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Tweaking - Defined, Definition, Explained ... What is Tweaking?

Please define what tweaking is...

Hello, I have read a lot of posts here and responded to some from time to time.
But one thing that is not clear to me and I think others, is the term "Tweaking".
What is tweaking exactly?
Is it a form of behaviour an addict displays WHILE high?
Is tweaking when someone who is high is coming DOWN from their high?
Is tweaking a term used to describe a user when they are in dire need of a fix?
What are the sypmtoms of a tweaker?
Is it picking at skin, redoing tasks over and over?
Is tweaking when the user does not sleep and acts quite unreasonable?
Please define tweaking, thanks.

Re: Please define what tweaking is...


   Is it picking at skin, redoing tasks over and over?


Re: Please define what tweaking is...

It's going 150 miles per hour with your feet nailed to the floor.

Sfj Re: Please define what tweaking is...

Tweaker or Tweaking

It can mean different things to different people. It is one of those street terms, colloquialisms, that has a number of generic definitions.

Some common ones include but are not limited to:

Repeated rapid movements usually accomplishing very little.

A meth user.

A meth user feeling the effects of meth.

Tweaking is a feeling like an obsession to do things requiring fine motor movements.
Some tweakers take things apart, like VCR’s, Computers, and Motorcycles etc.

Some tweakers get into doing projects like cleaning the bathroom and end up deciding to tear all the tile out and re-tile the entire room, but never finish the project.

Masturbation is a very common tweaker activity - repeating a movement over and over again.

Tweaking can also be jaw clenching and teeth grinding, Meth users often have bad dental health.

Things that require very little mental analysis or intelligence, but a lot of meaningless movement. Washing dishes, Computer games, making projects that never work and never get completed. Taping duct tape, aluminum foil on windows. Crawling in the carpets and rugs looking for dropped dope. Some tweakers pick at their skin. Some women spend hours combing and brushing their hair.

Some tweaker jokes;
How can you tell a tweaker in the supermarket? A. He has the shopping cart turned upside down and he’s trying to fix the wheels.

What does the tweaker girl say when she is at her normies friend’s house and it’s getting late? A. “You just go ahead, go to bed and get some sleep and I’ll finish cleaning your house.”

Writing answers like this.

Re: Please define what tweaking is...

Okay, so check this out! After I first heard the words "tweaker" and "tweaking" I just naturally assumed that if one was speaking about the past, one would say "twacked." I don't know why I didn't think "tweaked" or "when I was tweaking." I still get funny looks from my husband whenever I say "twacked."

I don't know why this post made me think of that. LOL

Re: Please define what tweaking is...

As if to say "I was twacking"?

Re: Please define what tweaking is...

I've been twacked before.

Re: Please define what tweaking is...

All different degrees of the same thing.

Re: Please define what tweaking is...

tweeking is when you are high on meth. you can eat it, rail it or smoke it, either way you'll be tweeked. usually ppl draw or clean or do anything but in super light speed. or they are looking for something to do, like tearing apart their room and re organizing it all. Basically, tweeking is when you are doing (smoking, railing, parchuting) or high on meth.

See also:

What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?

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