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Meth Pipe Burns


Meth Pipe Burns

*I got off topic in another thread, that had a video with speed, sitting next to a crack pipe.
....I did'nt wanna highjack the thread, but, you might wanna know this........beyond a shadow of a doubt, you're looking at a speed freak if you see this....

If someone is smoking speed...and spills it on themself....
.......Liquified meth burns like a hot glue x 100 combined with the continual frying, sort of like a microwave burn to the 100th power.

.......I had a friend that was a crack head....and her dealer accidentally put a few shards of meth in with her dope.....
...crackheads tilt the str8 pipe at a 90 degree angle.

I saw it start to run, toward her mouth and bubble, (crack does'nt turn to liquid, it burns up, and leaves a dry residue)

.....I knocked her hand, out of pure reflex, and the pipe fell on the carpet, her mouth was open, and ready to say....
....WTF suzie??? that was my DOPE! ...we watched it burn thru the carpet, the foam... str8 into the cement underneath.

......that's why meth burns look SO BAD.
they are!
...I can't imagine what it would have done when she inhaled it.
she'd have been disfigured, and certainly, unable to ever speak again.

....just so you know when you see one.

I spilled it on me one time...

...I had plenty of pipe burns...they HUUUURT too!

but, not the actual chemical burn, except for this one time.....I still have a scar from it..

I was gonna smoke with a fiend who wanted to keep the lights low.

....I told him i was afraid, not to have light, because I'm night blind..... and I was hallucinating,
...... and I was new to the process of the constant rolling you do with a meth pipe...... To keep it from burning up, you have to roll it ...so the liquid constantly moves... then let it cool off and recrystallize. repeat.

It was too dark...
.....I rolled to far, and some came out the little hole in the top of the pipe, and spilled across the back of my hand.

It felt like it was cutting thru the layers of skin....it was .....sobering.
.........to say the least.

I was really crying, IMMEDIATLY, hard, and hopping around waiting for it to STOP! ...it seemed to just keep burning, deeper into me.
....I thought I was gonna have visible bones.

I was a ripe watermelon. and it was a sharp knife.... cutting.

That burn, was very hard to explain, or conceal.... it looked OBVIOUS.
........ I had a bandage on it for MONTHS, since I'm a server, and it was the back of my hand. ......but, even when it healed, the scar was so identifiable, you see em all the time where I was.

The bowl on the pipe, containing this evil shyt .................. becomes like a hot poker.
Since the bowl is round.
.......and nothing else is the same size or temp of round that would do that...
.....it looks like you were "branded" a speed freak.

You KNOW when you see a perfect circle burned deep into someones skin....exactly what it is.
..........you can't explain it away. ...nothing else looks like it.

A rancid tide of dark memories, of hiding those red circles, and how BAD it burned washed over me.
................. eww.
*feels dirty*
Nothing hurts like that, that I've ever experianced. I never felt pain on speed.....
...........I had hot glue burns, when i was high, I could ignore.
I dropped something on my toe, and it turned black...
...did'nt stop me...I couldnt even remember where all the bruises came from...my bf pierced my nipple all the way thru with his fingernail....I never knew till i woke up in blood.
...........................it's unimportant at the time.
Your pain threshhold is super human.
......THAT was the only pain from any injury, I FELT, and I had to stop doing my beloved drugs and scream... that pain, was so unfamilliar............I was like.....OMFG! ahhhh!
..................until it finally recrystallized into my skin.

another dead give away.

Nothing else on earth, leaves deep sparkly,
.........shiney, shimmery crystalous coatings in open flesh wounds.....

That's the only "real" one reason, I've seen tweakers pick at their open sores.
......fiending, (for more speed) trying to get the speed out of their flesh, and it burns so deep... and you can see it twinkling in this horror hole
....it just welds itself to you when it solidifies. so, it's like tearing your own skin off.
....it IS your skin when it cools. it does'nt seperate, it takes chunks of you with it, if you pick it off.
(I did'nt try, I could'nt look at the hole w/o feeling faintish)
....like trying to pick a tatoo off, is a good analagy.

