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The real dangers of meth abuse

Erlend27 Dangers of meth abuse...
Hi everyone!

I live in Norway, Europe, and I am chocked to learn about the meth-epidemic in the states and Canada today. Here in Europe, meth hasn't been the drug of choice at all, and not that common. What many people often don't realize, is that there is a rather big difference between Amphetamine and METHamphetamine. Meth is far more dangerous and stronger than "regular" amphetamine, which of course also is very dangerous. I have heared toxologists state that "if you look at drug-abuse as a heartbreak, abusing meth is a horror. Why? Because it is EATING up your brain, peace by peace. I know what meth consists of, and you wouldn't have that in you body!!!! It is acids and really dangerous chemistrys including break cleaner, engine starter, gasoline additive, lithium(from batteries), farm fertilizer, lye, muriatic acid,rubbing alcohole and iodine. This @#%$ is what's eating you brain!!
Experts even say that METHampehtamine is worse than cokaine.

And of course, all in all, ALL drugs are a horror.
imlostinky Re: Dangers of meth abuse...
Isn't none of it good.
It all leads to the same end- insanity and death.
Whether it is coke, heroin, speed, meth - it all takes you to the same place.
Makes you less than what you could be.Makes you long for death long before you get death.

None of it is good.It all takes you to hell.
Erlend27 Re: Dangers of meth abuse...
Of course, I know that. ALL drugs are BAD of course. I just stated what I have learned through reading about this topic: That Crystal meth is one of the absolutely worst drugs around, i.e that other drugs are not BETTER if u know what I mean....only the fact that this might be the MOST addicitve drug around, and the most harmful....
vctry7 Re: Dangers of meth abuse...
I heard on BBC radio that England just enacted a ban on pseudophedrine. While meth is not the drug of choice, yet, there either, they wanted to start doing what they can to make sure it doesn't end up that way. I read an article that basically said England wants to learn from the mistakes the US made.

Wouldn't it would be wonderful if the government in Norway would take steps to be proactive instead of reactive, too?

All drugs are bad. They all take you the same place, just some get you there sooner.

I abused prescription amphetamines. They just made me crave methamphetamine worse.
jes78 Re: Dangers of meth abuse...
there in europe drugs are a huge problem.

i was so strong out and found no help.

i lived in naples, caivano, and england, luton, and couldnt find not one meeting.

all drugs suck, but id rather be at a place where i can get help for the @#%$. i never went to a state where there was not a meeting.
lynne Re: Dangers of meth abuse...
hey norwegian: my mom is from fredrikstad. i said the same thing in an article i wrote abouy my boyfriend addict.

that the toxicity of meth is so severe that i cannot see how delicate human tissue can withstand it.

it makes me feel better in a perverse way why my boyfriend was such a freak: he had been doing it maybe 15 20 years and no wonder ... it ate his brain away. there was a image of the brain on meth. literally looked like swiss cheese; chunks of it eaten out. there were so many things he forgot and messed up. where his brain was literally gone. short term memory shot.
Erlend27 Re: Dangers of meth abuse...
Yes, it is really bad @#%$ supposedly! I have never tried it, neither am i gonna try it. I believe that education in this issue is the BEST mean by far to make kids stay away from it. I know that schools are taking actions against it, educating kids about this drug. The problem is that this isn't only a inner city issue, it has spread everywhere. In the suburbans, the countryside....unlike crack, which was a problem mostly within the city borders.
Another remarkable thing is that meth in a larger scale has affected, INfected, the middle class, unlike crack, which was more a phoenomenon in the lower ranges of society. Soccer moms are cooking up meth in the kitchen! And they use the same tools that they have produced meth with to make food for their children! That is actually why many schools have banned kids to bring home made sandwiches to the schools! Go figure!
I hope that this epidemic, because that's what it is, is gonna end. We are seeing signs og meth abuse in Norway too...and recipes are floating around on the internet. Sadly a very easy chemical to make in your own kitchen....
Hope to hear from you again
Erlend-Krisjan from Norway.

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