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Meth False Positive on urine test?

ladybug -
   I thought my husband has been clean since March 13th but for some reason I've been suspicious lately and gave him a urine test this morning. Well, it came up positive. He swears he hasn't been using. This is from the same batch of tests I ordered when I found out about his "habit" in March. After he quit I tested him twice and both times they were negative. So... how accurate are these tests? Is he BSing me or what? I went to Eckerd today and bought one of the over the counter tests ($29.99). I'm now waiting for him to get home from work so I can use this other test. I just can't believe this is happening. I'm feel numb.


Kathi -
   I was reading posts last night and someone suggested checking their heart rate when they were sleeping - if it is elevated (120 beats+ per minute) they are using -- that might be a "back up" confirmer (and cheap besides) You said too, "I'm numb" -- this is hard, isn't it? Do take care of YOU. Remember, you can't control and do it for him - he has to want to himself.

Angie - 
   He most likely used ... and just as we do about most everything he lied about it ... Like someone else said go with your gut…

Lorrie -
   I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I would say he probably used and it's positive for that reason.

kim -
   the tests from the drug store are pretty accurate. i popped one on my ex once and he failed it....finally admitted he had been using. they usually have a box in them that you send off to the lab for official results, but from experience...i would say if the test comes up positive i would bet he is using. what does your gut tell you??

Lorrie -
   It's so bizarre to me how people can't tell when their husbands/wives are on meth. My husband could take one hit or do one line and I knew. I didn't need a drug test to tell me he was high...I just knew and I was always right.

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