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Distortion of Smell

Fingerbib Distortion of Smell
I am now about 15 days clean and I have a question. Did anyone here, after using meth (snorting) have, or thought they had hallucinations of smell? It never happened when I was first using, but after I got clean and relapsed then it started. The thing is, it wouldent happen all the time. And now, 15 days clean, it happened again. Whenever I used to smoke it I would smell nothing. Anyone know what that hell that could be? Has it even happened to anyone?
Re: Distortion of Smell
CONGRATULATIONS on your 15 days clean!!!!!!

I lost my sense of smell 21 years ago , before I even knew what meth was....

yet I know exactly what you mean..

I think that the smell is the smell of death,of our organs being cooked from the inside out .

I think it exudes from our pores...

what was that song?.."can't you smell that smell?"...

Yes, it is a very strange sensation,

I can "smell" that smell yet I cannot smell a rose...

GOOD LUCK , be strong,&God Bless YOU!!!

Peace, Smile
Loraura Re: Distortion of Smell

I had "olfactory hallucinations" (things smelled wierd) when I quit smoking regular cigarettes. I read that it was a normal symptom.

One funny one was that someone walked by my desk with their heated up lunch and i SWEAR it smelled just like a dirty kitty litter box!

Another one... i spent an hour cleaning and lysol-ing trying to find and kill the smell of "feet" in our office at home. Never did find it....

Tamtom Re: Distortion of Smell

i remember after being clean for awhile everything smelt like go,shampoo soap, fresh cut lawn. i have know idea what it is called.

Fingerbib Re: Distortion of Smell
[quote]I think that the smell is the smell of death,of our organs being cooked from the inside out[/quote]

Now that you mention that, I wouldent be surprised if elevated blood pressure and high body temp played a part.
Penel0pe Re: Distortion of Smell
I think my smeller is really messed up.

I DO have olfactory hallucinations SOMETIMES when I have a migraine... but mostly, my nose doesn't seem like it works that great anymore...

But I am still smoking cigarettes too.
pisces Re: Distortion of Smell
when i quit the first time, i kept smelling watermelon everywhere... all the time

i liked it, but i first thought it was my deceased grandfather playing tricks on me

but this last time i relapsed, it got Really strong... still is...

i think it's part of meth induced psychosis, at least for me
Re: Distortion of Smell
Here's a good link on causes of olfactory (smell) dysfunction and disorders...not in layman's terms though.


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