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Where do I find an affordable rehab?

jamm1 Affordable rehab?
Where do I start to look for an affordable long term rehab for my son. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Loraura Re: Affordable rehab?
Go to www.google.com
Enter your city and "drug rehab"

Review the results that come up.

Call your local health department.
Icarealot Re: Affordable rehab?
Hi All I have been a lurker for several months and first have to say that all your posts and information have helped tremendiously (sp)

next on topic i am a loved one that has learned to dam much about meth (what a devil)in our search for treatment for friend we found a treatment group called "Cinakor treatment" they only have a 125.00 entry fee but make you work for your treatment 18-24 months do a search you will find it.
kevin1st Re: Affordable rehab?
at the very least, please make sure that your rehab center is accredited by your state health department and either CARF or JCAHO. rehab is big business and there are many unscrupulous organizations looking to bleed hopeful families of their hard-earned money. accreditation ensures that the rehab you select will at least have had to show some evidence that they are conforming to guidlines for consumer safety and success.
jamm1 Re: Affordable rehab?
I care alot - I have searched for Cinakor treatment and come up empty handed. Can you give me any other help in locating it.
mojo8888 Re: Affordable rehab?
Teen Challenge is a long term Christian-based recovery program for men and women. The program lasts from a year to 18 months and is geared toward ages 18 and over. You can google Teen Challenge and you will find they have centers in all states and countries. My son was in the program for over a year and has 2 plus years of sobriety. The cost of the program ranges from location to location. The one my son went to charged an induction fee and the remainder of the was at no cost. With the level of my son's addiction he needed to be in a program for that length of time. Teen Challenge has a high success rate for the ones that complete.
danimal55 Re: Affordable rehab?
Kellhappy Re: Affordable rehab?
I got the suggestion of a treatment center from my doctor. I had an awesome doctor. I trusted her. She named some places, and the one I chose was the one she said "people have told me good things about __________." Luckily, our insurance covered it.

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