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Coleman fuel for using or making meth?

Coleman fuel, using or making meth??
Hi guys, I haven't posted in a while. My husband left me unexpectedly after working out of town for almost a year. He visited about once a month and everyting seemed fine with him. Now, he is MIA, no one has seen him for holidays, when close relatives are in the hospital he doesn't show, and he won't talk to anyone but his Mom. He filed for divorce, and he has a girlfriend he denies. I have a PI watching him and we have suspected drugs all along. Now the PI says he has saw three canisters of Coleman fuel outside of his travel trailer. We don't need Coleman fuel for the stove or grill at out trailer. It has all the conviences of home. Also, he has paid all of his bills off, lump sums at a time. At least $5000 worth of credit card bills and medical bills, if not more that I am aware of. He has lost a lot of weight, but no one has seen him since December, so what he looks like now is a mystery. Is it possible he could hide meth use like this? Should I order a drug test? Please advise, and thanks in advance!!



Re: Coleman fuel, using or making meth??
yes coleman fuel can be used in the meth making process. it's advantage is that it is a readily available solvent.
drug test? why not?
drug tests prove sobriety, a foundation of recovery is accountability. Hopefully he is down with that.

Re: Coleman fuel, using or making meth??
Yes, it is on the list of "watch items" for meth making...but to tell the truth, it's the other things that are much more telling to suspect meth addiction...MIA, no contact, hidden girlfriend, unexpected chunks of money, weight loss, and just plain dropping out of relationships and society. There is excellent information on the menus on the homepage of kci for information on meth. Please check them out too!
Hi phoenix!
Drug test can give you some information...his attitude regarding taking it will tell most. Quote: Hopefully he is down with that. Also known as "hopefully he is agreeable to that"

Go with your gut and intuition. You probably know him better than he knows himself if he is in fact addicted to meth.

So sorry you are having to go through this. Have you thought of alanon or naranon support groups? They are in almost every city and town across the US and even in other countries...support groups for loved ones of addicts/alcoholics. They have helped me immensely!

Re: Coleman fuel, using or making meth??
Trying to sort it all out will drive YOU crazy.

Drug tests are a good tool sometimes, especially for parents of minor children they suspect of using. They are not indisputable proof. They can be fooled, and their validity denied by the addict.

I know that it is tempting to search for the answers as to WHY he behaves a certain way, or WHAT is going on.

But you may never find all of those answers, and if you do, they may not leave you feeling the satisfaction you crave in knowing.

It is what it is. If it's crappy, then, well, it's crappy. Whatever the reason why isn't really all that important unless the person is willing to change on their own, and fix the "whys".

Is he doing anything you can see to change (other than getting deeper into the drug sub-culture)?

I know... it sucks... Sorry that you are going through this.

Re: Coleman fuel, using or making meth??
No, he is not doing anything to make a step in even a normal direction. I have had the gut instinct of drugs all along. Just can't prove it when he won't even come out of "hiding". I have been told to push for a hair folicle test. I feel like there are enough tricks out there to beat a urine test. He is a construction worker, and they know all the tricks. What is really wierd is the denial, on every level of all behaviors. Any confrontation leads to pointing out any petty flaw in me he can find or into sulky silence. Bottom line, it is like he has had a complete personality change. No friends, no family, just him, the few friends he went out of town with and this lovely lady he met out of state. It has blown my mind.

Re: Coleman fuel, using or making meth??
Oh and yeah it sucks! I wouldn't be digging too deep into it it, except if drugs are invloved I have a ten month old and a four year old to consider.

Re: Coleman fuel, using or making meth??
Quote: I have a ten month old and a four year old to consider.

If it were me, and I had this suspicion, I would provide the judge with everything that actually happened (keep a journal with dates/events, it helps) and what my suspicions are, and request a hair follicle test be passed prior to granting visitation. If it's dirty, then request ongoing hair follicle tests for any reinstatement or continuation of visitation.

And I'd get a lawyer to help me protect my children.

My ex-husband had it included in the legal visitation papers concerning the birth-mother's rights that she prove the following to a court PRIOR to requesting a change in the visitation (her visitation rights had been suspended after violating the original visitation order):

a) she have stable, gainful employment.
b) she have a consistent home address (6 months minimum).
c) she pass a drug test.

This was approved by a judge in Williamson County, Texas.

The kids are 13 and 14. She hasn't seen them since they were 2 and 3. She just can't seem to get all three of those things nailed down at once.

Re: Coleman fuel, using or making meth??
I will take this to heart and make a detailed narrative. Any help in this area would be beneficial. While he wants standard visitation, he has not seen the kids but for one hour since October. All this will weigh into the court's decision I am sure.

Re: Coleman fuel, using or making meth??
It is easier said than done, but I would let him go. If he is using thats one thing, But, manufacturing could get you in trouble if you are around him. If he is using your guys' camper, that could be bad for you if you are near. I would divorce him and stay far away. Sooner or later you'll know cuz he'll get caught. We always do.

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