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Hearing voices from using meth

Hearing voices from using meth
I'm so confused. I hear so much about people seeing all kinds of stuff on meth. I spent 15 years getting high. The last two months I just snapped like I was full blown skitz. And by God's grace now sane again. It took several months for the voices to go away and that is all I experienced, was "voices". Lots of them and all the time. It literally happened over night. I fear they will come back even though I have been clean 11 months. I don't take any anti psych meds but I take something for sleep...thats when my mind wanders. Does this ever get easier. I have not been able to find any one to relate to my severity of this psychosis. Now I feel like I experience PTSD. I work a recovery program but every one is different. I have a hard time finding someone to relate to the audio part of it. My mind was clustered with "voices" and now they are just gone. Is anyone going through this.....
Re: Hearing voices from using meth
oh yeah, there's plenty of us.
....I went insane, and heard voices..

My biggest problem when i quit was I had "transparent spinning wheels of color"
...for a month...and paralysis dreams that terrified me to go to sleep..
...thinking I could'nt get up if I did.
I still hear stuff sometimes..like people in another room.....
...or something.
....it'll pass...and it won't come back on you as hard even if you do get it sometimes.
....and it's breif.
it depends really on you age, how long you used,how, and how much....
.... how well you took care of yourself....genetics.
it's a sliding scale.
good luck...
...and keep coming back to check your replies.
you'll get plenty.
Re: Hearing voices from using meth
Dunno ! Like you posted there are so many different experiences. Seems like you and I have used about the same amount of time, and are close to same amount of clean time.

The voices are basically gone, or at least quiet for now, but then I do know a man from the groups of CMA who's been clean over 7 years with meth induced psychosis, and he's still disabled due to the fact that the voices won't go away.

Here's a couple of links I hope will help:


Please keep coming back and posting, you'd be doing me a world of good !
Re: Hearing voices from using meth
It's not like I think there are really people there..
.....it's more like static, or trying to tune in.
Re: Hearing voices from using meth
It's not like I think there are really people there..
.....it's more like static,or trying to tune in.
Just thinkin NOT DIAGNOSING !
Re: Hearing voices from using meth
I saw the shadow people and I heard their muffled voices ALL OF THE TIME during the last years of my addiction.
I now know that I was in full blown meth psychosis.

Haven't seen or heard from them in almost 11 years.
SOS1988 Re: Hearing voices from using meth
I had a lot...was going nuts
Re: Hearing voices from using meth
Everyone I knew never talked about it before, and I don't talk to anyone I got high with anymore. There are not a lot of cma around here so I attend NA. Thank you. The immediate responses are great. Sometimes I feel like I tweaked harder than anyone I know. It sucks, they don't understand the impact. Some days are better than others. Like one of the replies I recieved...it's like they are trying to "tune me in"...some days better than others. What a way to literally be scared straight! It took all the fun out of that.( I am grateful to be sober.) I feel for everyone who experienced the same, but thankful y'all are out there to relate.
pisces Re: Hearing voices from using meth
i am in the boat with you
don't worry, i won't tip it!!

i heard voices for about 5 months after quitting before i actualyl told a professional about it.. i was scared that i would have to go back to the psych unit... but i didn't... he perscribed Risperdal for me.. and since working from 1 mg to 4 mg... i have no more voices.. but... if i do miss a dose, i do have sounds... faint.. like whispers... and i know they are not real, and that is what helps me stay focused.......

Flyf1sh3r Re: Hearing voices from using meth
Mine had subsided alot by the one year mark. I still felt like the shadows were lurking close by.

I still had alot of anxiety my 2nd year.

In my 3rd year, I was feeling as normal as I can remember feeling. whatever normal is.

Year four was very little anxiety due to the fact that three years of using recovery tools had taught me how to recognize it, and put it to rest before it got big enough to overwhelm me. I felt safe from the shadow people, and began to accept that maybe they were imaginery. Before, I was convinced that I had opened some kind of gate. Nothing good came from there. To be honest, I m still open to that Idea. I also am open to the idea that Ive alligned my life to a place where I am protected from them

It would be an interesting experiment to have all of those high tech paranormal tools around someone in that type of psychosis.

Year four was a big test about life on lifes terms. The same tools work. I celebrated my biggest successes, and suffered my biggest hardship.

So far, year five has shown me that my coping skills are still improving. I am intiutively handling situations that used to baffle me, and I am at peace with myself.

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