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Wellbutrin and Meth Use

cabgirl Wellbutrin and meth use...
I have read much about using Wellbutrin to aide in recovery of a meth addiction. Personally, my brother and sister in law have been addicted for years, off and on. My exboyfriend was also addicted, for under a year.

I know I may get flamed for this, but I have tried just about every drug, and promised I'd never try meth because of what I've seen it do to friends and loved ones, well users in general.

Well I told myself I'd be different, and try it, out of curiosity. Well I was right, I was different. I never got addicted to it. Well this is where I need your input.

I did the drug for maybe a month and a half...snorting only. I noticed people that smoke it got way more caught up in it. Here is my confusion. I never felt "high" on the drug. Ever. Maybe a slight mood boost. Nothing wonderful. Nothing worth destroying a life to sustain. Honestly the reason I continued to use myself as a test subject was because it helped me to lose those stubborn 10 pounds.

My experience with it was nothing like I hear about. I never felt that amazing high, I never could not eat, it was very much similiar to diet pills for me, it was easier to not eat as often, but if I wanted to I could. I could always sleep on it. I'd rather not, but only once did I stay up overnight, and that was by choice to finish reading a good book. I still felt exhausted though. Now quality wise, I had two different batches, and the people I bought from were credible...other people tried the same stuff I had, and they were able to get a high. Dosage wise, the most I had in a day, was three lines as long as a cd case and thicker than a pencil. I know I ingested it correctly too.

Now here's the where Wellbutrin comes into play, though its been nearly a year since I've been off 300mg a day of Wellbutrin, I took it daily for a year. Do you think this somehow altered my brain chemistry and as a result meth was not rewarding other than the obvious minor stimulant effects.

Does anyone else know anyone that is immune to it? I strongly recommend Wellbutrin to anyone trying to get over an addiction. I quit cold turkey but then again I didn't use it that long, and felt like I was never addicted. Other than minor sadness, which I knew would pass, it hasn't been a difficult choice at all. It's been a couple months, and the curiosity is still there...is there a connection between past Wellbutrin use and achieving a meth high? I realize research probably wouldn't be involved in this, since it plays no real benefit in recovery...

So thank you if you read this far, if you can offer me your input, it's greatly appreciated.

Goodluck to you all. God Bless.
Re: Wellbutrin and meth use...
I thought the same way at first. For some reason it just didnt get me high at first. Then the high started getting better and better....until it was by far the best, longest lasting high EVER. Then i started getting a tolerance to it and it turned into a living hell. All depends on brain chemistry, you probably have a naturally high tolerance to it (WHICH IS NOT GOOD). People switch ways of using meth when they're tolerance is too high and they dont get teh same fix off snorting it or smoking it....You're not immune to it....keep @#%$ around and you'll get burned....bad. Wellbutrin doesnt work for some people while working great for others.
Re: Wellbutrin and meth use...

It's actually extremely common for people to not feel "high" the first times using it. Meth really isn't something that has a major effect on you physically. It's nothing like being drunk or stoned or even on coke because it doesn't have a physical side of the high really. Because of this people don't know what it feel like to be spun so they usually just feel a lot happier or feel like they're having alot of fun when they're 'high' and it's because of that they arn't worried about addiction.

In time you learn to feel for what a meth high feels like... but even then it can be subtle.

Of course, if you use enough it stops being subtle pretty quick too. I remember if I really tried to get high I generally could... it just involved using *alot* at once.

Because you've had people close to you become addicted you have some reason to believe that meth isn't all good... so rather than continuing to use it sometimes for fun until it *does* sink it's hooks into you you've quit. Most of us had that same opinion that you have now, that it's really pretty harmless and not much like you would expect from what everyone says at all.

And also, yes, snorting it rather than smoking or slamming it doesn't develop the same kind of compulsive addiction as quickly because it takes longer for it to cross the blood/brain barrier. Length of time from use to the time when the high comes has been directly linked to addictivness of a substance because your brain more readily associates the feeling with the action of using in cases where the time is short. In the long run however using meth in any way can lead to as strong an addiction.

