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How can I tell the difference between cocaine and meth?

Wondering -
   I have a friend addicted to cocaine and now I think she may be doing meth. Can anyone tell me how I would know the difference? Does it look different? How should I get her help to get off either? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you


Matt - 
  Meth is a crystal, it looks like salt. Coke is more of a powder, like powdered sugar. The way to definitely find out is to put it on a spoon and heat it. If it melts and vapors away cleanly (do NOT breathe the fumes!!!!!) it is meth. If it doesn't melt cleanly and leaves nasty crap on the spoon it is coke. The best thing to do is to be honest. Say exactly what you said to us but say it to her, something like "hey, I care about you and am afraid that you might be using drugs a lot. I've heard that a lot of people get hurt from drugs and I'd hate that. Give me a call if you ever need to talk about it." The important thing is to be humble and honest and first a friend.

Andy - 
   It really doesn't matter which it is, try to get her help either way.

Sfj - 
   Quite often they can look identical. Meth however, has more variations in color and texture. Meth pictures. For help, I suggest the following:
1. Get as much info as you can
2. Develop a plan
3. Seek professional help
4. Realize the truthful limitations
5. Most importantly - Trust God
6. Discard any notion that there is an easy magic answer that can be found by visiting an internet website.

Wondering - 
   I just wanted to thank everyone for posting to my questions; you all have been a lot of help on what I should do to help my friend. Now I know she needs my support most of all and not my judgment if she is going to stop regardless of the drug. Thank you

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