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Free Rehabs in Texas?


Free rehabs in Texas?

I am a meth addict.I am looking to go to rehab but I dont have health insurance.It needs to be a free rehab.I live in Texas but I can go to another state close to here.

Anyone with any information regarding free rehabs in or around Texas would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you.


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

Salvation Army has free rehabs. Give them a call or drop by.


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

There is a free rehab in Dallas & El Paso Texas called Homeward Bound. I will say upfront that this place is very hard core BUT has very good people working there. When I enrolled there was no waiting period to get in. I went there for a day and had to leave because of some things going on at the time in my life. I wish I had stayed and continiued there. They also train people there who wish to stay on and become drug councelors.

Homeward Bound Drug Treatment Center
Trinity Recovery Center
233 W. Tenth Street
Dallas, Texas 75208
(214) 941-3500
ext 300 (TCADA)
ext 226 (NorthSTAR)

6000 Welch Ave.
El Paso, TX 79905
(915) 772-91

There is also this place which will send you a bus ticket.

Free Rehab! Christian Mission Center is in Enterprise, Alabama It is a 4 month long program and it is free They will send you a bus ticket to and from your home There is a waiting list 1-334-393-5641, and ask to speak to Gene Warren or John They will give you all of the information that you need People from all across the United States come here for this program It is one of the best in the nation They focus on recovery and faith comes second.

Good luck in whatever you decide.


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

Wow , Brok3n, that is some valuable information you passed on , I wrote the number down .Makes me want to send a donation to them . Anyway, Thanks!


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

Can you apply for state medical/drug treatment coverage at the local welfare department? If you are not working or not making much money you may qualify. I have the state pay for drug treatment and so do many of my aquaintances. Many drug addicts have lost everything including their jobs, savings, home, car, family, friends, and couldn't borrow a dollar to save their life due to people not trusting you anymore. That's were state medical/drug treatment coverage comes in and helps make treatment accesssable to people who need it and would never be able to pay for it on their own. First off, you need to find a treatment center in your area that accepts state aid. Go to google and type in drug treatment facility locator and like on the link. Then you'll type in your city and state and bunch of options will pop up. From inpatient treatment to detox to methadone maintainance. It's all there. Find a place that accepts state aid and call them and ask if they have a waiting list. Then go to the local welfare office and apply and tell them what treatment center you would like to go to. They will interview you to see if you have a problem with drugs, don't hold back tell them everything. It's confidential. You want to get approved so tell it like it is, don't be embarassed. Good luck.


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

And by the way , Onemorechance, CONGRATULATIONS on this very important step , "I am a meth addict. I am looking to go to rehab" that is a Huge step in my opinion towards recovery . It took me many years to be able to say that . Again , CONGRATS and GOOD~LUCK!!!....... Peace And Love, Smile


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

I have applied with a couple of different state agencies in the last week and 2 stated i did not qualify and the third, O.S.A.R have been in contact with me and i believe they will be able to help.I contacted the Alabama number and it is no longer in service.Thanks for all the help if you have a more recent number for the Alabama group i sure would like it.Out of state would be GREAT.


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

I contacted the Alabama number and it is no longer in service.Thanks for all the help if you have a more recent number for the Alabama group i sure would like it.Out of state would be GREAT.

Here is the web site for the program in Alabama that broken was referring to.

New Life Center


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

The Patrician Movement in San Antonio, Tx., I've heard, is an excellent program.....those without insurance and adequate income, I hear, can get in easier than those with resources.

My PC is not cooperating today or I'd send you a link.

If I find my printed out info. I'll post again with the phone # etc. Good luck!

XOutlaw Woman

Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

Hello just1more2ndchance. I live in Texas and just wanted to welcome you to the board. You are getting some excellent resources here from some very fine people. I hope you will share more with us as you feel fit. We all have the same goals here: Living happy, productive, drug free lives. I am glad you are choosing life over meth.


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

I double checked with someone who currently works on the Texas Medicaid account (I used to for 7 years) and they verified that inpatient drug treatment for adults (over 18 years old) is not currently a benefit of Texas Medicaid.

30 outpatient visits per year to a psychiatrist may be covered depending on eligibility.

Inpatient treatment for other mental health diagnoses may be covered depending on eligibility.

Other programs may be able to provide assistance.

I hope you find a program that can help you.


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

Your lil mama owes it to you to give you one more again if you are going to give rehab one more gain.


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

I live in Texas too, and don't know of much beyond what Lor suggested to help....could you qualify for the psychiatrist visits? And in the meantime, have you tried meetings


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

I know this sounds strange, but Minnesota has the best free rehab.


Re: Free rehabs in Texas?

Free or nearly free recovery options.
Of course...a bazillion 12 step meetings around the globe.

LifeRing holds numerous meetings which are by donation.
More on that...unhooked.com/meetings/index.html

16 Step Recovery

I'm always compelled to mention Dougs *Recovery Roadmap*

It's nearly free and offers a wide spectrum of recovery resources with a focus on meeting the unique needs of each individual.
The Self Help Recovery Guide is a good consideration for those who are unable or unwilling to seek outside help.

The Salvation Army provides an essentially free program although participants do work for the organization with a focus on work/productivity/responsibility ethics.

Here in WA it's fairly simple to get funded thru the ADATSA program, indigence being prerequisite, not a problem for most addicts seeking free treatment. www.counselingseattle.com...ADATSA.htm

In summary.....There's a LOT out there that is free.

Or...if you're willing to spend $16.00 and take the bull by the horns...this may work for you as it has for many others. www.rational.org/


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