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Swelling of feet from meth use?

Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...
So it's been 19 months from Meth use (insanity) and I am still recovering from dark spots on my feet. I think at some point during my using my feet were dying on me. But my question here is did anyone ever experience swelling of the feet from meth use? I haven't heard of anyone yet besides myself who dealt with this. My feet use to get soooo swollen and I use to have what almost looked like patches of dead blood cells in my ankle area. My feet look sooooo much better today-but it took me this long to recover. My toes use to feel numb too. I also use to break out in rashes/welts around the stomache area. I am so thankful I don't have to deal with this crap anymore! Still have all the scab scars on my legs-guess something had to remain to remind me to never go back to that lifestyle!
Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...
I know a fairly heavy-use meth addict that seems to only smoke and snort that has had dark patches and skin discoloration (he's white) on his feet and ankles for years now. I thought it was a fungus of some sort as he also has cracking and peeling on the bottoms of his feet. He doesn't have the common sores on his skin and his teeth never fell out so far...I think that meth exacerbates any weaknesses or problems that are already existing on Turbo.

It's so hard on the vascular system and that would explain why there might be issues at the farthest places from the heart. I have seen a lot of pre-diabetic symptoms in meth addicts too and lack of circulation in the feet goes right along with that.

Of course, he's actively using so he doesn't really give a hoot til he's ready for the hospital. Anytime I mentioned health care he seemed to just need to run and get high...to get the thought out of his mind.

I'm so happy you have chosen life....the after effects may be hard to deal with, but the alternative is much uglier.

Through sharing the crap, knowledge is gained by all and the pains are lessened.
Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...
I never had that.
...........I had welps. ...on my face, everytime.

and when I took my shoes off..
.....for some reason, when I slid them past the back of my heels...it hurt like hell.

enough to make me pause, and rub them and think....."wtf?!"

I'm glad you quit too.

..that don't sound too good.
kcbee Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...
My husband is a meth user. Has been for almost a year now, and he too has problems with his feet. They're incredibly dry and cracked. More so than they've ever been. But he also has a problem with swelling in his ankle. Not so much his feet. We were thinking that it could be gout, so he's going to get a blood test to check that out. But who knows? Now that I read your symptoms, I guess it could possibly be connected.

No spots though.
cracked out
My ex meth dealer had a bad looking rash as long as i talked to her. I had a friend who got really got cracked out for 3 months or so....his right arm got black and red dots on it and skin came off in layers it was nasty, it started healing as soon as he stopped and it took months to go away.
Glad to see I'm not the only one...
Guess the shiat can really do some damage to several parts of the body/skin etc...and we still deal with it even months/years later huh! Thanks for sharing/your responses peeps!
Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...
Personally I had an experience one night while high as balls. I stood in one place for nearly 10 hours with my hands above my head.
Like a good tweeker, I was cutting my hair off one millimeter at a time. Don't ask.
Anyway, I had these really long socks on that go all the way up to your upper thighs. When I was finished freaking out on my hair I took them off and my legs were purple with little white spots all over. You could see the edema-- fluid pooled in smalls places.
Meth caused a lot of vasal constriction in me many times and I believe that was what had happened. I could have probably been diagnosed with COPD ten times over.
There were also times when I'd snog a big line and my front teeth would turn blue. Instant vasal constriction.
I once had blood taken while I was using and the nurse was suprised at how slow and thick my blood came out.
When people speak of meth mouth and say, "meth users aren't clean and forget to brush their teeth", it bothers the hell out of me. Meth is a vasal constrictor. For me it was intense. People get meth mouth because the small capillaries in your body close or die and a user can't properly produce the natural enzymes in the mouth to kill bacteria.
Thats my take.
Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...

Yes, my ankles/feet did swell when I used meth! And my skin all over was dryer than normal-not just on my feet.

Most of the times when the swelling would occur were when I wasn't up moving as much as normal. I did a LOT of studying while smoked up. I'm sure I'd lose track of how long I'd been sitting--thus, the swollen ankles/feet. This has gone away since quitting meth for me.

The dry skin-lack of proper hydration while smoking meth. This too has resolved itself since I quit meth.

If it's still occuring after quitting meth, IMHO I'd be seeing an MD. Don't let things like this go unattended as there are many things that could be causing them. Take good care of you. Let us know how things are going, okay?

Hugs, Love, and Prayers
Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...
Sometimes after being up for a couple of days tweeking and doing whatever....the tips of my fingers would get so sensitive that it would hurt whenever I touched anything.
Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...
Some of the descriptions listed about the rashes on feet could be a staff infection or even syphilis.

Cracked and dry skin most likely is a sign of dehydration.
Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...
I remember experiencing an episode where my feet swelled up so much I couldn't put shoes on and could barely walk.

I didn't want to tell my mom I was on drugs...so I let her think it was a uric acid problem (gout) which it may have been just that....so she looked up something in Prevention Magazine and gave me the CURE.

It said to take black cherry extract...pill form can get it in any vitamin store. It's about 13 dollars per bottle.

I took a double the recommended dose for two days and it went completely away. I mean it was GONE. It was amazing and worked within 24 to 48 hours. Talk about a relief!!
Penel0pe Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...

My legs and feet are so screwed up NOW that I am not using I've been in physical therapy for a year. You know, when I was high I never sat down... and my heels were always a disaster area (which gave me something ELSE to tweek on - PEDICURES FROM HELL!!!)

I had all the tools for sheering off the horrible layers of cracked, horror show heel skin, the sanding blocks, the axle grease - like substances, none of which seemed to really cure the problem...

So, yeah, come to think of it, my feet were pretty awful then and now... they look better now, they just don't work that good these days.

brnee77 Re: Anyone ever have this reaction to meth...
i had the same reaction my feet would swell and turn puple every time i used.

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