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Effects of Drugs on Dopamine Levels

Sfj Effects of Drugs on Dopamine Levels

Yesterday I attended a seminar on “Treatment for Methamphetamine Dependence.” Presented by the Matrix Institute on Addiction from UCLA.

One of the more interesting topics was the research concerning the effects of drugs on dopamine levels. They revealed how natural rewards compare with drugs and then presented the findings. They included food, sex, nicotine, morphine, cocaine and methamphetamine. Using a base line control called “Percent of DA Output” they found that food is usually rated at about 100 (meaning one hundred per cent of the control) and sometimes as much as 150. Sex goes up to two hundred. May we assume that an orgasm is worth four cheeseburgers? The initial release of dopamine for a cigarette smoker is about 225. Morphine is 200. It seems that morphine works more with the endorphins than dopamine. Cocaine is 350. And, can you imagine what meth would be? Yep, Meth comes in at one thousand. (1,000) After an hour and a half, meth is still at 350.


Re: Effects of Drugs on Dopamine Levels
SFJ you are correct on this one it's all about the dopamine.
To addicts as well as "normal" everyday people. Weather it's sex, drugs, food, even to much t.v., coffee. It all releases that dopamine in our brains. Good stuff.
Re: Effects of Drugs on Dopamine Levels
No wonder my brain got so screwed up. After 3-4 days of meth, cigarettes, and sex, I usually munched a cheeseburger before the sleep-a-thon phase set in.

But seriously. This is why Wellbutrin is said to be the antidepressant of choice for recovering meth addicts. Wellbutrin is a Selective Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor, which means that wellbutrin makes more dopamine available to the receptors in the brain. My receptors love Wellbutrin.
Re: Effects of Drugs on Dopamine Levels

One of my other children is headed to med school next year (biochem pre) and has done research in this area. She never mentioned this to me...thanks SFJ! I know they have some recent stuff on the dopamine levels of those "in love" vs. not that's reall cool.

Anyway, wonder why the cigarette is 50 points higher than the controlled subtances? Scary what's in them.

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