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Eating Meth? A different high?

Triunegirl Eating Meth?
I noticed this was discussed briefly earlier. My bf would normally smoke it, but admits to putting it in soda or juice and drinking it.

When it is taken as a drink or eaten how does that differ from the high one gets when they smoke it, or is it any different. Just curious, he says the affect is not as strong and doesn't last as long.

Sfj Re: Eating Meth?
The high is the same - kinda.

It just doesn't come on as quickly. No rush.

Slightly less intense because a little bit gets consumed by the gastro-intestinal process before reaching the blood.

But basically the same.
Penelope Re: Eating Meth?
Eating meth used to give me the worst heartburn ever - I eat Jalapeno's constantly so I got a tough gut! But eating meth (Used to wrap it in little tissue balls) used to MESS UP MY STOMACH really bad!
Re: Eating Meth?
For the longest time i smoked meth. My connect alway's ate it. Once he gave me some in my hand and said " if you want to do it you got to eat it" I figured why not. The high for me was more mello.
Re: Eating Meth?
it lasts longer than other ways.
...no immediate rush.

but the same high for longer time.
....in my experiance.
deezN Re: Eating Meth?
I dont know about any one else but when i would eat it the high would be way more intense than smoking or snorting. More like shooting than anything else. Except it took a little while to kick in. maybe thats just me.
Re: Eating Meth?
Thats strange I guess it differs with everyone cause for me that was a totally intense way to get high. The best high I ever had was from eating it. Wont go into details, but eating it was the way to go for me.
inkolb Re: Eating Meth?
in a tissue ball....the high is not so intense but last a lot longer as i remember.

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