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Meth and Pregnancy

Meth and pregnancy
Hi! I know that his is not something that everyone will know about and some ppl may critize me but I have a question. I got preganant and for the forst 3 months used meth ....not on a regular basis but i did and then I used again probably 3 or 4 times till i was 28 weeks...I have not used anything since then and was wondering if anyone can help me with knowing what could be the outsome I am really terrified that I have done something to harm the baby. I know that is too late to do anything about it now but I am scared to DEATH.. Thanks
Re: Meth and pregnancy
with my 3 rd son I used until i was 16 weeks...speedballing(meth, heroin)...i had to move out of california...and into a environment that I knew not one place I could score any meth...it worked...I delievered a healthy baby boy...but that was in gods hands..not mine...some are not as fortunate as I was...

Have you been to any prenantal appt?
if not, go
Tell your dr of your prior addiction?
they will test you for drugs along the rest of your pregnancy...but, if you want this baby to be safe and healthy you need to STOP NOW...no more mistakes...it isnt their fault.
second...you need treatment...of some sort
you need to get involved with some sort of recovery, because if your like I was...when the pregnancy ends...you go back into the arms of meth...which...again, isnt your childs fault...he will not get the attention and love needed to raise a healthy baby...

I have 5 kids...I have used every time prior to getting pregnant and have started right back up after their birth...I speak from experience...a child will not save you from addiction...YOU CAN ONLY SAVE YOURSELF...you dont want to do like me, loose a kid...because of your desire to get high...my oldest is 15 and being raised by my mom...because I choose dope over him...

take a look at your life..it is about to change drastcially...what are you going to work for...the baby and you...or keeping the dope in your life?
Sfj Re: Meth and pregnancy
Medical evidence shows that you and your baby will probably be fine.

Re: Meth and pregnancy
I just want to say that I missed out on most of my youngest daughters life because I was using drugs. Living with the regret it NOT FUN. Most of the time I was either out getting dope or tweeking somewhere or even when I was home I wasn't there...half of the time I can't even remember...its like my life wasn't real I was in a fog... I don't know if she got it from me but she grew up to use drugs also. I do know tho that all the things I did were not a good influence on her. I hate what this drug has done to our lives and if I knew and could go back and do it again I would NOT do meth.... Anyways we are both clean now myself over five years and my daughter 16 months....
Re: Meth and pregnancy
Thanks to all of you who posted. I hope that everything works out ok and I am sure that with the help of the lord and my family that I will do just fine with not doing it anymore. You see I have come to see that it is not worth it, first by almost lose'n everything I have to reading what you guys have been through! Thanks!
Re: Meth and pregnancy
my daughter used meth until she was about3-4 months pregnant. That is how she found out she was pregnant....everytime she would smoke meth she would puke her guts out. so i guess it was the babies way of telling her to stop that stuff. Anyways as far as we know....the baby will be fine when it get's here in June, and i can't wait. Now all my worry has shifted to whether she will use after she has him. More than likely she will. But that is up to her...all i can do is pray. U make sure u are getting prenatal care though and be the best u can be for your baby now. {{{HUGS}}} Donna
sumgirl Re: Meth and pregnancy
I wanted to write to you and give you some reassurance. I just delivered a perfectly healthy little girl. She was slightly small for her age (low birth weight) but she is perfect with all of her 10 fingers and toes and everything in its proper place.
I smoked meth for almost a year before becoming pregnant and continued occasionally bingeing into my third month. I wouldn't smoke everyday just occasionally during the week, but then I'd smoke enough to keep me up for a day or two. (It usually didn't take much at that time) I was worried about my babies safety and health for many weeks, then I decided to live my life for this little person that I was creating in my belly. I changed my lifestyle, quit speaking to my "using" friends, moved, changed my phone number and started making new "sober" friends. I changed my diet, started exercising and tried like hell to give my little one the best possible chance of having a good life. And, I did it because she turned out perfectly.
I put all my trust and faith in God and prayed that she would be alright. I'm not saying that my child won't have difficulties, but as far as things stand right now, she perfect.
Only time will tell what your little one will be like, but doing everything that YOU can in your power to create a better life for them is the BEST thing you can do for now.
Be healthy, get/stay clean, take prenatal vitamins, go to the doctor for prenatal care and eat healthy and exercise. A bit of prayer to the spirit above never hurt anyone either.
I wish you the best of luck, addiction/sobriety isn't the easiest road to travel, I only hope that you have a strong support system wherever you are, use the board for when times get tough. I did and it helped so much, someone is always one here to offer a few words of encouragement and support to you!
Sending you all my love and blessings for a healthy life, baby and recovery.

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