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Need help with Meth recovery after relapse

NZ Ben Need help with recovery after relapse
Last week I was feeling good for a change, I was fully on top of my game at work, and was feeling social and well. Then in the weekend I relapsed after 10 months and used.

Now I feel emotionally and physically bad and I feel a lot less than what I was, and I feel damn stupid for doing it.

I'm not sure why I did it, but what I'm mainly concerned about right now is how long its going to take my body to recover physically.

I know neurotransmitter levels in my brain are probably down and that's probably what's making me feel sad and making it harder to think and be on task,
And I'm really scared its going to take months and months for that to get back to normal, after I was just starting to feel good again :/

I guess you reap what you sow. People say it will take another four months for my brain to physically recover. Four months lost. That really hurts.

One thing is for sure, I have learnt a lesson I won't forget. I guess I thought I could "handle it", but that was a stupid thing to think.

Anyway, my question is this, what are the best things I can do to give my body what it needs to recover quickly.

Exercise and eating well are the simple ones. What about any kind of dietary supplements or anything like that ?

Any comments would be a help.
imlostinky Re: Helping recovery after relapse
Hi NZ Ben and welcome to KCI.
I'm not sure why I did it
That is what you need to explore. In my experience here on the boards and in life, I have noticed relapse happens long before the actual use.
It starts with a change in thinking. It starts with a change in mood. It starts with a change on coping mechanisms.
You need to go back- replay that tape and see where the stinking thoughts came in- that is when relapse was happening.

As for what you can do for you physically, lots of fluid- water, fruit juice- some good food, protein, fruits, veggies.
Exercise - make a healthy start on your body.

Never get too
H ungry
A ngry
L onely
T ired

Get your mind in recovery.

Congrats on your clean time and surviving the relapse.
You can do this- I know you can
pisces Re: Helping recovery after relapse
hey there Ben
i relapsed a few days after One Year of being clean...
at first i couldn't figure out why i did it...
i was stressed out, i had just graduated from treatment, i had just moved back into my mom's house, and i was talking to my ex-husband, (before we got divorced)... i just got a new job, and i hadn't worked for years before that.. and one day, when i was feeling pretty suicidal and nervous, i went out and bought some ephedra pills and took them...

at first i didn't consider it a relapse, because it was not my drug of choice, meth, but, after looking closely at the way things happened... i discovered something

it was a relapse in sorts because i took the pills to try to get rid of my emotions
i didn't know how to cope with daily stressors...
i didn't know how to handle my emotions and
i didn't know how to react in a healthy way to life
i wasn't in recovery, i was just dry for a year...
i went to treatment, but i didn't open up and let myself learn anything
i had to look real close at myself

now, i say that i was dry for a year, and i went out and used... then, 4 months later, that July, i used again... i have been in Recovery since July 22nd, 06..... so i have about 6 months clean... and this time i am in recovery... because this time i am really working for it...

you have to look at your situation, and decide how you are going to react to things... and you have to realize that you actually Do have a choice...
you have a choice in everything that relates to you
you can choose your attitude your reactions your actions
your behaviors
you can choose how to react to your emotions too

best of luck to you

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