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Question about rehab in america?

Rehab in america...
"centrelink"... i guess it is the equivelant of social services over there...basically it is the government,where you get pention,sickness benefits and the "dull"(out of work benfits)

here when you go to rehab you go on centrelink and the government pays for it...you can go straight from the streets with absolutely not a dime and go to rehab...

how much does it cost there to go to rehab?
do you have to pay up front?
Re: Rehab in america...
Well here in Ga. There aren'y any inpatient rehabs that are government funded. You can go into Outpatient therapy for near to nothing. Sliding scale pay but not free. If you want to go to a insurance or out of pocket rehab, the one rehab I checked on was $12,000.00 and you had to pay for your room and board which was $1500.00 a month. And your minimum time allowed to stay was 3 months. After hearing there isn't any help here i said Fu*k it. Joined a CMA group and been doing fine without no stinking rehab. They told me when checking on government funding that they don't believe meth addicts need any kind of inpatient therapy. What the fu*k do those simpleminded morons who have never been on the fence in the first place know anything about recovery or addiction. Sorry it pisses me off everytime i think about it. Love you eyesopen.
Much love to all who suffer from the effects of addiction,
Re: Rehab in america...
IMO this IS bizzare > "they don't believe meth addicts need any kind of inpatient therapy"

Gotta wonder what "they" think a meth addict does "need"
Re: Rehab in america...
Here is Cali. I don't know about anyplace else. But where i am at. You have to go to mental health to be evaluated. The ask you alot of question's. If they feel you need rehab. They will give you a referal. Then you call everyday until there is a bed available. But I have never known anyone who had to wait for over a week. Then once you get in. You just tell them your financial situation. They determain your payment's. But if you can not pay at all. Most people can't. They accept you anyway. It is a 30 day inpatient program. Then you get transfered to a outpatient program. That is 6 month's. Then you counsler evaluates you to determain what is the next step that is best for you.
Re: Rehab in america...
As a mom, our son was in and out of inpatient and outpatient rehabs since he was 16. We pay for insurance and through our insurance we were able to pay a portion of the amount since he was underage. Over $100,000 was spent on rehabs to help him.
Not to even mention the Shrinks he had access too.
It is EXTREMELY expensive and luckily we worked and had the means to help him. Others are not as fortunate.
There are many NA programs available which I think are great.
Re: Rehab in america...
Ditto L.W.W.> "There are many NA programs available which I think are great"

"Recovery begins when the door of the inpatient facility hits us in the azz on the way out."
Re: Rehab in america...
As Dan says, "Recovery begins when the door hits your Azz on the way out"....and I agree.

But, I think the ones that have Rehab available to them are the lucky ones. They can be in a "safe place" with others that are in the same space they are and learn the tools of recovery. Typically, the family is forced to join and all learn recovery - it is a good thing.
I think that means a lot. Some "get it"; some don't.
But then again, learning the "hard way" is a lesson very well learned. The problem with that and Meth is that Meth often wins. The logic of a lesson learned is lost in the madness.
BTW - love you Dan, you are so awesome and help so many. Much respect to you my friend. Hey, ya got any firewood, I am burning thru mine fast and it is only 36 degrees here in the California mountains - I know I am a @#%$!!
Re: Rehab in america...
Ditto Ditto ^^^^^^^
My CMA group has shown me how to stay clean . Just straight up "been there done that and this is what I did to stay clean and sober". People there have multiple years clean. IMO I am going to be listening to someone who has been there and the knowledge is freely given to me.
Penel0pe Re: Rehab in america...
I paid up front one time (In 1994) and they gave me my money back and told me to leave...

How f*cked up do you have to be for THAT to happen? What a loady I was... Anyway, it was cheaper then than it is now.

I took the money they gave me back and bought dope with it.
I found recovery while living in the real world through NA - but I think anyone who has the opportunity to get a head start with inpatient rehab should jump on it. It took me 7 months to figure out how to stay clean, but I finally got there.

Re: Rehab in america...
I was lucky that my husband's company's insurance paid for my rehab.

A lot of the people I was there with had assistance through the state (Washington state). But I think they had to wait for bed dates. Some were court-ordered, so I'm not sure how that worked financially.

I'm glad I went to treatment. It was helpful for me to move to a safer environment. I didn't have drugs readily availabe at the the drop of a hat. I had a great counsellor. There was still plenty of drama, as there usually is in any group of people, let alone addicts. Some of what I learned there is lost in the fog of withdrawals. Some is still very much with me today. Seeing the process of step work with the other women in my group was an amazing experience. Hearing stories of survival, hope and gratitude every day for 21 days was incredible.

Sitting around at dusk with a bunch of women who were sure they'd never enjoy a single experience in life while they were clean, and just enjoying a sunset and each other's company, that was a miracle.

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