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Does method of using meth increase sores?

meth sores and using
Will a user / addict pick at their face depending on how they used meth or just being under the influence will cause it. I found out a friend now has sores all over his face and he never did before pick at his face in the past. Unfortunately he's been an addict for 3 years. Also, has anyone "blacked" out a room. He's got blankets on all 4 walls? Thanks for any info.
Loraura Re: meth sores and using
Some users never get sores, some get them right away or all the time.

Blacking out a room is common. It stems from the paranoia caused by using and lack of sleep.
vctry7 Re: meth sores and using
I never got sores like some do. I did pick at whatever acne I did get though. It was a compulsion.

Most people I knew that used "blacked out" their using room or entire house. The house up the road from us has every window covered with plywood.
Re: meth sores and using
My acne, as Vctry said-picked at it compulsively. Almost healed now. To me it's like the meth crap itches coming out of you-when you are coming clean.

Hate the dark, don't black anything out. I leave the TV on all the time or radio-never did when smoking tho.
kyrie Q 2 Re: meth sores and using
I did have this tweek about rubbing my temples until they turned into bloody sores.

I did have sores in my mouth and throat. I was told that it was from vaporing it off tin-foil.
Re: meth sores and using
I blacked out rooms, to sleep during the day.
.....and there comes a point when light hurts...you just act like it's night.

I think "picking" depends on the person and comes in different forms.
repetitive behaviors, and OCD ....a lot of us get.
I knew peeps that picked their face, I drew until the picture was black...
...I knew some one who played harmonica till her lips bleed, sometimes we masturbate to extremes...
...my ex use to peep out the peep hole all night....it depends on the person
breezeee Re: meth sores and using
I never started off picking until i was using a lot at once. i used iv. i got several staph infections in my body and picking them until i had a bacterial infection through out my body. i was hospitalized 3 times with softball staph infections that were surgically removed..
My reason for picking was to eleviate some of the pain i was trying to run from emotionally/ kind of like cutting yourself trying to stop the inner pain by hurting the outside of my body.
its been 2 yrs now and I'm not proud of it and i also don't regret it. i learned from it. but i still think its pretty sick.
iw2q06 Re: meth sores and using
i use to see bugs in my arms..... and i'd pick at em to get them out...
i blacked out a few times.
.......drugs suck

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