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Does talking about meth at meetings make you want to use?

Does talking about meth at meetings make you want to use?

I have a question for anyone that was a meth user. My sister-in-law supposedly has been off meth for 2 months but says she doesn't want to attend meetings (such as NA) because she says talking about meth all the time makes her want to use it again. Has anyone else found this to be true? Also by talking about meth in this forum, does it make any of you want to do meth? If so, how long did it take that craving to subside so you could then talk about it? My concern is that if you can't handle being around people talking about it, how are you going to be able to handle it when something stressful in your life comes up or people at a party, etc.. are using it? Also, when you would quit, did you get angry with people when they tried talking to you about how things were going? For example, whenever her mom asks how everything is going with "the meth" she gets upset and starts accusing her of not supporting her emotionally (???) and not believing her when she says she is off of it. Even though her mom isn't even implying that she doesn't believer her- she just wants to help.


Re: Does talking about meth at meetings make you want to use?

When I was a newcomer, everything made me think about meth. It was hard sometimes to even get to a meeting because I there were 2 roads I could take to get there and my dealer's house was inbetween both roads. I kept coming back and as I worked the program, the message came true for me. I stopped using drugs, I lost the desire to use, and I found a new way to live.
I couldn't talk to my family about my drug use until I had a couple years clean. It was very painful for me. I also would get angry sometimes because they wouldn't trust me. I understood that why they didn't, but it still made me angry. One time I called up my dealer and told him I was having trouble with my family and I wanted to get high. He asked me what I wanted to do about that and I sighed and said, "nothing." (thank God)
I also didn't want to talk to my parents and sister about using because they were unable to relate to me. That's why meetings work. I knew I could talk to the people there because they understood addiction because they lived in that prison. And I knew they could talk about recovery because they were living the freedom.


Re: Does talking about meth at meetings make you want to use?

Very good information- thank you so much! You sound like a very strong person and I commend you for that. Thanks for sharing your story.

Re: Does talking about meth at meetings make you want to use?

It is probably different for each person. I remember inviting a friend from rehab to an NA meeting one time. After the meeting he told me he was very triggered and sure enough, as soon as he got home he used. He may have used anyway – who knows.
I go to meetings often and regularly. I usually share as much as possible also. (yes, I like to talk) But I also keep attuned to recovery, and recovery related topics. If the “war stories” and “drugalogues” get too graphic, I just remind my self that, “there but for the grace of God, go I.”

I feel that I need a constant and definite link with recovery at all times. I don’t feel strong enough to walk away from my support systems, including regular attendance at meetings. Additionally, I feel an obligation to give back and to welcome the newcomers. Being an example of steadfastness does not require any special knowledge or skill. It only requires being there. My sponsees expect me to be there every time I say I will be there. How can I let them down? This website expects me to be here. I can’t let you guys down either. That’s just the way I feel about it. Does that mean I’m too weak to move on? You can decide that.

Meetings are a very important and encouraging part of my life.


Re: Does talking about meth at meetings make you want to use?

If a person wants to use they will use. Every time I relapsed there was a definite decision to get loaded. I always set myself up to use. Always had reservations. I went to meetings but half assed the program. I have been to certain meetings that I wouldn't go back to and I have even cut a few people off that wouldn't stop talking about dope. When it comes to the glorification of dope that makes me a little "miffed" and "peeved" to say the least. I am not afraid to tell someone there glorification bothers me. where I come from most aren't. I go to meetings where they talk about solution not the problem. Meetings saved my life. I never realized my "reservations" until some time clean. It doesn't matter where you are if you set yourself up to use you will end up loaded. For those that are new to meetings please find one that you can relate to. Look for the winners that have time and stick with them. The people that are war story telling to much have those reservations and they don't even realize it. Find a meeting you like a home group where there is solution. And no matter what keep coming back.

le grumps Re: Does talking about meth at meetings make you want to use?

Neat question.

I was also triggered by anything and everything when I first stopped using. Meetings were also very triggering.

I found out over time that it wasn't the actual meetings that were triggering, but it was the feelings that would wash over me (usually a sense of relief or becoming excited when I learned something new) that would trigger me.

It wasn't that there was a problem with the meetings. It was that the good feelings were too intense for me, and made me want to extinguish them with drugs!

This fades over time. One thing that really made a difference for me was developing a support group that I really liked. We would go to meetings together, and usually hang out afterwards, even if it means laying around watching TV.

If I went home alone after a meeting, my head would just race.

One more thing, NA meetings tend to focus on recovery, not war stories about using. When people stick to that guideline, (which they usually do) it keeps much of the triggers at bay.

Hope this was helpful...

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