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Being on meth is fun! NOT!

lynne Being on meth is fun - NOT!
forgive me, i'm still trying to get over my ex-meth head!

but i am still sitting under this illusion that being on meth he lived this fun wild life full of parties and wild women and hot sex and good times ... which makes me feel all the worse since he dumped me

so i am trying to set myself straight that meth is not the glamour filled ride i might think it is. and that the users are not living the fun life i think they might.

can someone drive it into my head that taking meth does not = having a blast? i'm such a goober!
Re: Being on meth is fun - NOT!
Ask Suzette to send you the links to those meth commercials. That is a reality check... Really.

I think you have a classic case of the "stinkin thinkin" going on. I mean, let's face it... A loved one's addiction has a profound effect on their loved ones. Bottom line is: It a crappy feeling to be treated like that especially after what all we've experienced.

We then will beat ourselves up and try and convince ourselves that we did something wrong, that we weren't pretty enough, good enough, rich enough, wild enough, etc etc etc...

We as loved ones have experienced some sort of "Stinkin Thinkin" one way or another. This addiction that they have makes our lives just as insane as theirs at times!

I, as a former loved one of a meth addict (I was married to him for almost 10 years) will be the first to tell you that this shyt ain't all that it's cut out to be.

There is NOTHING you are missing out on about meth or the parties and stuff. NOTHING...
I made my decision to not only turn and walk away, but to re-claim my life.
Instead of obsessing and acting crazy as far as my ex was concerned; I now live a much better life filled with peace, serenity, and a very promising future.

In case you haven't heard... I'm recently engaged to a wonderful "normal" man.

There is life after meth... I am here to tell you that I did it, and if I can do it; so can everyone else.

Re: Being on meth is fun - NOT!


but i am still sitting under this illusion that being on meth he lived this fun wild life full of parties and wild women and hot sex and good times ...
That's not illusion, it's TRUE!
But the price is often too high to pay and not worth it at all...

Meth = losing everything in life = death
Re: Being on meth is fun - NOT!
It's himself he dumped...along with everything sacred and dear to him.
He's the one caught in a living hell, and by all means the one who IS missing out.
Of course he'll deny that 'til the cows come home, he has a powerful drug telling him eveything is OK....until he doesn't have any.
THEN...it's time to panic!
And no, meth addiction is far from a blast, quite the opposite really...unless you're content with losing everything incl. your sanity, or even your own life.

I can think of no lower place to find oneself than in the depths of meth addiction and the ensuing insanity
[meth psychosis].

A far cry from glamour or fun.
Re: Being on meth is fun - NOT!
With "meth" my world fell apart too quick.
Soon after using I was broke,uguly,smelly, paranoid, and
I still thought it wasn't all that BAD. I was in a huge

Meth is NOT fun or anything close to that. If it was soooo fun I wouldn't be clean today.
lynneRe: Being on meth is fun - NOT!

thanks for explaining it to me. jason you must be right though i didn't want to hear it. i like to party too but not with drugs. there i draw the line.

but if i partied so hard i started to lose my life in the process i would not say that was fun at all.

he did lose it all. house, car, livelihood; looks too. but i take everyone's word for it. maybe it's fun sometimes but meth seems to cause so much destruction. that is when you would want to stop but then maybe couldn't.

p.s. i did move on, dating nice men, have new fun jobs, good friends, i am far, far happier than the nervous dejected wreck i was when i was living with him. being kicked in the teeth everyday was hard.

but even though i have "moved on" i still hurt.

Re: Being on meth is fun - NOT!
lynne, ONE person responded that it was a wild fun sex party out of so many many many that have told you that it was living hell.

Get rid of that stinkin thinkin that he has been out screwin and partyin and havin a grand ole' time. Even if an when he did cheat it was NOTHING like making love.

Maybe you want to use that cheated on feeling to get him outa your heart and mind-I guess if it works, go for it, but REMEMBER that every single thing about meth is evil-it's meant for destruction and it's master would love for you to feel betrayed etc. etc. Don't let the methmaster win.

You can bet your buns that your memories are WAYYYYY more REAL than his of the good times. If and When he gets clean and chooses a life of recovery, he WILL remember the time with you as light and the time with meth as dark-guarantee it!

Please remember as well that for people with little time in recovery, the meth life is still dancing in their heads powerfully...Teasing them with the meth lies that tell them that it was soooooooo good.

Don't hurt yourself anymore than reality already has.

oh and the fun dates sound wonderful! Just putting that in print-telling of your happiness without him is so powerful!
jes78 Re: Being on meth is fun - NOT!
this may be off a little, so sorry, but; i have a habit of romanticizing my old drug life when im not even meaning to do so. ill be talking about old times and BAM, it starts.. me and a few friends start talking about when we first started and when things were good. maybe about dancing and making good money or funny times or whatever. and before we know it we start talking all fast and we are almost getting a "high" out of it. its not like we plan on this happening. but like i hear so many people say, our disease is so cunning, he sneakes up on us. thats one of the reasons i want to join H n I in NA, i believe thats what its called. but its where a few people from na or aa bring the mtg to the people in hospitals and institutions. so u bring a mtg to people who cant get to a mtg. ive spent so much of my life in rehabs and prisons cause of my addiction, thats what i want to remember. i want to remember thats where drugs bring me, not good times, bad times.
vctry7 Re: Being on meth is fun - NOT!
It started out as a wild fun party. In fact, I had never felt better in my life. If it made you miserable when you started, no one would ever do it.

Soon, though, the devil comes to collect his dues, so to speak. Life becomes a living hell that you're too screwed up to figure how to get out of - except to try and do more and more meth. The end price far outweighs any illusion of fun that was there in the beginning.
XOutlaw Woman Re: Being on meth is fun - NOT!
If being unemployed, hating yourself, blowing off family, dragging down your health, being paraniod, doing things you would normally never do, losing interest in everything you once held dear, is romantic.....then I was the queen of romance.

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