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Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction

Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction
Need some input/facts to clarify things further ....

I left the Meth. user (and his "friends) in my life a short time ago. Still have some issues on the Erectile Dysfunction side of things.

I have read various postings that don't quite jive with my experience.

In two years, we never got past "Mr. Limpy" ... despite Testosterone Cream, Viagra, and Cialis, compassion, encouragement and all the rest. Keep in mind I was ignorant to the Meth at the time. I am curios to know if this happens as a result of being ON METH at the time, being OFF METH at the time, or has become a permenent state due to irreversable damage.

Any input would be appreciated - Thank You ...
Sfj Re: Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction
I may be able to answer your questions, but first, let me ask you a few in order to avoid, beating around the bush. (pun possibly intended, but not necessarily so)

Are you, or were you in a gay male relationship?


Are you female?

If female, I’m still not understanding the purpose of your questions.

Your wording:
I left the Meth. user (and his "friends) in my life a short time ago. Still have some issues on the Erectile Dysfunction side of things.
leaves a bit of room for question.

If you don’t mind looking at an adult website for meth using gay and bi men,
The following link will bring you to a site that has more than enough info on the subject.


If you need further explanation, please ask.

Re: “crystal dick”
Re: Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction
I've heard MANY reports of people that couldn't 'get it up' when they were high.

Personaly I didn't have this problem. But if constant stimulation wasn't provided an erection wouldn't last longer than a few seonds. By constant stimulation I don't necessarily mean physical stimulation. Visual stimulation was enough.
Re: Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction
Thanks for your reply .... I am female. Sorry for the wording, perhaps it could have been more clear.

What I am trying to figure out (for me) is ... was/is this problem caused by being high on the Meth ... coming down from the meth, or just collateral damage caused by 15 + years of addiction?

I will visit the site you suggested. Thanks.
Sfj Re: Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction

possibly, but not necessarily,


Men, especially after the teen years, or possibly twenties, begin to have a natural decrease in testosterone.

Heavy meth use, coupled with decreased levels of male hormone can often result in erectile difficulty.

Coming down is a moot point.

Long-term use brings long-term problems.
Re: Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction
Thanks .... I visited the site you suggested and have a clearer understanding of this.

And, yes, as I suspected ... just collateral damage for 15+ years of abuse. What a price to pay!
Re: Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction
As a side note, keep this in mind:

Many meth addicts do not consider the future at all.
The focus is often on getting high enough to die quickly.

Very few meth addicts have enough presence of mind to consider consquences when the jonesing (uncontrollable cravings for the drug) hits.
Chas Re: Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction
I never knew the drug would cause these problems, I re seeing the commersial with an egg frying in the pan and the SLOGAN this is your brain on drugs! I just laughed, I was too young to relate. But you are right when you are high nothing else much matters, even the after effects.



Re: Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction
I don't think "jonesing" really has much to do with it. He has always had resources far and above most people.

Moreover, his main goal has been to hide the truth to the non-users in his life. By the way, it is a very small circle - two people. Myself and another older woman whom he calls "mom" now that his mother and father have passed away. It is extrordinary to me to finally see the legnths he has gone to keep this secret.

I couldn't understand all the half finished projects, ones that were seemingly life changing and then nothing. On to the next cluster fu**. Filthy, filthy living conditons - recently purchased a nice home. No seeming pride in ownership. Has 16 cats living in the house .... has a housekeeper, but I can never tell what she has done. She probably uses Meth too! Outragious disproportinate reactions to things ... like no mayonnaise, who drank my Vanilla Pepsi and the list goes on and on. CONSTANT DRAMA!!!! Jesus, I would see him 1 or 2 days a week and feel like I had been through a war. Post Traumatic Stress!

Thanks for your tip on visiting the web site, answered alot of questions. It explains why the Testosterone Cream (I was aware that older males encounter this and prompted his visit to the Dr.) Then I sent him back to the Dr for Viagra then again for Cialis... nothing worked. I am very sure he did not discuss his Meth use with his healthcare provider. Hell, if I would have known I WOULD HAVE DIAGNOSED HIM. You have Crystal Dick .... Stop using, see what happens.
Re: Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction

I have a pretty good grasp on this addiction thing. I have been clean for 17 years. My deal was Cocaine/ Freebase ... and I am glad it's over. Hard road alone. No AA, NA, 12 Steps or anything else. TRUE GRIT did it for me.

One thing I know for sure, it wasn't over 'till I decided it was over. Period. There are no misconceptions as to what I could expect from this Meth. head once I became sure what was going on. I think that is what blows me away the most. I honestly did not know he was using. You would think that with the history I've had it would be a no brainer. Of course I do not associate knowingly with anyone who uses. My life now is wonderful, full of joyful feelings. I can honestly say I am high on life! Wow, what a ride!

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