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Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth

Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
I was pretty sure that my husband was using meth again. He says he is not. He says he had 16 weeks clean on Friday.

I am wondering, am I being paranoid? Could he still be having some things working out like the twitching in his sleep and grinding his teeth? (He never used to grind his teeth in his sleep until he started using meth.)

Help me out here. How long until these things go away?
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
well i don't know about anyone else, but i still twitch in my sleep and it's been over 90 days. i never did grind my teeth, i chew the inside of my mouth, and i have yet to stop that too. i'm not really any help. sorry.
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
I grind AND clench in my sleep and I don't use any drugs!
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
The twitching, it was pretty consistent in the first few months of clean time. Hubby STILL twitches ,kicks - the reason is tight muscles. He is a heavy equipment mechanic.

How I know the difference now - if it is just tight muscles,I can massage his arms, his legs particularly the calves and ankles and it eases , most times stops.
With use, that does not occur- they twitch, jerk regardless.

Rachel, it took months Sweetie before it got to this point.
I swear I saw more signs of use when he was clean than I ever did with use.

My husband still grinds ,clenches his jaw.
It has been 15 months.
It happens even when he has been with me the whole time and I KNOW he hasn't used.

The best ways I can tell with hubby is attitude and honesty.
I can't go by physical signs.
Well unless he broke his hand, comes home happy happy , and forgets he broke his hand for 2 days- now that is a physical sign for you.

I smelled it on him when he was first detoxing- I never smelled it on him when he was using.
I swear Rachel I thought I was losing my mind- you know that.You were there for me.

How I handle it now- I have to see more than just one thing that says use.
If I am seeing the hyperness but then he sleeps like a baby without having taken anything even allergy pills, then he just felt good that day.
I go through my mental checklist- ask myself what is it I am seeing- just as I would if someone posted here.Keep my neutrality.

IF I still have doubts by the end of the day,I just ask.
When he was using, attitude BIG Time- there you go accusing me again, I ought to just do it as I am going to be accused anyway.

When he is clean, no. I don't want it anymore,I told you that.

You know your husband- you have just forgotten who he was when he was clean.It will come back to you.
He has forgotten too.
Rachel it is hard those first 6 months - it really is.
They have all the demands of their jobs, plus they are so tired and frustrated then you add in those who always are just too happy to lend a friend a boost.

Just breathe - take it one day at a time. Step back- let it be.
One day at a time- work on building back that closeness you had with your husband before meth.
Fix you, be the best you that you can be, and just listen.
Not interrogate, just listen.

Believe me in time you will hear more than you want to- and it will hurt. As much as you think you know ,it is nothing compared to hearing it from your husband.

Make your memories Rachel, build that foundation- fill your home with love.
That will give you both the strength you will need to beat this.
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
Just returning the favor Rachel- thank you for being there for me for all those months {{{HUGS}}}
I really couldn't have done it without you.
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
I think that is part of the reason I decided to start my own recovery. I knew that if my husband ever did really quit, I wouldn't believe him.

He'd been telling me for 10 years that he'd quit and I didn't believe him.

I also wanted to be handle relapses appropriately, seeing as how they are/can be a part of recovery.

I think as you re-gain your trust for him, this will all go away. Sixteen weeks is barely 4 months. It's harder the second time around to gain our trust.
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
I grind my teeth, and twitch......still.

I pick up my leg and drop it all the time.
....my BF's use to get mad about it.
it shakes the bed.
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
forget suzette
Do you still pick your leg up and drop it all the time now that you've quit?
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
I don't want to cause any trouble with you and hubby. But have you ever asked him to take a drug test? If he truly is clean then you would think he would not object to it to show you he is not using. I know my husband always says it's an invasion of his privacy and shows that I don't trust what he says......well duh? There is a reason why I don't trust what you say and you have destroyed that trust. If you are truly clean then this would be an easy and big step to trying to earn my trust back. But when he refuses then I know it's because he's lieing. Why else would he not? You can buy home drug kits off the web. I'm lucky and can get them from work. Sad thing, I'm too embarassed to say it's for my husband and lie and say it's for a friend who suspects her teenage daughter of smoking dope, pretty sad uh?
I don't know, just a thought. But yeah it does say you don't believe his word. But then again if he was clean you think it would be something he wouldn't care to do. Then he could say see, I told you.
Hang in there. Things don't get better totally over night and from what I've read here it sometimes takes a long time.
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
He says he is still clean so that is what I am going with.
Yes, he would take a test if I asked him to. He volunteered to take one just so that I would have piece of mind.

He says that he will have 17 weeks tomorrow so that is great.
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
I'd give him a hair test. If he passes, he'll have earned a lot of trust.
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
Looks like we are in the same boat.
My hubby has been off Meth for several months.
Notice that i don't say he is *clean*.
We know them so well, don't we?
Mine is in construction also. That's a killer.
It's all around them.

Last week, after all this time, a 1/4 baggie,[empty] on the floor next to his pants.

A year ago, I would of been as crumpled as that baggie, this time..I just picked it up and looked at Sam and said..
"It's got to be coke, you are not on speed", he was visably surprized.."What are you talking about?"
"Nothing..Sam, nothing.
Knowing all I know now, I have to chuckle, Coke is no replacement for Meth.
it'll take a long time before we can trust them,
we just need to step back.
Let it take them, not us.
Peace to you...
Re: Husband quit meth - still twitches and grinds teeth
I thought about testing many times.
I never did .
I am glad now that I didn't.
The trust is real hard to build back up but it isn't just my not trusting my husband, it was his not trusting me as well.
He had to get to a point where he felt safe ,that I wouldn't go off on what he said, that I could hear he was craving and not go searching the vehicles, checking the phone, staring him down looking for signs of use for days afterwards.
He had to feel safe in telling me yes at the end I was using a half a gram to a gram a week.
That was hard for him - it really was.
No man likes to say anything that says his woman is right and he is wrong- even if we as the women aren't saying I was right and you were wrong.
It still feels that way.

and for me, it was a matter of pride and dignity- he didn't have a lot of that after his addiction. It didn't feel right for me to take any of it away.
I felt testing him would do that- I felt testing him would say I don't care what you say, I don't believe you - now jump through this hoop and prove you are worthy of my love.
That is how I felt.I didn't want to have to go there.
He is my husband. The father of my children. My life partner.

It some cases, testing may be the answer.
For those cases where it is, by all means test.
It wasn't in mine- at least not yet.
It took longer to build the trust back- but for me it was worth it.
JMO - for today LOL!
I may change it tomorrow -

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