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Husband continual drug use / relapse every week


Husband continual drug use / relapse every week or so
Just a question. My husband "relapses" every 1 to 2 weeks. He gets very remorseful and is scared of me leaving but yet knows he is pushing all of us away. He has done nothing since 2 months out of rehab (so for 2 months now) to aide in his recovery. No doctor's appt, no meetings, etc. He will attend church with me when he isn't high or coming down. Barely started looking for work and it has taken over a week to fill out an application. Isn't this just continual use instead of relapses? He doesn't even make it past 2 wks, sometimes only 1. This last time he again reordered his Loratab 7.5 only 40 in less than 6 days they are all gone. (could have been less than that) Drinking more beer, which is rare, (doesn't get drunk). Just doesn't look like he is really trying no matter how much he says he is. What is you guy's opinion? I appreciate any advice.
Re: Husband continual drug use / relapse every week or so
"He has done nothing" but... "he says he is" 
If nothing changes...nothing changes....but it will get worse...and it seems to be.
And you're right, to qualify as relapse there is some recovery time that is getting interrupted...doesn't seem to be the case with your addict.

Curious what he considers "trying" 
Re: Husband continual drug use / relapse every week or so
Doesn't sound like he's trying to me.
I wouldn't even call it relapse. In order to relapse, you have to stop. If he's doing Loratab's and drinking, he's not stopping.
What are you going to do?
FSOAB Re: Husband continual drug use / relapse every week or so
Moment of clarity?
I asked my guy to explain to me when he has these in his meth use? 

Moments of clarity = times they cry and say they don't want anymore.
Loraura Re: Husband continual drug use / relapse every week or so
Sounds like he is extremely uncomfortable with himself when he's not on some mood altering drug be it meth, Lortab, Alcohol, etc. He can't stand how it feels to be clean. This is not uncommon.

But to learn how to change how we feel when sober, it takes more than sitting on our asses and using more/different drugs.

If he's not willing to try some sort of outside help, then he is not miserable enough yet.
Re: Husband continual drug use / relapse every week or so
Yes, it sounds like unfortunately, he is still in the "contemplating quitting" stage. Watching someone in that stage for a long time is more frustrating than watching a full on meth addict, I think. The battle going on in the head must be tremendous! Purgatory.

This is one stage that, after much thought and observation of the addict, it seems to me that a Meeting/Counselor/Sponsor would be very beneficial. This may be the time when being surrounded by recovering addicts might really make a difference. Course, no one can choose that cept him, like always

mtg, keep up YOU. You are definitely going to need You a lot!
Re: Husband continual drug use / relapse every week or so
I agree he hates himself. He is so full of self pity that recently it is getting more tiring. I used to feel so bad for him and in a way I still do. I would hate to be in that situation. But lately, it is just getting damn annoying to always hear him whine about the negatives instead of looking at all the positives. For example if he looks at his youth. He was abandoned by his mother and molested. (I know this is traumatic, hence all the prodding I do to get him professional. help). But sometimes I tell him can you ever look at it like you were fortunate to be adopted at a fairly "old" age (6yoa) by a loving Christian family who still supports you. But no, everything is negative. He can't live with himself. And yes, he still tries to run from his past and pain
Re: Husband continual drug use / relapse every week or so
Or...consider the likelihood that he drags his past around on a leash while using it to justify his present behavior.
FSOAB Re: Husband continual drug use / relapse every week or so
I know a few people like that... They use and abuse everyone.. The Whoa is me... Bla bla bla and then they look at you and ask you for something.. They drive me nuts! Its like, wait a minute hear, I have had worse problems and I don't use and abuse them. I try to forget and go on.

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