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Pink cloud effect

Pink Cloud effect
What is this "pink cloud" that I have heard mentioned quite a few times?
Sfj Re: Pink Cloud effect
In my opinion it is a myth.
But others say it is something else.

Recovery was a b!tch for the first 18 months, then started getting slightly easier as time went on.
I never went through the "pink cloud" phase.

I'm sure that others had differing experiences.
Loraura Re: Pink Cloud effect
In my experience, the "pink cloud" is the sensation of "OK, I can do this, this isn't so bad, I can make it drug free!"

This tends to FADE when the shyt hits the fan. "Life comes at you fast" -- seen those commercials? Well, most addicts can function OK after detoxing and make it a while without using.

It's when life gets rough, bills come in, emotions run high, relationships fall apart, things don't go as intended, that cause most addicts to feel like they can not cope. It is THEN that staying clean becomes VERY DIFFICULT. That is when that pink cloud feeling of "OK, I got this, this isn't so hard" fades away in a hurry.
Re: Pink Cloud effect
I still grimace at the words * Pink cloud *,
but I will say this. When I was in very early recovery I made the statement to my counselor, who by the way was not a 12 Stepper, that I was worried about when I was going to fall off my pink cloud.

She looked me straight in the eye and said " Al, I've been on that pink cloud for 25 years .

Made me stop and think !
FSOAB Re: Pink Cloud effect
I've seen a few really pretty sunsets where the clouds are a pretty pink. It was breath taking.. 

I've had many black stormy clouds in my life and then I have had my pretty pink days.

When I notice that I have had many stormy days in a row, I just sit and think about what I need to do to change it.. Most of the time, I have to just do it because the ambition is not there, just the thought.. I always feel better once I get out and do whatever I choose to do..

Last night my daughter wanted to go do some laps at the pool.. I started coming up with all these excuses why I could not go. I finally told my self to quit thinking of excuses and get your thirty pound heavy azz to the pool.. I had a wonderful time with my daughter!!! Maybe even lost six ounces.. I call that a pink cloud evening..
vctry7 Re: Pink Cloud effect
For me, it was the first couple of months.
When I quit meth, I knew nothing about it. I didn't know that it took 18 months for your brain to work properly again.

Therefore, I thought "All I have to do is make it 30 - 90 days and I'll be cured. That's how long they keep you in rehab.  That was followed by, "This is great. No problem for me. I'm not even having cravings. I can do this easily for a few months."

When 3 months hit and I wasn't better, just worse, that's when my world started crumbling and I started getting suicidal. I thought it never would get better because it didn't after 30 days.

I was almost a year clean before I learned what meth did to me and what to really expect.
Re: Pink Cloud effect
Loraura and Jeff PEGGED the "Pink Cloud."
Penel0pe Re: Pink Cloud effect
I have pink cloud days, weeks... for a while, months...

For me it was when it became obvious that although yes, this recovery stuff isn't for pansy's, I'm doing it, life is better (even if my physical health went to Hell in a Hand basket.)

I've had it disappear and turn grey, and then it turn's pink again.

I think it depends on me, my state of mind, and how hard I want to work on my own recovery, spiritual connection, and living / accepting life as it is. When my head is in the right place (i.e. not up my ass,) I feel pretty peaceful INSIDE..

That's my "Pink Cloud." Peace of mind INSIDE regardless of what's going on OUTSIDE.
Re: Pink Cloud effect
My "pink cloud" lasted for 6 months, and then went down hill from there. During that entire "pink cloud" period I felt so happy and excited about life. It was all peaches & cream.

I had a true piece of mind.

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