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What is a drug treatment center like?

hdftboy Were I live in Galt California, I pass by two treatment centers where people are either there by choice or the court system.

Each day I drive by, I see folks out for a walk, or just sitting out in front.

For those of us who don't know what it is like or have chosen not to check into a center, is it possible to ask what a normal day is like when you are there?

I hope this that question is okay to ask as I'm wondering if it would help those considering entering a program to have a feel of what to expect. If it is not a valid question, I will edit it out of the forum.

1tamtom Re: What is a drug treatment center like?
is it out patent.for me it was like a class/group thing.
oh Lord i'm stuck in lodi again.sorry just had to say that.
hdftboy Re: What is a drug treatment center like?
In terms of structure,
Class time, group meetings, free time, ect. Can one leave or have vistors?
I've noticed that 1 has a gate and the other is an open setting.
Sfj Re: What is a drug treatment center like?

Good question.

The answers , of course are varied depending upon the facility.
But Ill attempt to give a little bit of a glimpse. I work in treatment and part of my job duties take place at the 45 day stabilization unit. I teach some groups and classes there. Ill try to get a schedule and post it in a few days to give a more complete picture.
But a typical day might be:
6:00 wake up, Sh*t, Shower, and Shave.
6:30 Clean area, make bed
7:00 8:00 Breakfast
8:00 Morning process, devotional sharing, spiritual sharing, non-demominational, non-12-step, gratitude
8:30 Chores, groundskeeping, bathroom, parking lot and facility daily upkeep.
9:00 Morning devotional walk - they usually walk to the nearby park
10:00 Morning process group, or therapy
11:30 meet with counselor 0ne-on one.
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Afternoon group, such as Relapse Prevention or Safer sex class or another similar class.
2:30 Break
3:00 Afternoon recreation, Arts and crafts, Weight Training, Yoga, Journaling, Dr. Appts, Special needs classes etc,
5:00 Afternoon chores, or quiet time
6:00 supper
7:00 If a person is not on contract, they may go with a buddy to a 12-step meeting or similar outside function
9:00 Evening process with counselors
10:00 go to bed

That is a very minimal, and not totally accurate account from the top of my head.

Here's another sample from an "upper-end" facility

hdftboy Re: What is a drug treatment center like?
Thanks SFJ, the is GREAT info for all of us.
Re: What is a drug treatment center like?
What SFJ described is pretty similar to the rehab I went to. The only thing we didn't have were chores. The treatment facility was actually one wing in the local hospital here.

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