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Are anxiety attacks self induced by meth?

He says they are anxiety attacks and not meth induced
I have been married to a meth addict for 5 years. I understand the behaviors and when he is clean, I am confident that I can tell when he isn't. When he starts using again, though, things soon become confusing and I can't tell what is going on in my life, especially whether he is being honest with me or not. He disappears for days at a time. He comes home only to get dressed for work after wearing the same clothes for a couple of days and he is soooo sorry about being gone. He claims he has anxiety like attacks and he is to scared to call or see anyone, yet he goes to Wal-Mart or calls friends and always seems to make it to work without fail but can not seem to make it home or call me and his kids. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I am aware that that is probably my answer, yet I am curious if these so-called anxiety attacks really do happen and whether there is any way he could be telling the truth. He has made himself a doctors appt. to get on some kind of anti-anxiety or anti-depressant, but that concerns me also if there is a chance he is still using. Couldn't that be dangerous. My depression has escalated to a point that it is hard to even get out of bed let alone feel motivated enough to try and deal with this. I want a divorce, but I need to take this one step at time and get a little of my life back and any clarity on my situation would be very helpful.
Re: He says they are anxiety attacks and not meth induced
I'm sure that they are *meth induced* anxiety attacks.
As for Wal-Mart, it's the after hours club for meth dealers and their followers, typically in the evening hrs.

Clarity will come and you will get your life back, IF you keep showing up here and help yourself to the amazing support and understanding that abounds here.

You've taken one very important step....keep stepping!
Re: He says they are anxiety attacks and not meth induced
The meth addict I know has been using for at least 4 years...other drugs and alcohol addiction for most of his life since 14 or so. He is under a huge amount of stress, shame, guilt, anger, resentment etc. right now as is par for the course with meth.

He has, for some reason, been blaming his "having to leave" home and all the stress on depression and anxiety quite a bit. He is obviously in denial and wants to protect his precious meth from any blame. Oh, he might admit it and say he needs help when I am having my own anxiety attack from being rejected and in fear, but usually only then. He thinks his antidepressants that he was given in the hospital are his answer to the terrible depression and I think he gets plenty of anti-anxiety meds from his fellow addicts.

I have told him that antidepressants will not work for him instantly and probably not at all if he is using meth. He refuses to believe me. Still looking for the magic pill in denial that meth is at the root of just about all his problems at this point in his life.

I hope that your husband will go to a doctor, preferably one with addictions specialty experience. Maybe he will find out some truths. I'm afraid that as always, the addict listens least to those who love them most.

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