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The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks

Sfj The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
Some of you know about the various types of speed freaks. The sex manic, the porn prince, the project lady, the arts and crafts fiend, the dumpster diver, the electronics disassembly guru etc.

Today, I’d like to read some of your experiences with the “Exploder.”

He’s the guy who comes over to visit for a minute or two. He has a back pack.

As soon as you turn around, or go to the bathroom for a couple minutes, he explodes.

All the stuff comes out of his back-pack, and you’re asking,
“How did all that crap fit in there without a U-Haul?”

He starts to shuffle through it. Moving this pile over there, and that pile over here. The piles grow at a phenomenal RATE. Stuff and Junk, and things, and do-dads, and trash, and precious treasures and it finds its way to the far corners of your apartment, room, or home. Pretty soon, he explodes again, and his girlfriend and boyfriend are in your place with him. They, in turn, explode and the snow-balling effect of the speed freak explosion increases exponentially.

Tell me about your experiences with “The Exploder.”
le grumps Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
Yeah I knew an exploder.
He would collect doll heads and make them very creepy looking. It was so creepy that his explosions weren't even random... it would be like, the average piles of crap, PLUS a catacombs of poor little dolly heads.

Last time I saw him he was fully homeless, had a bunch of broken ribs, and was shocking to see. He was really smart. We used to share a lot of smiles.

ZJeff Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks

I am cracking up right now! My best friend used to explode in my garage all the time. It would start with the smallest thing like a fuse. The Next thing I knew he would be rebuilding the whole freaking car. I'm talking interior alterations, exterior spray can paint jobs, exhaust systems, air conditioning, sound systems, new glass. He would clean parts like he was going to sell the piece of crap at a Barrett- Jackson Auction.
Several times I found him asleep under a car on a mechanics creeper. But the funny part is that the vehicle ALWAYS looked worse than when he started. And so did my garage!

Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
No experience in that, but in just reading and picturing I had to giggle!
I know it's sad, but in the way you wrote it...

Actually we 'explode' in our home and we don't use as you know. (Jack's doing GREAT!) But we're three folks with a LOT of stuff; one of us is a pack-rat...
Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
Nice story,
Here's mine...
My ex-had car and bike parts and boats stuffed in our garage, every closet in our place.
I would throw the crap away and he would dig it out of our garbage.
One time his friend brought these HUGE truck tires with the rims and they sat in my living room for weeks!

Then we had his stash of model cars and his friends would bring theirs over too so I had piles of them on shelves in closets belonging to who knows who.
Penel0pe Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
Hahahaha - "The Exploder..."

I knew some people like that - but it was their whole CAR. The whole CAR was full of stuff that they were constantly taking out and rearranging while crashing at a friends house for the YEAR...

Her living room always looked like Sanford & Son's yard to me...
Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
He exploded and then left....I sure do love tweaker stuff a lot, for not being a tweaker
Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
This really made me cringe, brought back a lot of painful memories when my using was the heaviest with ex-hubby.

I well remember a time my old Nova needed to be repaired. Turned out the then hubby's ex-cellie from prison and running buddy was a 'mechanic' and also needed a place to stay for a 'few days' because he and his GF got into a fight.
He shows up with the clothes on his back. Turned into over a month, bags of clothes all over, not to mention the Nova exploded into a thousand pieces in the front yard.

Not fun at all. I still don't laugh about that one 
Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
hahahahaha...yeah I knew some peeps like that...
I was the guy who took the seats and carpet out of his brand new Avalanche looking for something I had lost...what's that called besides a dumbazz
Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
I'm STILL an exploder.
....you should see my car and purse.  I carry everything in the house...duct tape too....just no speed.  it amazes me.
.....I hate going to peoples house because of it.
I'm like a mess in a can.
Re: The "Exploder" characteristic trait of speed freaks
I would say my soon-to-be ex-husband is one of these. When he had to move out of our house in July, he rented the biggest storage unit he could get. He quickly filled that up, but made very little progress in getting much of his stuff out of our house. He moved into a friend's sort-of-empty rental house. While there, he managed to fill up their yard and their house and his box van. When he had to move from there, I don't know how much he left inside, but he left several things outside in their yard. He moved to his mothers, where he proceeded to fill up 2 spare bedrooms and her garage. Last I heard, he was building a storage shed in his niece's back yard so he could put more stuff in there. When we sold our house in December I had to lease 5 of those 16' mobile storage units to hold all his stuff that was still in the house!

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