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I can't have a conversation with my meth user

jenn2b Cannot have conversation with my meth user

It seems like I cannot have a normal conversation with my husband who is addicted to meth. If I express any kind of thoughts, concerns or feelings he turns it into a attack on him. He makes statements like, "Yeah I know I am a piece of sh-t!" I am thinking, where did that come from?

It is just better if I do not talk to him at all sometimes. It is not worth it!

logolove Re: Cannot have conversation with my meth user
Yes - mine would walk away saying he didn't have time to talk about this or that - it was a waste of time - blah blah blah - OR better yet he would go on for ten minutes explaining to me why a two minute conversation I wanted to have was a bad idea. It drove me crazy.
Re: Cannot have conversation with my meth user
I guess it is easy to forget that there is NOTHING "normal" about a meth addict's life....
so I guess it might be easy to forget that a "normal conversation" is wishful thinking....
sorry, meth addiction is progressive-it won't get any better without stopping of the drug and healing of the brain
jenn2b Re: Cannot have conversation with my meth user
Well, we may be heading that way....meaning a healing of the brain. He got arrested using in a parking lot some months ago. Put on probation for 5 yrs. After that, arrested at the airport for meth in his suitcase. When he went back to the judge for the second offense, his lawyer finds out he has not done any community service..well that was enough to put a warrant out for his arrest for not doing any community service. So as we speak, he is keeping a low profile until this week-end. He is going to turn himself in per advice from his lawyer. Bond has already been set so he will be in and out. He has an excellent lawyer...has already forked out 10 grand for his service. He has already told me he rather be dead than go to jail. I hope he is not going to do anything insane like kill himself. He just hates probation and the people he has to deal with. He says they all treat him like trash or piece of sh-t. Sorry so long...venting. Just afraid how our life will be if he gets put in jail. My kids and I depend on him financially...He still manages to put money in the bank account. I feel jail is not the answer for this problem. METH addicts are not hard core criminals.
Re: Cannot have conversation with my meth user
Jenn, I sooooo understand your fears about your hubby having the possibility of doing jail time - it's a valid fear IMHO. The man I love that quit meth did jail time and he isn't the same man now. Far, far from the same man in a bad way.
Be thankful he has a good lawyer and urge him to obide by his PO's orders...PLEASE, PLEASE try and be supportive for him right now.
I need to go feed the family and will be glad to answer any questions you have when I return shortly. I wholeheartedly AGREE jail IS NOT the place for a former/current meth user. It only serves to make them.......
I'll say more later.
HUGSSSSSSS, Love, and PRAYERS to you and him both,

Jenn, he's very AFRAID of jail and if you can understand that much, you'll have a start at knowing WHY he and you can't/aren't having a "normal" conversation right now. It has the potential to turn a good human being into a former shell of themselves. IMHO, more so that meth!!!
jenn2b Re: Cannot have conversation with my meth user
Thank you for your post. Yes please explain to me in more detail regarding Jail and what that did to your loved one. I am going to work out for about an hour and will be back. I'm not that familiar with the PM thing. Wow, it so sucks that you have to see your loved one be destroyed by Meth but the Jail thing is just adding insult to injury!

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