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Burns on hands / wrist - Meth lab?

Question about meth lab
I've notices something a little strange about my addict who doesn't live with me. A month or so back he had burns on side of his wrist right below the thumb. Said he burned himself cooking supper. When visiting him a couple of month’s back he has a 2 bed apt and keeps one bedroom locked. Now again he has burns on his wrist... said he once again burned himself making supper. I realize that I'm probably too suspicious but my question is.. I dunno how to ask basically what I want to know if these burns in this area could be from making meth. Is it likely that you'd burn your hands or wrist when making meth?

Please feel free to tell me that I'm being too suspicious if you think that I am. I'm just trying to be aware.
TnSkye Re: Question about meth lab

My hubby also made his own pipes which causes burns and cuts.

He kept himself covered in band aids all the time...
Re: Question about meth lab
First if he is cooking meth in an apartment he has lost his mind. The smell from it would be very noticable.

He could burn him self in the manufacturing process but not likely in the same spot every time. The burns you get from manufacturing are alot of times chemical burns and that is from being splashed so not likely to be in the same spot everytime.

He could be smoking meth and blowing glass to make pipes and get burned that way. I have seen some pretty nasty burns from the glass dropping on skin or laying your arm down on a hop pipe.

I can't say if you are being too suspicious it all depends on other things that would make you think he is manufacturing. There are alot of other signs.
Re: Question about meth lab
Mine keeps himself covered in band aids all the time also. I swear he should own stock in the band aid companies.

I know meth addicts are accident prone.

If I lose SV and my kids end up spending time in a apt with a meth lab in one room.. I'll never forgive myself.
TnSkye Re: Question about meth lab
Check here for more signs.
Re: Question about meth lab
Greeneyes is right he'd have to be really really stupid to make in an apt. I really don't think he'd do that.

Thanks for the link TnSkye it did help.

When he lived with me he did keep his work room window covered... boarded up or newspaper. I'm thinking it was cuz he was using in that room.

Thanks! I'll lay my suspicions to rest



Re: Question about meth lab
people who smoke dope...tend to have burns on their hands...fingers..from the lighter...or hot pipe
Re: Question about meth lab
I've dated 3 men who made meth and YES. If they're slopping when they're making it, they can easily get burnt. My husband once wore long sleeves for like 2 weeks during the summer (90 degrees outside) because he burnt himself.

Ask yourself, how many other people go around with burns on their wrists all the time. I'm sorry, but it's not that common, and I say you're right, he's probably making it.

As far as the comment about him having to be stupid to make it in an apartment building, helloooooooooo.
You mean to tell me that there are smart people that make meth? If you ask me, anyone who's coking meth is an idiot.

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