get off than heroin. methadone is also hard to get off. it took me forever, and if i knew what i know now i would've never went on it.

Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
methadone is harder to kick than heroin.
I opted NOT to go that route. A few of my friends did and they stayed 'sick' for fricken years. Most chipped too.

I vote NO on methadone.

Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
And when your on methadone.... you can't get high from other opiates.
back when I was abusing my meds, I bought a few methadone for my pain... didn't do too much, but when I got my script of vicodens refilled... i could take 10 of them and not get the high feeling.

Methadone works well to get you off opiates, but.. your still addicted to something.

I think they should focus more on the recovery rather than the sick you get from coming down.
Methadone is still a narcotic.
In my state, methadone clinics are illegal.
For that reason

jes78 Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
actually all you have to do is break thru if u want to get high.
but i agree, its garbage.

Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
Methadone is used to help people get off a variety of different opiates like heroin, morphine, oxycontin, and many others. People used to just associate methadone with heroin addiction but many people that are addicted to pain pills are now turning to methadone treatment. I've been on methadone for heroin and really helped me. My son's father is on methadone and it's the only thing that keeps him from using heroin. Keep in mind methadone is a form of harm reduction, meaning anything that helps reduce harm and better the addicts life. Methadone is a drug so people on it aren't subscribing to the total drug free recovery deal. I got on methadone so I could take a breath and get my life on track before I had to deal with detoxing. Every time I tried to kick heroin I always went back right away, methadone allowed me to build a network of support to lean on when I was ready to detox off the stuff. I've also used buprenorphine to treat my opiate addiction and it worked but I felt methadone suited me better.

Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
Golly Jamie, it's about time! I thought I might have to take out a newspaper ad--LOOOKIN FOR JAMIE FOR HER IMMEASURABLE KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!

Missed you and your Experience Strength and HOPE and of course your knowledge. Hope you and the Babe are Wonderful!

I worry very much about someone mixing Meth, Percocet, Oxy and Methadone oh and the Dilauted in the IV for 4 days...Trying to (sort of) kill himself, but it didn't work-HA! I give the credit to God and that's all.

jes78 Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
for me, methadone was damage control. every time i shot heroin into my body, i had no idea what i was putting inside of myself. rat poison is used all the time to cut heroin over here. methadone is prescribed, you know what you are getting, it is a dose, and you get the same amount all the time. you get back your life.
my last time on methadone, i was pregnant. for me, methadone was a whole lot better, then using dirty street water and garbage street drugs. at least the drs knew what i was taking and could monitor it. they couldn't monitor something they didn't know.

i wish i never became a junkie, but i did. the only way i could have my baby, without miscarrying, was to get on methadone. the detox off heroin would have killed her. so yeah, i didn't like to be on methadone. but like jamie said, it gave me a chance to get a support system. if a person wants to get clean they will. if they don't they will abuse the methadone, just like the drug they are there for in the first place.

the detox does suck though.

Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
Hi everyone! I've just been busy with the baby, starting school, and working out to get my body back that I've barely had time to get online. I feel the same way Jes does, that if someone wants to get clean on methadone they will if they don't then they will continue to use drugs and get kicked off the program. The detox sucked but methadone helped me get back into the world of the living and away from active addiction. I didn't want to stay on it forever, I just used it like a crutch until I was strong enough to walk the road of recovery on my own. I worry about all the methadone deaths that are happening now due to methadone being over prescribed by doctors for pain issues. Methadone isn't like other pain pills, you cannot just pop a couple extra pills and be okay if you aren't opiate dependent. Opiate dependent meaning you have a physical dependence to opiates and need them to function or you will be in horrid withdrawal such as puking nonstop, muscle twitches, sweats, chills, shakes, the runs, watery eyes, runny nose, dilated pupils, clammy skin, insomnia, anxiety, and on and on. In the right situation it can be a life saver though.

writerjp Re: Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?
I am against it too because one of my friends tried that before and now he is gone. 

What state do you live in Kevin? If you do not mind me asking. We have one right down the street from my work and people come in my work and get kind of irate with us after they sneak out of the clinic.

I hope that your sister gets better.

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