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Driving on Meth

Driving on Meth
This may very well be a stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway:

Does meth impair one's ability to drive? And if so, in what way? My step-daughter has received over 20 traffic citations in the last 2 years.

About half of those have involved collisions.

Anyway - I was just wondering: Is she's just a really crappy driver, or does her meth use play a part in all these tickets?
Re: Driving on Meth
Meth makes you impaired, but makes you think you are not. Kind of like alcohol.

Sleep deprivation can be deadly on the road. Also, many tweakers drive with their eyes in the rear view mirror (as opposed to the road) so I wouldn't be surprised if most of those collisions were rear ends that your daughter has.

I've also noticed with folks driving on meth that speed limits, traffic signs and lights were also taken more as suggestions than as rules.

So in other words, yes, meth impairs drivers.
1tamtom Re: Driving on Meth
it sure can mess with your driving! if your amped it may make you drive faster and reckless, if tweaking might make you drive too slow.or if your totally spun you can start seeing and hearing things that are not there so you would pay attention to the road or anything except what your tripping on.
Re: Driving on Meth

Most of her 'accidents' WERE rear-enders! Of course, her version of the story is always the same..."some jerk just slammed on his brakes in front of me..."

She showed up at our place a couple of months ago with cuts & bruises all over her face and neck. When I asked her what happened she said

that she fell asleep at the wheel on the interstate. She left the car and walked to the next off-ramp. Just left the car....I'm pretty sure it was stolen....
JUSTCATS Re: Driving on Meth
I think that my bf's driving was really scary, when he was using. He used to gun it, and turn in front of cars. Scared the living crap out of me!
Re: Driving on Meth
namakimi- Yes , as with any kind of drug , it does impair your judgement, distracts your attention, blah ,blah , etc. , etc. ! But then again maybe your daughters just one those people who shouldnt drive!
justcats- Here in the sticks we have more dirt and gravel than asphalt, so it dont take much for me to scare the crap out of my wife. Its to the point now if we go places , just easier to sit in the passenger seat and let her drive! Not saying that her driving dont scare the crap outta me too !
Re: Driving on Meth
Your judgement is greatly impaired.......Specially when you haven't slept in days......
Penel0pe Re: Driving on Meth
It's REALLY hard to watch what's going on in front of you when you are constantly looking in the rear view mirror for cops, looking all over the interior of the car for your smokes, your lighter, another CD, "That thing I just had," etc.

It's hard to pay attention to one thing when your mind is on everything.
Re: Driving on Meth
My car was a battering ram when I used.
Re: Driving on Meth
Brett drove like a MANIAC when on meth. Fast and furious. Very dangerous.

Penelope -- I had to laugh at your "That thing I just had"....................that was soooooo Brett. Constantly fighting, messing with SOMETHING, doing something --- other than watching the road!
vctry7 Re: Driving on Meth
Between hallucinations and road rage, meth severely effected my driving.

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