That's my interpretation of what you describe anyway. It took me a long time using before I had any issue with it... and while it does grab some people almost instantly there are many of us who are seemingly immune at first.
Re: Wellbutrin and meth use...
My fiance is one of those weird ones that never got off on meth or any other kind of speed...I'd do a blast and be crawling off the walls while he'd go to sleep. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't get that feeling that some of us fell head-over-heels in love with and get out while you still can...there are better ways to lose weight than doing meth...BTW, the Jenny Crank Crash-Fast diet only works for so long.
Re: Wellbutrin and meth use...
Your time of use was shorter than mine and your method of use different than mine. My b/f used longer and much more.

I smoked it for 6 months with no "high" like many speak of. He smoked it for a year with no "high" like many speak of. Meth did give energy(though false), weight loss(minimal), a sense of a bit more happiness and more outgoing than we were previously. Only once did I smoke meth in his presence and that's when I had some "bad" stuff(which I stole from him without his knowledge)...freaked out...googled "meth", and landed here(what I read scared the shyt outta me cos he and I both tend to have strong likes and dislikes even OFF drugs).

I quit by tapering down how much I smoked til I smoked all I had left...then quit cold-turkey. He, on the otherhand, LOST so many things and people in his life and was WAY too involved in the meth-world. All I saw for him was danger. So after decided to quit, that's when I smoked meth 1 time in front of him. He didn't believe I smoked it til he saw me do it in front of him. I gave him the ultimatum of quitting and reforming his life or WE could both go to jail with a specified time limit. He chose life, Thank God!

Wellbutrin didn't work for me because I could not stand the side effects. Zoloft, on the other hand, does work for me and my underlying health issues. He's not taking any meds.
cabgirl Re: Wellbutrin and meth use...
First off, I'd like to say congratulations to all of you, and to thank everyone for your responses. I apologize for my post, upon reading it today I realized it comes across very insensitive, I promise I did not intend that at all.

I appreciate you all sharing your amazing stories, and I believe you've helped me and prevented me from letting my curiosity damage and possibly destroy myself. Even though I haven't used it since, the curiosity is still there obviously, the first post serves as evidence. I'm beginning to think the temptation to 'see what the big deal about meth is' was a result of witnessing it contribute to a lot of pain to a couple people so dear to me. I assume most would abstain due to that, I'm realizing now maybe it was subconsciously a way to feel some false type of control over this drug that hurt those I love. Then again part of me believes it was as simple as hearing "it makes you feel like god"...

I do consider myself fortunate that it didn't grab me, and I intend on not making that mistake again, because the risk is not really worth trying to understand or gain the persepective of the appeal of meth, the why, the how...and everything that comes along with it.

Reflecting, even with this limited use, I did notice immediate negative consequences, like feeling depressed and crying if it had been a while since using some, and prefering to keep to myself rather than enjoying company as I normally would. I guess it's a blessing that I didnt' notice overwhelming 'rewarding' feelings from it.

A big thank you, and I wish you all the best.
Loraura Re: Wellbutrin and meth use...
Taking Wellbutrin WHILE using meth is like putting the pan on the stove, turning the stove on, putting butter in the pan to melt...

When you're out of eggs.

Wellbutrin works by slowing down the recycling of dopamine.
Meth causes destruction of dopamine.
Therefore Wellbutrin has nothing to DO but float around hoping for a little lost dopamine to wander by. It doesn't stand a chance to be helpful in active addiction.

It takes a good bit of clean time for the human body to replace some of the dopamine destroyed while high. At that point, Wellbutrin can be helpful.
Re: Wellbutrin and meth use...
wellbutrin made me feel like i was coming down
Loraura Re: Wellbutrin and meth use...
Perhaps you WERE comming down.

Wellbutrin does one thing:
Block the reuptake of dopamine.

Meth does three things:
1) Cause a release of dopamine.
2) Block the reuptake of dopamine.
3) Cause the body to destroy excess dopamine.

Wellbutrin doesn't do anything that meth doesn't already do. Meth just does OTHER things as well, which cause a noted chemical imbalance in users.

Wellbutrin doesn't stand a chance against meth.

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