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"Celebrate Recovery" meeting question

To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
We have this group here in the town I live in. When I read about it in the paper I thought it sounded good. My questions are this:

1. Is it anonymous? I manage a business in town and would like to keep a good reputation. This is not too large of a city that people don't get in your business.
If people found out about my past, they may not do business with me anymore. That would suck.

2. Would it benefit someone who never used drugs but has other issues they need to break free from (like forgivness issues, and letting go of past hurts that drag them down?).

Thanks in advance.
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
I havent attended celebrate recovery.

I live in a small town, and everybody knows your business.

I am a carpenter/contractor, and it hasnt hurt my business at all. I work harder that most, and get the job done. I am honest, and my prices are fair.

That reputation outshines my old one.

If your really concerned I think chances are very high that people will find out. Anonimity is a suggestion, but not everyone has the ability to follow suggestions.
vctry7 Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
My sis went to one celebrate recovery meeting. I'm not sure if it is the same everywhere because I have never been. She only went once because she had to have the pastor of the church she was a member at sign the front of her book. She didn't go to church anywhere, but did want to try anything that might help for her alcohol addiction.

She said there were gambling addicts, alcoholics, porn addicts, shopaholics, and family members there. It was for anyone that needed help with issues in their lives, or something like that according to the paperwork.

It's supposed to be anonymous, but I'm sure you know how that goes.
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
Thank you both for responding. It is true that my new life outshines my old, but people are strange. Since I am not a native of this area, I am an outsider already. I can see how going to any type of "anonymous" meeting may hurt business, simply because people are ignorant and judge you on what they choose to see, not what is necessarily true. I apprieciate your answers.


Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
X, I have quite a few friends from alanon that go to Celebrate Recovery too. It is anonymous as much as alanon except that the meetings are at churches and if you go to that church....well, you know, nothing is private after a while specially with a group of women

My friends all love their groups and get a lot out of them. They are all Christians and the program is Bible-Scripture based. The only reason I haven't gone to my local meeting is because I am so busy going to alanon and naranon. The meetings are open to both both addicts/alcoholics and loved ones but I have heard from my friends that they have mostly loved ones who keep coming back.

Go and tell what you think please!
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
Luv, thanks for the response. I won't be going. I am a Christian, and I do believe I would get a lot of good from the CR program. I am just not ready to give up my anoninmity. I think it would hurt my business. I also wanted my SO (loved one) to attend as he has issues with letting go of the past (ex-wife, family issues, etc.). I just cannot put my reputation and business at risk.
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
Hi Ann, nice to see you back!

I attend Celebrate Recovery every Friday night (public meetings) and I'm also involved in the CR Women's 12-Step Group. Our 12-step group started in May 2006 with 21 women with all different hurts and habits. It's now March, we're on step 10 and we still have 18 women! Tonight we're having a bon-fire to celebrate getting through the 3rd book (steps 4-9).

I can honestly say this about CR. I don't think I could have survived the toll meth brought into my world without CR and God. I understand spirituality to a new degree - it is awesome and powerful!

Our ladies really didn't start to open up until around step 4 - that is when we started to bond. I don't believe one lady in this group would divulge any information, most of the ladies belong to other churches. It's like, what's said here stays here!

It's been great and terrifying at times. I've come to know a peace and serenity that is undescribable. CR has helped me to understand myself and others.

I've never been to any other recovery program so I can't compare it!

Nice to see you again, you've been missed!
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
Thanks for the nice welcome back. I apprieciate your input on this subject. I am just really afraid it will come back and bite me if I get really real. I have changed so much in the past three years, but I still have hurts and issues to deal with. I am sure it would be like any program, you get out what you put in. I am just too scared to put in because of what I stand to lose. Now that I have a real life, I would love to share my experiences. That is one reason I came back to KCI.
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
I go to CR.

Its much more structured than AlAnon. I like it. They really take recovery seriously and promote discipline.

Its very anonamous, and there are all kinds of people all kinds of addictions; codependancy, love addictions, shopping addictions, you name it.

It is very effective.
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
I totally understand! Hey, we all need an outlet of some kind. KCI is a great place, I give the people here alot of credit. Even though I didn't post often, I read alot and went through the emotions and experience til I finally took the advice always given and I began to "work on me" - I surrendered, I couldn't do it on my own anymore.

I'm so happy for you that you're life is together and good! Mine is pretty good too. I know that no matter what happens, I will be just fine!

Thanks friend! You were the first to post to me when I came aboard in 2005.
dells Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
I also attend CR, I agree with Juliett.

As the parent of an addict, and previously married for 26 yrs to an alcoholic, I have co-dependency issues!!

I am a strong Christian and without my God I never would have survived my daughter's years of chaos!

My daughter will celebrate 2 yrs clean in July! She works her recovery in NA.
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
I went to the bonfire last night which was really a fire in a chimnea with 18 women in chairs around it. It was the best time! We sang praise songs. The pastor came over and we formed a circle, held hands, and each told of a sin from that day. We prayed and gave communion to each other.

One of the ladies read a letter she wrote to her abuser forgiving him, thus setting herself free.

Then we burned our inventories in a little ceremony(after we noted who we need to make amends to or ask forgiveness from). We roasted marshmallows, and mingled - it was quite an evening and a memorable event in my life!

The best part ?? This morning my husband asked how the bonfire was!! Wasn't too long ago he could give a rats @#@!! I described it to him, told him about the communion - he was very interested/intrigued.

Then when I told him about the burning of our inventories he asked if I had written anything about him hurting me. I smiled and said no (didn't want to hurt his feelings!) He said, well I have hurt you but I sure didn't mean to! This is phenomenal!!!!!

The best part of the whole meth experience for me is that if it hadn't entered my life, if I hadn't gone through all the emotions and losses, I wouldn't have sought out God and I wouldn't be experiencing the joys and love, the peace and serenity that are in my life now.

For the loved ones, there is hope - BELIEVE IT!
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
That's an awesone testimony Jayme. I really think after reading responses this morning, that I should give it a go. I don't have to tell all. No one is going to pressure me into telling things I would rather keep to myself. I just really have felt a calling to this group since I read about it. Your story convinces me I need to keep an open mind and heart.

Thank you all.
Re: To those who go to Celebrate Recovery
I'll fill you in on what happens at an 'open' share meeting.

There is a supper hour 6-7pm (absolutely optional) - I didn't attend this for awhile, but make it every now and then. It's a good time to meet with folks - kind of a get to know each other time.

From 7-8PM is worship time, praise songs, prayer and someone gives a testimony or a teaching (following the 12-steps).

The first time you attend, at 8PM you will go into what they call '101'. This is where a couple of the leaders share why they're there and what Celebrate Recovery is about.

From 8-9PM we break into 'small groups'. Men with men, women with women. If it's a large church you will have the option of what type of group you're interested in going to. They range from co-dependency, overeaters, abuse, alcohol, etc. Ours is a smaller church and the women break into 2 groups.

These groups start out by commenting on the testimony or teaching and what it means to you or how it relates to you. Each person is allowed time to share without being interrupted as it pertains to them. We are not there to heal or fix anyone - just listen. After attending these groups for awhile you get more comfortable and 'open' up more.

At no time whatsoever are you expected to comment or say anything - you can always say 'pass' or I don't have anything to add or share at this time.

I'm happy you decided to give it a try. Something I learned was give it 3 times and then make your decision if you will continue or not. The praise and worship was uncomfortable for me at first - now it's the best part of the experience for me!

Let us know how it goes for you - You are in my thoughts and prayers!

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