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Shadow People and Meth usage

DeBug Shadow People

Can someone explain what or who shadow people are?

JDP Re: Shadow People

I could be wrong, but I think shadow people are just something that meth users see after they have been awake for too long. They are not real. My addict never stayed up long enough I guess, cause he never saw shadow people. But a girl in the town I live in just committed suicide a few weeks ago, and she was seeing shadow people, and I believe, she was using meth, but I will never know for sure. If you or someone you know is seeing shadow people, it isn't a good thing.

Re: Shadow People

If I was sitting in my car, my shadow people were short. The tops of their heads came up to the car window. And they would run around the car, and would giggle. I would sink down into my seat so that I couldn't see out the bottom part of the window. I knew they weren't real, but that didn't matter.
Other times, I saw something out of the corner of my eye and would look twice.
How insane! Thank God I don't have to live like that today.

Re: Shadow People

Shadow people are hallucinations brought about by sleep deprivation. You think there is someone there but no one is. Visual and auditory hallucinations are common with meth use due to the lack of sleep. You could take a straight person however, deprive them of sleep for about 48 to 72 hours and they would experience the same things.

hashball Re: Shadow People

you usually see shadow people after being awak for about 3 or 4 days. you see them run past you out of the ocrner of your eye but when you turn to look there's nothing there. they come out at night, and shapes like bushes or trees or rocks or pretty much anything looks like someone sitting there or an animal. One time i had been up for 5 days and there was a bike laying on the ground in my backyard and a could've sworn i saw a person sitting on my lawn, and i also say a cat in the bushes by the fence, then another and then another one playing with the dandiloins on the lawn. i knew they weren't real but it wa freaky non the less. another time i had been up for about 3 days and i was having a smoke on my front steps with my roomate. He asked how @#%$ up i was and i told him i was pretty @#%$ and seeing shadow ppl everywhere. he didnt really understand so i told him that i saw that there was at least one person sitting in every car in the parking lot. then i pointed to his car and said i saw my friend pat sitting backwards in the backseat, facing us and eating a sandwich giving me thumbs up. The worst is when the shadow people start to come out around dusk and get worse as it gets darker. i only ever saw a shadow person once during the day. they're pretty scary you just have to remind yourself that they're not real and your just really that high and super @#%$ up.

danimal55 Re: Shadow People

There you are hashball How's your recovery coming along? And the pooch?

erinsmom Re: Shadow People

An addict doesn't notice the people in his/her life, like family or friends (if we have any left). Now on the other side of the coin, as a sober parent whose just lost her daughter to meth AGAIN, I kinda understand what it feels like to be a shadow person.
Anyone else?

syndralove Re: Shadow People

Ahhhh. Shadow people. I think that was one of the worst parts of being high. Just like someone said before, you think there is someone there but no one is. I would be sitting out on my steps haveing a cig in the middle of the night, and things like bushes, cars and trees would have people come out from behind them. They would peer out from behind corners, threw windows, around mailbox's, and any other object. I would go into a hystarical fit of crying cause I was so scared. I HATED SHADOW PEOPLE!

milkischris Re: Shadow People

Attention all shadow people......

This is an open invitation to a meeting if you need a ride

I'm willing to pick up you shadow folks anytime you want,...even if you have badges....those stinking badges

Re: Shadow People

My nine year old daughter has used the term "shadow people" to describe her Auntie who is a meth addict, and to describe her father who is a meth addict. She says her father is a Shadow Person because who he used to be is gone.
My nine year old says the reason she calls drug addicts Shadow People is becasue there is nothing left in the addicts soul just hate,selfishness and lies.
Yes, my daughter at nine has seen the very worst of what an addict can say and do.
Shadow People.
One more thought, family members suffer more than the addict in our opinion.

Re: Shadow People

I once saw a shadow person get in a car that was parked behind me. When I took another look there was no car only the tree blowing in the wind.

My bf while driving one time slammed on the brakes because he saw a shadow person run out in front of him. Then the next day he almost hit a real person because he didn't see him! Boy I sure did, so did the guy running for his life.

I was once told by a tweeker that maybe the shadow people are showing us signs of things that are yet to happen?? huh? How dumb is that!

Re: Shadow People

Or maybe Shadow People are good parts of your soul that have left you because the drug took over? Maybe Shadow People are your spirit guides leaving you, or trying to show you that they have left because of the poison you placed in your body? Shadow Poeple.huh.

kreamer Re: Shadow People

I heard voices alot of the times. They were real faint like someone was wispering to me. I never really saw the shadow people but every time I stayed up past a couple of days I would start to see stuff start to smoke in the corner of my eye then when I would turn my head there was no smoke. It did that with everything.

It would freak me out so bad.
I think I might of talked about that in one of my real old posts.

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