I knew so many speedfreaks that, nodded out while smoking it, and dropped the pipe on their chest...
..........................it would leave "the brand of the speed freak",
where it hits, then it spills out.....runs....
............................and eats into wherever it touches.

so you got the deep red circle, plus a canal looking shiney deep sore.
.......Like a sort of devil's dark, demented diamond mine.
when they get high....and start getting crazy.

I'd look up from drawing...

and it looked like they were trying to dig out their heart.

.......this has been a public service announcement, brought to you from hell.



Re: Meth Pipe Burns

Wow! Suzie.
And THAT about sums it up.
Until this moment, I had thought that I was a *hardened meth addict*.....
Now I am so thankful that I AIN'T seen nothing compared to what could have been.

My sweetheart had been using for longer than I ...
I did not use for the first year we were together..
I knew about his use ....I did not understand it...
But having had known him from when we were teenagers..

I knew that he was a decent and good person.
We dated for a year and then I moved in with him
And STILL did not use for yet another year.
During that time he suddenly had a wicked,deep, nasty looking PERFECT circle burn wound on the side of his face.
It took FOREVER to heal and he said that he didn't know how it got there.
It was too early in the relationship to pry it out of him.....

After reading your essay on meth pipe burns..
I have no doubt that that is exactly what that was.
It was shiny at first....just like you said....about the size of a dime.
I have always wondered about what on earth could have caused that mark....
But I always figured it had something to do with meth.

......EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW is right.
......to say the least...........


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

I ate speed in capsules for 15 years, after snorting it for 5...
....I started smoking it the last 2 years.

honestly, I'm not sure if it was the natural progression of my addiction..
....or if smoking strips you of being anything like yourself.

I asked my dealer once..
...I wonder what makes people just stop paying rent, and do speed.

I was always a hermit...

he answer was:

you can always find aplace to crash...

....in the end..maybe 8 months later, I was homeless, and all I wanted to do was smoke speed.
either it, or my addiction accellerated....into.....nothing else matters.

I was not a picker....
....I would tell myself, if it itches, scratch it when you get some sleep.

but, I knew people...
......that did that stuff.

it was also beyond me how people could take a great drug, set it on fire.
....and you'd nod out?

when i tried it, irt was with my BF from high school

...I have known him my whole life

I started smoking with him, because it was purely sexual.

...one hit, and it went strait between the legs..
and I could sleep a couple hours.

then I was terrifired to sleep w/o using
...because of the paralysis dreams.

and I went insane.


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

I wonder if that is how all the suspicious fires happen at the tweaker houses happen when they aren't using

holding the torch

trying to take a hit

nodding off

burn yerself

drop the torch in severe pain....even the best of the best meth smokers

and FIRE!

I'm very glad to know that I used to stay up all hours of the night to check on my meth addict when he was alone in the shop "Working"

I never saw any type of wound or spot on him until the beginning of the end of his meth days then I saw a terrible red welt burn and that was after he'd been gone for over a week. It was a very bad burn on his hand.

I would never have imagined such a pro as he making a mistake with his precious meth but now I see it is possible.

I'm glad he isn't disfigured.......he was a terrible nodder off-er......always did it in his food

Thank you for this info Suze.......gross, but necessary.

I'll mention this to my kids too. Prevention is the only weapon I have around here.

The Doc49

Re: Meth Pipe Burns

Oh, goose bumps of terror Suzie! But right on the button it is! Fortunately I am unbranded by the sch*dt, as I was too darn careful and didn't want to waste one single drop.......... My cousin had gotten a bad batch once, and his legs and arms had these big welts that came popping out all over him......he never fessed up to the rest of the family, it looked so hideous I am sure the rest of the family chose denial.....rather than to deal with this poison and the fact that the two of us were "out there". I'll never forget that, seeing him go with his mother to the ER, the lies, while she only wanted her son healthy and alive and us, to keep the nasty secret, secret. Ah, the insanity seems normal when one is whacked out.


