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Has any one else tried Zoloft?

Has anyone else tried Zoloft?
Just wanted to give everyone an update.... I still have not used meth and I am coming up on my 4 year mark on April 1st.....
The bf and I are living together again and trying to work everything out....I am living in TODAY...not yesterday and not tomorrow....
I do have a question for other recovering meth addicts, though....I am different now...not the same as before I used, definitely not the same as I was while I used, but a new person entirely. I like this person a lot better but this new me has lots of anxiety problems....
I have slight OCD tendencies now, panic attacks, and I sit around and dwell on "what if". I always dwell on the worst possible thing that could happen to me and run with it....
Hell, I even keep the toilet lid down because I am scared the cats will fall in and drown... this is how crazy I am....I am scared to leave lights on when I'm not home for fear the light bulb will catch the ceiling on fire....
I was never ever like this (at least not to this extent) before meth and I was wondering if I am the only one that has had this side effect from long-term meth use?
When all that sh!t happened with the bf last week, it got worse- constant crying, not eating, heart racing out of my chest so I went to see my Dr who knows all about my addiction and my past.
She put me on Zoloft (50 mg??) and said that it helps with OCD, depression and anxiety....
So far I feel great....she also gave me a temporary rx for xanax till the zoloft builds up in my system...
Has anyone else here tried zoloft and if so, what were your experiences? I like the Zoloft so far because it hasnt made me jittery.
Re: Has anyone else tried Zoloft?
Love my Zoloft...and I'm only taking half a 50 mg. every a.m. for depression. I've had zero side effects from it at this low dose(and when I was on the 50 mg. dosage level). If I miss one dose, I know it.

I'm on the Xanax for Panic attacks on a regular basis, otherwise, I'm screwed with having panic attacks.
I wish you well on them and keep us updated.
Lisa Re: Has anyone else tried Zoloft?
Hi littleheaven,

I have plenty of experience with OCD and Zoloft!
Of course, I can only speak for myself, but Zoloft was a total and complete LIFESAVER for me.

I've always suffered from "moderately severe" OCD (not stay-up-all-night-scrubbing-the-walls OCD, but severe enough where it interfered with the quality of my life). In 1995, five years before I had even HEARD of meth, I went to a wonderful psychiatrist and he tried several anti-d's on me to treat my OCD and depression.

First, he tried Prozac...I got panic attacks. Then he tried Paxil...I got panic attacks. Then he tried Buspar...I got panic attacks. Then he tried Zoloft. WAH-LAH!

I didn't experience ONE side effect the entire five years I was on it. It helped my OCD to the point where I completely stopped most of my "rituals" and cut back enormously on others. I literally felt like a new person! I even lost weight on it (true, I had to diet, but the Zoloft didn't hinder the weight loss at all). The ONLY adverse reaction I had was loss of sexual desire, which came back after three or four months, in it's entirety.

So, yeah, I would say I'm a HUGE fan of Zoloft. Only problem was, after five years, it stopped working. The doctor called it "Zoloft Burnout" and he said it was pretty common.

I've tried it again several times after that, but once it stopped, it really stopped.

I think I started on 50 mg., too, although I believe I was taking 150 mg. for most of the five years.

Anyway, I wish you the best. As ya know, everyone's different and what works for one person may not for another. But for me, Zoloft was a literal lifesaver.

Good Luck!
writerjp Re: Has anyone else tried Zoloft?
Xanax actually caused me to have anxiety attacks. It is also highly addictive. I hope that your experience is better.
no more
Re: Has anyone else tried Zoloft?
Yes, I would watch the Xanax. The ultimate chill pill. Careful with that.

I am a huge fan of Zoloft. It worked within days...I woke up one morning about 5 days after my first dose and felt like I'd woken from a coma. 50 mg was too much for me, 25 worked perfectly. I take it off and on for depression.

Killed the sex drive, though. I did lose weight even though it made me feel hungry when I'd just eaten. I also experienced sweating, energy, insomnia...but hey, at least I was happy being awake.

I hope it works it's magic on you, hon.
Re: Has anyone else tried Zoloft?
I've taken zoloft for nine years. I started for depression during my mom's battle with cancer, and stayed on it because life was better with zoloft...no anxiety, more stable moods, fewer OCD tendencies. Only thing is, sexually, I was a zombie and that was a real issue in my relationship with my husband. I quit the zoloft a couple of months ago, and my sex drive has returned, but I'm a mess otherwise. It's a toss-up. Not everyone has the sexual side effect, and I was taking 100 mg a day, so maybe the 50/day won't have that effect. Good luck...
Re: Has anyone else tried Zoloft?
In my case too, herewegoagain- the lower the Zoloft dosage, no problems with sex drive.
Re: Has anyone else tried Zoloft?
I may have to try a lower dose....find a happy middle ground...

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