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Needle exchange program a good idea?

P68N Needle exchange program a good idea?

Do you think a needle exchange program for IV drug users is a good idea? If so, why and if not what is the reasoning.

I ask because my city is trying to prevent pharmacies from selling needles unless the individual has a prescription.

However, many feel allowing addict's to have clean needles might save their lives long enough to find treatment.

What are your thoughts?

Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
As my daughter "slams" her meth, I want her to have access to clean needles. She's going to use, no matter what. If the government is going to get involved, they should make "HELP" more affordable.
I vote, YES!
Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
3 years ago I would have said "NO WAY!"

After everything I've learned here, my opinion has changed. There is a place for harm reduction.
le grumps
Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
Clean needles for addicts not only prevents disease in addicts, but it prevents disease in the non-addicts that may be having sexual contact with them.

I think it's socially irresponsible to NOT have clean needles available.

Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
Just thing of all the innocent babies born with HIV/AIDS with the beginning cause being a dirty needle.
Harm reduction indeed!
Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
Of Course clean needles should be available... I agree with Grumps, it is socially irresponsible to not provide them.

Feeling this way, and having access to clean needles never caused me to try slamming.
Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
I cant believe there are actually places still left that dont have needle exchange.
Here addicts go a needle exhange point and are given a kit, the kit contains needles, alcohol swaps, a safe disposal container and some information about overdose and phone numbers for places that will listen and help if an addict wants to quit or needs someone to talk to.

Clean needles are harm reduction for the addict, The safe disposal of needles is harm reduction for the whole community.

Councils that dont offer their communtity this protection, need to get their heads out of the a$$ and face up to reality. Drug use isnt going to stop because people have to buy needles. Addicts will just share or use dirty needles which put not only the addict at risk, but the community at risk. Not to mention the huge cost to taxpayers and the drain on resorces needed to treat diseases that could have been avoided.
Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
If they are going to use, they are going to use~clean needles prevents HIV, infections... I am all for the clean needles.

Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
Years ago, even before I was familiar with meth abuse, I had this argument with a very intelligent, well-educated friend.

She was totally against needle exchange programs of any kind. And she's personally involved with national politics and the setting of policy!

By the time we were done talking, I think she was seeing things more my way. At least I hope so.

Here's basically what I said to her:

Typically, when an addict first starts using, it's fun. At that time it's a choice. A bad choice, but a choice.

By the time we are addicted, it is no longer a choice. Period. The addict is no longer "responsible".

We're gonna use, no matter what the cost. We'll worry about that the next time we come down. Cause right now it doesn't matter.

The availability of clean needles could mean the difference between life and death for the next addict that finds recovery. It will NOT make the addict not use. That idea is ludicrous.

In case you haven't guessed, I am 100% in favor of clean needles!

Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
Le Grumps and Ldy of Wsdm - YOU BOTH ROCK - I totally agree with you.

My thoughts go out to the Addict I was trying to help - she is about 22 now - has lost all 6 of her kids (to death by stupid fuk boyfriends who couldn't deal with the baby crying - so put him out in the rain) he died a couple weeks later from complications. He is in jail.

To CPS's coming in and taking her kids - yeah, she is slamming again. She is a sweetheart deep inside and a monster and flake other times. She lives with the Dealer.

Pray for those who still suffer.
May she find the safe road for her happiness.
Re: Needle exchange program a good idea?
I think after reading your comments and listening to professionals in the field of addiction plus my study of the most recent research I have come to the conclusion that clean needles are a viable options provided that the IV drug user is also given information/resources/counseling that would support his/her recovery from addiction.

If that isn't a part of the program then it would be much wiser to expand this rationalization and establish "drug camps" similar to those we established for the Japanese in WW II. Unfortunately, providing clean needles is only a very small piece of a complicated public health issue. The "drug camps" is a way we can monitor the safe use of said drugs and in turn protect the general populace.

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