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Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?

Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
Just wondering if anyone out there has sleep apnea or ever heard of anyone using meth as a way to "feel better" from this condition?

I ask this as I have witnessed my partner before meth abuse, during meth abuse and now after abstaining from meth. It is interesting that when I first met him he always had strange sleeping habits - like mega snoring, stopping breathing, getting sleepy all the time and generally just alway being tired. With hind sight, I now think back to his heavy meth abuse days and when he slept (yes he did have terrible sleeping patterns and stayed up late all the time), his sleeping appeared so much more peaceful. He rarely snored, his breathing seemed more controlled and he never stopped breathing like he appears to now.

I ask this as he is now struggling with his day time tiredness, headaches, and just a general need to sleep. I understand that these symptoms are probably likely for someone coming off meth (2 months clean), but it makes me wonder if this is one reason why using meth made him feel so much better- if he does indeed have a sleep disorder! Just hearing him talk about getting used to being tired all the time - which was his motive for meth use - made me wonder. I haven't suggested this to him yet, just wondering if anyone has an opinion on this? Its also interesting that I looked up this condition when I first met him as I thought the extreme tiredness and sleeping traits were a little odd - also strange that I never picked up on the change!! I guess it meant a better nights sleep for me!

Just a thought?
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
Hi AJ...I have sleep apnea...........I have been clean and sober over 7 years.......I started to fall asleep at the wheel and being tired all the time......Drinking Mega Energy drink sjust to make it thru the day.......I snore like a chainsaw..........I went to the DR. and was diagnosed with a terrible case of apnea..........I had to take a sleep study to find out..........Sleep apnea can kill you...It's nothing to mess with..........Being 2 months clean can be a reason for being tired all the time too....Dopimine trying to recharge the Grey matter.............I would have your partner see a Dr. To see if it is indeed Apnea.....I have a Cpap machine I use every night that pumps a steady stream of air to keep my tongue from closing off my air passage causing me to stop breathing.........

One thing I noticed when I was sleeping I woke up all the time to go pee.........You see when you stop breathing your brain fires off a round of dopamine to wake you so you breathe again....And it make you go pee ...............

Good luck and get aDR. To check this out.....
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
I agree with Paul that it's nothing to mess with. My father has apnea and uses a CPAP machine at night too. I was tested last year, but I don't have it.

I also had a roommate several years ago who had it very badly, and he still falls asleep driving home every day from work (he commutes 70 miles), and he refuses to see a doctor for it. He has no motivation to finish anything-started a home project years ago and it sits unfinished. He falls asleep all the time at home.

Your partner really needs to see a doctor. The CPAP machine has made a tremendous difference for my dad.
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
I think it CAUSES sleep apnea.
....I never could sleep well, but Ive always been adhd, and I always did speed, as soon as I was old enough.
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
If you don't sleep, you don't have to worry about sleep apnea.

When you are sleeping off meth, a lot of the time you aren't even "Sleeping," you're laying there in a state that is something between sleep and some other state.

I can't imagine that meth would be of any worth in treating any sleep disorder other than those that involve being unable to stay awake... which is what happens to us when we quit using meth.

I have been meth free for ALMOST five years (It'll be five years in November.) I still can't seem to get enough sleep. I love sleep. After two months clean, he's got some catching up to do, I'm sure.
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
Many people have sleep apnea that have never used drugs. Being over weight can cause sleep apnea. My boyfriend has a mild case of sleep apnea. He went in for a sleep study a month ago and was diagnosed. He has yet to follow up and get the machine prescribed. He's been so busy travelling. He snores like crazy and I use ear plugs when we spend the night together. Tonight I get to see him after not seeing him for a couple weeks. I miss him like crazy but the snoring is hard to deal with sometimes. But the ear plugs work like a charm.
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
Thanks for your responses. His tiredness still could be that he is catching up after his meth use, and I wouldn't think any different if it weren't for the obvious difference in sleep traits. I dont know how common it is to appear to stop breathing while asleep, an if indeed this means one has sleep apnea. He always looks so dreadfully tired even after 12-14 hours sleep! I'll have to pay more attention to see if this correlates with bathroom stops. He may get up at least once during the night, but not more than that. ANd he is not overweight - still trying to put on weight actually!

Perhaps the lack of dopamine is just taking it toll. Its hard trying to get him to see a doctor,but it is scary seeing him have such restless sleeps. Isn't so interesting that these traits disappeared when he was using heavily? He doesn't recognise this difference, it only me who sees it - well obviously he is asleep! So I guess he didn't use drugs to "treat" this, but could be the reason why he couldn't stay off it the first time! Well perhaps I'll do some more research to see if I can convince him to talk to a doctor!

Thanks again for your responses
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
Stopping breathing while sleeping is a symptom of sleep apnea.
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
Also if he is eating a lot of sugar and he has a blood sugar problem.Either high or low blood levels that could affect his being tired...I could never sleep doing meth unless I take megadoses of sleep aids.Or tranquilizers and alcohol. I did that all the time..But after a few weeks clean. I always sleep like a baby...I feel Lucky..My wife has bad sleep apnia..diagnoses and wont go back to the doctors for the cpap or whatever. And she sleeps all the time.anywhere. And is up on the jon all night.

mostly sleeping..or in front of the TV..or in a chair or in the car..It sucks...
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
Yes I realise stopping breathing is a symptom of aleep apnea, but is this sleep apnea the ONLY cause of stopping breathing. I'm not sure if he is as bad as has been described here, he is always tired and always wants to sleep, but he doesn't seem to fall asleep doing things or out and about. I just dont know how to convince him that talking to a doc is a good idea - he thinks I am trying to "diagnose" him.

I guess I'll gently suggest it again.
Re: Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?
Every time he stops breathing, his organs are deprived of oxygen. My old roommate would stop breathing for so long it would scare the hell out of me.

People with untreated apnea are at a higher risk of heart attack, among other health problems.

Although I snore like a grizzly bear, I never stopped breathing during the testing, and my oxygen levels remained consistent and at satisfactory levels.

The testing can now be done at home. There was a lab who delivered the equipment to my house, just a small device with a clip you put on your finger just before you go to sleep. It measures heart rate and oxygen saturation during the night.

Then the lab takes it back, plugs it into a computer, and it prints out the results.

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