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Tools for Recovery

A Shovel is a Tool

Whether you're an addict or a loved one, if you are reading this there is a good chance that you are in some form of recovery, and it doesnt take much study to learn some tools to aid ourselves in our recovery.
Tools come to us in many different ways Intensive Out-patient, therapy and counseling, 12 step programs, self-help books and in page after page of advice here at KCI.
But did you know that by themselves, tools are worthless? Because by themselves they wont keep your butt out of the pooits the skill behind them that makes them work, and the more skillful the operator, the better the results.
How do you gain skills if you dont practice them?
Its human nature to take the path of least resistance, and practice equals work. Thats what healthy recovery requires too, work.
I know that for me its about fighting that constant urge to take the easy way thru life, because that what comes easy, gos easyAnd therefore my recovery cannot be easy, and when I choose to shortcut my path Im only cheating myself out of something that for once in my life I need to earn.
Im in a hole, I have a shovel, its time to digBut I dont want to dig, Its cold out here, I dont want to get dirty, Im tired, I cant do it, I want to do something easier,.Cant I just stay in this hole for another day?
Thats the part of me that still begs for speed
See what Im up against?
Sometimes I think that as a person Ill never really change, that the best I can honestly hope for is to be a dry drunk with the skills of a monkeya sober monkey


Re: A Shovel is a Tool
I really like monkeys...especially sober ones
Not the kind that throws poop at me though
I also really liked that post.
There is so much I've read here that is making everyday a better day for me...
...is that okay, to take so much and use it to make me feel better?
...I think so!


Re: A Shovel is a Tool

But did you know that by themselves, tools are worthless? Because by themselves they wont keep your butt out of the pooits the skill behind them that makes them work, and the more skillful the operator, the better the results.

How do you gain skills if you dont practice them?

Some days I laugh at the tools, dig my feet in, and say 'noooooo, I don't want to use them'!
It's okay because we are all human, and I don't know of anyone who is perfect.
I will say that the longer I work at using those tools, the easier it becomes (with an occasional day of tantrums and not using them).
Awareness sucks sometimes, doesn't it?!


Re: A Shovel is a Tool

See what Im up against?

Oh my friend, I don't only see it, I do it sometimes.
Confession - I had six days off last week - six in a row - and know what I did?
Nothin. I did what I refer to as "Spine Time."
I laid around on my spine the whole time. If I HAD to go to the store or whatever, I did, but not much else. Yeah, I ate, went potty, uh... cooked... downloaded something horrific on my computer...
But this is a new day.
Pickin up that shovel again today... after I'm done trying to fix my poor, poor computer, that is...
Gonna get to writin on the step I'm working on after that.
"Progress, not perfection."
Just do it.

le grumps

Re: A Shovel is a Tool
I like you attitude, Phoenix.
And thanks for posting this. It really helped me get back some perspective.
Sometimes we just gotta DO IT, pick up the tools, motivate, and do the right thing.
Rusty tools in the shed don't do nuthin but take up space and give you something to @#%$ about if they are "in your way".
Probably the best thing I have learned in recovery is that you really do have to WORK for what you got... that's why they say "it works if you work it".


Re: A Shovel is a Tool
I am grateful for who and where I am today. plain & simply, gratitude makes the workout better.
I spend a lot of time telling my kid about how practice and hardwork really make life so much better....I need to listen to myself more often and we both would do well to listen to you phoenix
I have to try hard to not get stuck in society's benchmark that politicians like to use "Is my life better today?" because then I forget to be grateful for the journey...however shytty it feels at the moment.
Whatever God gives ya to do, do with all yer might!
(my version of a scripture I love but can't ever remember correctly)


Re: A Shovel is a Tool
Forget practicing....just do it.
here's my point...if I practice then someday I will become a professional recoverer.
I use the tools and dont mess around "trying" to
When the consequences of active addiction are progressive and will end ultimately in my death, it really is ok with me that living clean is enough.
I can use and it will kill me while I wallow in my own self-made hell held prisoner by my own fear and self-loathing.
I can live clean and accept myself as an addict and take action by using the tools I've been given...and feel love.
I am human. Humility is kinda cool after it becomes a part of life. It's one of the spiritual principals experienced in recovery and it's also one of the hardest for me to realize....but when I do it is very rewarding and fulfilling.
ahhh the path of the least resistance....yep.
Change is not my problem,
it's my resistance to change.
PS yes of course the more you do it the easier it will come


Re: A Shovel is a Tool
practising is 'continually carrying out an action'so to me that IS doing it,missy
we can only do our best,anything else is asking for the impossible
we can strive for perfection sure,whether we achieve it in our life time,i doubt it . .this is the beauty of life.
we all find our recovery in our own times and the right time for us and in our own ways . .that work for us
there is no way set in stone . . to rid ourselves of addiction is an incredibly personal thing
all we can really do is help each other as much as possible


A Shovel is a Tool
Hey their my brother monkey. I know where your coming from.
The most damaging things that I can do to my own recovery. Are also the easiest for me to do.
And they are. Doubt my progress and put myself down. For any reason.
Man its really hard to tell where were at until we get to where were going.
Dose that make any sense?

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