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Dopamine and meth question

Dopamine and meth question
Can someone explain in laymen's terms the whole dopamine deal. Is it that after excessive use of meth, the dopamine receptors don't work? When using meth, is it that extra dopamine is released into the system? I want to understand how to explain it in laymen's terms.
Loraura Re: Dopamine and meth question

Here is my article explaining how the dopamine system works in layman's terms.

Dopamine, Methamphetamines & You

Let me know if that doesn't answer your questions. I can give more info.

Basically, with meth use, here is a summary of the damage report:
1) While using meth, the body destroys dopamine faster than it can replace it. Much faster.
2) Long term use results in damage to dopamine receptors, too.
3) It takes months and months of clean time and good nutrition to replace the dopamine that is destroyed while high on meth.

Re: Dopamine and meth question
is Phenylalanine in a pill? ....or food?
....I wanna try rebuilding lori.  what do I need to get?
...I know protein, eggs, and dairy.  what else?
....I'll be your guinea pig if you care to tell me exactly what to get.
...some people (like me)..... you gotta hold their hand thru everything!
Loraura Re: Dopamine and meth question
Phenylalanine is an amino acid. It is found in protein, and can also be bought as a nutritional supplement. Same for Tyrosine.

If you click the link I provided above, and scroll near the bottom of the article, natural food sources of both Phenylalanine and Tyrosine are listed.
You can also look on the back of most multi-vitamins to see if either of these are included.  Either one can be turned into dopamine by the body.

Do not exceed the recommended amount if you choose a supplement. They are rough for the liver and kidneys to process. Most long term addicts already have some damage to these organs, so I would not push it by overdoing it on supplements. A diet rich in animal protein is the safest and easiest way to get what your body needs.

Daily recommended amounts of protein for healthy adults:

19-50 yrs        55.5 grams
50+ yrs         53.3 grams
19-50 yrs        45 grams
50 + yrs        46.5 grams

Knowing you have a deficiency, you could probably follow the recommendation for healthy pregnant women and add up to 6 more grams per day. This is my opinion, and I'm not a dietitian. If you are unsure, I recommend consulting a dietitian.

How much is a gram of protein? Well, the easy answer is to spend 10 bucks at Wal-Mart and buy a scale.

If you're really unwilling to do that, then I can say that 5g of protein is about the size of a deck of cards.
So you should eat 4-5 decks of cards worth of animal protein per day.
2-3 eggs = 4-5g of protein.
Milk should list the protein grams on the carton.
For everything else, check the labels.
Re: Dopamine and meth question
thanks... *copies and takes home* ..I appreciate it....I tell you when I feel better, or if there's any changes in me (for your struggle to find a cure for us)
...I'll start Thursday...payday...it's McDonalds till then. they got meat and yogurt.
..........I'm so tired of wishing I'd die. 
Re: Dopamine and meth question
Very articulate and valuable information! You are good. Thank you.
I am glad you consider us friends and do not charge us for your services.

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