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Reasons to get clean of meth

jg1985 Positive reasons to get clean
I am curious. I haven't posted much here but have been lurking for a few weeks and every single person says that a person won't get clean until they hit rock bottom, which makes perfect sense to me. However, I was curious if anyone has ever heard of someone getting clean because something really positive happened in their life? It's just something I've been wondering about for a few days, because sooo many bad things seem to happen in an addict's life that I wonder if they just get accustomed to it. And if positive things started happening then maybe, just maybe it would give incentive to make a change. Just something I was thinking about and wanted some opinions from the fine people here.
XOutlaw Woman Re: Positive reasons to get clean
Some positive things happened to me right after I stopped using that really helped the process. I was about a month clean when I was offered a good job, in another city about 200 miles away from my home. Taking the job, and moving away, really helped me to focus on being responsible for myself and my recovery.

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