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Can you eat Meth?

eating meth
i need to know if u can eat this stuff. my grandson says he eats it.  is this true??? heard of smoking and needles but never eating.  please advise. ty
vctry7 Re: eating meth
The only way I ever used in the beginning was eating it. Snorting burnt too bad. I didn't know it could be smoked at first.

Most people that eat meth put it in a capsule or make a pill out of rolling papers or toilet paper. Some will eat it right out of the bag on a knife. Some mix it in a drink.

Anyway a person uses it is BAD.
Re: eating meth

It's a route .  It's the meth .  snorted, eaten , smoked, injected, and various other methods which are possibly too sensitive to be posted here.

meth is meth = poison = Period.

recovering meth addict.

Re: eating meth
never knew that. course I'm pretty green on this subject but getting educated real fast thanks to all of u guys and this site.
now may i ask...is eating it less addictive? is this the first step?  why do they eat it?
Re: eating meth
Ewwwwww right outta the bag...Ewwwwwww that tasted to nasty. I used to put it in a capsule or in green tea. Less addictive more addictive no such this is meth it's addictive. You eat it or drink for the same reason you smoke, shoot, or snort it....the high is different. I mean it's the same but it's different the way it hits you and how long it lasts. Also I used to store it that way. When I would go to work I took a pill bottle full of capsules....no one ever knew I could get high sitting right at my desk.
vctry7 Re: eating meth
Only an addict will say it is less addictive. I know, I said it. Meth is addictive period. We ate it because it supposedly lasted longer.

I switched to smoking because it hit my brain faster. I think I was a little extra addicted to ritual of smoking. I wasn't less addicted to meth when I ate it.
Re: eating meth
the only "less" addictive is: NO meth at all.
Re: eating meth
..I ate it for 15 years or so...I put it in capsules, that are opaque...
....like the gas station solid yellow kind, you can see thru..
I hid it from everyone....I could actually do speed on camera when I worked at the casino............and it looked as natural as could be.  there's no paraphernalia........there's no preparation.  you can eat it raw, or in capsules while out.......it's also almost impossible to catch someone doing
I immediately took mine out of the incriminating corner baggie.....and packed capsules with it....I left the "speed" pills in the gas station pill bottle and that's what people thought they were.
the duration of the high is much longer, than snorting and smoking...
....but there's no "instant rush" it comes on in about 20 minutes.
when I started smoking.......foil bits and straws were falling out of my pockets
it was a lot of preparation......an things "needed" to use.
you're answer is yes...he's telling the truth if you haven't found stuff like foil, torn apart pens, straws, torch liters, glass pipes.....unless he's good at concealing.
Re: eating meth
I have eaten meth once. I ate a pill capsule with it in it, I was with some "friends" and didn't make the pill myself. At first the high was really good, I didn't know why I had never eaten it before. About and hour after I took it I started hallucinating really bad. I have never taken any hallucinogenic before, and I definitely wasn't expecting to from crystal. It wasn't until the next morning that I even knew what I experienced wasn't real. I thought a gang had surrounded the house I was at and that they were planning to kill me. I also thought they were breaking into my car outside. Everyone was plotting to kill me, and I was talking to people who weren't even there. There was only 3 of us in the house but I went to them and said "everything was fine when It was just the 3 of us, then all these f-ing people had to show up" I don't know if it was the amount, or if there was something else in that pill but I don't think I will ever eat it again.
Re: eating meth

...I was a "functional addict" when I ate it for a long while.
I am ADHD and it gave me the focus I wanted..................in time...even eating it made my ADHD 1000x worse.  but for 15 years, or so, I could stop and start with ease..............I found the duration longer.
and the "using time" less consuming than snorting.

is this the first step?

I started by snorting......I did that 5 years and switched to eating.

why do they eat it?

I started eating it when I realized snorting it was killing my nose, and "snort" noises aren't acceptable at work....the first step to meth addiction is picking it up, and putting it in your body....however you choose.  eating it drove me insane eventually, and I quit 6 years. when I picked it back up...........I hooked up with an ex BF who was into smoking.
....In my own experience, smoking will destroy everything around you and deteriorate your morals faster than eating it did.   it was a different high...
....definitely and IMMEDIATELY sexual ...for me. I found it to be more "jonsey" like intense feelings of....I gotta do more.  than eating was..........it also pushed me over the fine line that was making me semi functional.  I turned into a major ghoul.........I was more pale and mysterious than a corpse.   people asked me all the time.. "who's yer embalmer suz"?

..I lost my home...my job, I didn't care ...as long as I had speed.....took out loans I'm still paying for...stuff like that.

LdyLesa Re: eating meth
Good questions....

When our user first admitted to using meth she would tell me "its not the same meth you read about online."

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