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Meth used with Alcohol

stn - 
   Does anybody know what the dangers are when meth & alcohol are mixed. I mean I know both are dangerous on their own, but I don't know anything about when the two are used together, thanks


tom -
   There is a great chance of alcohol poising, it's been my experience that when using meth no matter how much you drink you never pass out.

Sfj -
   There are very few documented meth deaths, when meth is alone. But when meth is combined with other drugs, the fatalities increase dramatically.

Andy -
   Mixing anything with a stimulant is bad, because they counteract each other and you don't know until it is too late that you drank or took too much, I must admit this has happened too me a number of times.

stn -
   I suppose drinking could make you use more meth w/o realizing it and using meth could make you drink more. I've also heard that pot and alcohol can be bad because pot takes away the upset stomach that usually comes with drinking too much and makes you stop, so you can get alcohol poisoning easier.

stn -
   My daughter was never that much of a drinker really. She was an occasional pot smoker I would say. Lately she has been drinking a lot, she hordes liquor in her room. I know she drinks on top of the meth. Just another thing to worry about on her road to self-destruction

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