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Meth Residue Cleanup?

meth residue cleanup?
Does anyone have any factual info on meth smoke residue & the need for cleanup?

I have read many stats and watched tv shows on it in the past, but never really thought I needed to take any actions but now I'm thinking I might. I have heard that the residue can be detected with the new gadgets and yes, it can contain chemicals that may be harmful or toxic to sensitive individuals and even not normally sensitive individuals.

I have heard that it can reside on everything in the vicinity where it was smoked not just made. Obviously it stays in fabrics and furniture but what about things like tools, appliances etc?
Sfj Re: meth residue cleanup?
I don't have any facts, but I do have some questions and opinions?

1. Why do you think it is a problem ? Can you cite your sources ?

2. Most meth users are not going to let the dope go flying out into the atmosphere. They want every molecule to get into their system.

3. Meth itself is quite inert unless it is ingested deliberately. Why do you think otherwise?

4. There's a huge difference between the process and residue from cooking and from using - even smoking. And BTW, smoking isn't really smoking in a strict sense. There's no meth smoke. It is fumes. Fumes are not the same as smoke.

5. Have you ever heard of or seen any evidence of a problem from second hand meth fumes residue in a residence from a reputable source ?

6. FWIW, I'm not an expert by any means on this subject, but I'm not prone to get too hysterical over something that isn't high on the list of priorities.

7. And again, why do you think this is worthy of attention?
Maybe you know something that we don't
Re: meth residue cleanup?
Well, I'm not hysterical. King County Meth Task Force, Pierce County Health Department are the only sources I actually know the names of offhand from the need for cleanup information I've gathered.

No, I don't want to give you more details.
But thanks for your opinion anyway.
FSOAB Re: meth residue cleanup?
From what I have witnessed, they only wear suits when there is a meth lab.

In my life, I worry alot about clorox with bleach and cleaners.. Not that I like to clean.. That crap kills my lungs.
le grumps Re: meth residue cleanup?
I am not aware of any significant toxic elements or residue from smoking.
I am not sure if crystal meth is harmful to the touch.

I think the most important meth residue cleanup is the one that occurs in a recovering tweakers brain.

Now THAT one I can feel the difference!
Re: meth residue cleanup?
I have a question that I hope is not stupid, but has anyone ever heard of like second hand meth? If someone is high, can they possibly pass it on to someone else through bodily fluids?

The only reason that I ask is, I went through a period of time where I was experiencing weird things. This was during a time where my husband and I were together quite a bit. I later came to find out that was a time when he was using quite a bit. Could he have passed that on to me?? Seems silly.
1tamtom Re: meth residue cleanup?
from what ive seen hasmat does cleanups around labs dumps and such left by sloppy cooks.

if your worried take every thing to a carwash and steam it off,wipe everything else down a few times.

never heard of this though,are you think like cig smoke or pot smoke which does stick to everthing in the house.
le grumps Re: meth residue cleanup?
lookin4maricle to answer your question:

No, the effects of meth cannot be passed through bodily fluids.

It's actually a pretty common question, so I wonder what kind of things are going on that makes people wonder that.

What kinds of weird things did you experience?
Re: meth residue cleanup?
I have posted before on all the things I've seen on "TV" on the public tele documentary that they had and a few discovery channel things about meth cleanup.

They do go into trailers, homes, vehicles and find residue from meth smoke and they do have gadgets that detect it. They have found that there are toxic chemical residues from meth smoke(ok, fumes) and that many people, especially children seem to have mysterious side effects and skin sensitivities.
Re: meth residue cleanup?
I experienced dramatic weightloss, racing heart, did not require much sleep. One time, I was awake for longer than 48 hours, which I have never ever done before!! They were just odd things. I was also vomiting everymorning, before I would eat or do anything, I am not sure what all of that was about. He did joke with me though that I was benefiting (weight loss) and did not even know.
Re: meth residue cleanup?
lookin, I have learned to "go with my gut" and that's that.

If something seems wrong, then it probably is.

I have never done meth that I know of and yes, when co-residing with a meth addict, I also experienced many of those things you mentioned and more.

Obviously, none of us want to think we may have inadvertantly hurt ourselves or others just because we were not aware of dangers. It's quite easy to say, "Oh, that's crazy thinking" but rather reckless, from what I know now.

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