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What makes meth more addictive?

mnnick What makes meth more addictive?
What makes meth more addictive than say alcohol or other drugs, or is it? I do understand that it seems to bring you to a destructive stage extemely quickly as compared to other drugs and from all I can gather seems to be more difficult to walk away from, but what is it?

Or is addiction just that, addiction?

Just somehow trying to understand this stuff and my girlfriends problem.

Being on my side of it, I can't comprehend how you can be faced with losing everything and not have the capacity or whatever it is, to say enough is enough. It just blows my mind.

Thank you for any insight you have. If there is any.
JUSTCATS Re: What makes meth more addictive?
Meth, messes with the Dopamine in your brain, giving you a false sense of pleasure. You think that you are feeling good, from the high, but it is all linked back to the Dopamine. Someone will come along that can explain in better than I can... I'll see if I can find you some info...
vctry7 Re: What makes meth more addictive?
Fasciculus retroflexus is your center for control of cravings and drives. It has two major tracts. It is like an interstate highway headed to Nashville; a good job, a loving family, a successful life. You can put shoes on your kids feet and a roof over their heads; you can start a business, get an education, and have a good life. Its a bright sunny day and youre on the interstate doing 65 headed to Nashville.

Methamphetamine is extremely toxic to cells in the fasciculus retroflexus, like cocaine only more potent. A single dose of methamphetamine can be enough to destroy 50% of the cells in this tract of the brain. Each additional dose destroys more of the cells resulting in a deepening addiction. Cravings become intense and uncontrollable as the cells in this tract are damaged. Its not a matter of willpower anymore. Willpower is gone.

The above can be found here www.mamasite.net/study_guide_docs/power_excerpt.html

The doctor who wrote this is kind of controversial because of her religious beliefs. However, as far as I know, her medical explanations are correct.
Loraura Re: What makes meth more addictive?


That link is to an article I wrote about how meth acts in the brain. It explains how meth causes the body to destroy brain chemicals while high, and how meth takes longer than other stimulants like cocaine to be broken down. SO the destruction has a big window of time.

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