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Intensive Outpatient vs. One-on-one treatment

jenu13 Intensive Outpatient vs. One-on-one treatment

Any opinions? My husband was scheduled to go to a 6 week IOP program, but is now opting for one-on-one counseling. He still has the attitude that he does not need help, but he knows he had better do something, or I am out of here.

Sfj Re: Intensive Outpatient vs. One-on-one treatment

Those are very individual options. I've done both. I think it depends on the person, the group, the therapist and other variables.

There is no "ONE BEST" answer.

Has he considered 12-step or other self-help groups as a supplement?

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Thinking About Quitting

jenu13 Re: Intensive Outpatient vs. One-on-one treatment

Thanks for the response. I think the main thing is that he thinks that he will be able to occasionally drink, so the 12-step thing will be a real challenge for him. But, he was nervous about being the "center" of everything in the one-on-one. He didn't want to go too deep. The boy has always been a very angry person. I now wonder why in the heck I married him. I think because he asked me. How sad is that? Enough of my whining... ;)

Re: Intensive Outpatient vs. One-on-one treatment

Whining is a big part of healing, so feel free! Drinking booze is not ok for this recovering meth addict, the signal I get from alcohol is "wrong drug - do meth!"
I went through I.O.P. for 90 days, had 1 on 1 counseling weekly and still relapsed like crazy in spite of desperately wanting help. Inpaitient treatment was recommended and I adamantly refused, "I can do this" was a favorite line I used to rebuke the help I tryly needed. Today I would jump at the offer of inpaitient treatment. In I.O.P. it was too easy to keep using, I would leave a two hour group feeling "recovered" and find myself stopping at the dealers house on the way home. The "tough" long term programs are working the best.
Anger is typically rooted in pain, the pain that we work very hard at medicating and denying. A large part of recovery is working through pain and anger with the help and understanding of others. Being addicts and escape artists, we're just not very good at solitary self assessment or treating ourselves effectively. " I don't need help" really means I DO!

jenu13 Re: Intensive Outpatient vs. One-on-one treatment

I think my hubby will have a hard time with the drinking too. If it doesn't lead to meth, it will surely lead back to his pre-meth drinking problems. That boy is drowning out some major pain. I hope that he gets something from the counseling.

Thanks for responding

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