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

I was ALWAYS scared to death that puddle was gonna wash back and pour into my mouth (We packed it pretty full.)

It's not so much that you fall asleep or nod off, it's that you get so scattered you don't think that far ahead - I know there have been plenty of times I've had people tilt my arm down to keep me from "Takin a sip" of what would have undoubtedly sent me to the emergency room - imagine taking a sip of cooking oil right out of a hot pan... I can remember being so high I didn't have the presence of mind to think that far ahead. I just wanted to get a "Good Hit..."

God we are SO sick when we are trapped in the slavery of meth...


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

I can't claim to know shyt about meth, how to use it, or cook it... however, my daughter pointed out to me that the burns on the the backs of my sons hands, that "run" down under his wrist and to his elbows (both hands and arms), are from moving and spilling a pan of hot chemicals while he was (as my daughter put it) "try" to cook meth.

My daughter is the cook. She's been the family cook since her aunt taught her before she (the aunt) went to prison for a federal meth bust in the late 90's. What a "matriarch" position to pass down!

I know that my son will forever have those scares...It saddens me!

I'm sorry for yours too!


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

Oh my God that gave me the willies! I need an exorcism now... Getting burned never even crossed my mind. That's how stupid I am.


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

I have seen burns on Lee before. He would never admit what caused it. But I knew. His secound wife had a little poodle named sassy. They were homeless and I took the dog in. Don't guess that was funny. But I noticed the dog didn't act right. She would try to walk and her back legs would go into a kind of seziure.. She was sweet little thing but it was plain there was something wrong with her. She would sit and look at the wall and growl like something was there. Once while they came to eat and clean up, I ask them what the hell they had done to that dog, that she was crazy. They were tweaking themselves that day and they laughed thier heads off and told me how once when they were cooking, she got into some they spilled and she had been a meth addict herself eversince. Lee would often tell me things under influence and later deny them.
I took the dog to the vet and the only thing he found was some sort of fungus in her ears. I treated her for the two years I had her and it never healed. But she also kept up the seizure activity. I always wondered if it was something to do with her maybe getting meth in her ears. I mated her with my male poddle at time. She tried to kill her puppies. I had to bottle feed them. I kept one little male and he never acted like he had any sense.
Once after she left Lee, (his secound wife) she came to me needing $200. I felt like crap and was aggervated to death with her. Buy then I thought the dog was pregnant again. I picked the dog up and handed her to the woman and told her to sell the puppies. I never seen her or the poor little dog since.


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

You know -- my husband has the smoothest skin. We always joked that he had "women's legs" --- he is hairless. No scars either. That is a VERY scary story. I know nothing about smoking drugs. Never did that. I have seen it on that show Intervention and wondered wth they were doing with the little pipe with the bulb looking thing on the end. I don't even know how it all works.

My husband shoots it. That's his favorite way.

Changing the subject a bit -- I saw an intervention once with this pretty young girl -- a crack head. She would "do things" with her connection. She met her "boyfriend" (I use that term loosely because the guy ditched her after all her drugs were gone) --- at a hotel room. They smoked crack for awhile -- not sure how long - maybe 2 hours or so. She really didn't look much differant. Like when someone gets drunk or stoned you can TELL. I could barely tell anything was differant about her. She was acting paranoid, going through her purse, etc. But, mainly she was just sitting there like "That's it. All the drugs are gone. This is the part I hate".


Re: Meth Pipe Burns


me about to run outta resources, in the trenches of the drug war

me in with drawls

homeless meth addict with HIV and sores all over her

me about to make you speed freak of the week for hanging tuff.

.....does that help?

kci t-shirt??

a couple clowns doing speed/ death of a clown


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

I remember that line from a song.Cant remember the song tho.Memory issues....you know.
I quess I"m lucky in the respect that never experianced external burns from meth..But have been burned by hot oil.I used to repair fryers for restraunts.350 degree oil on your skin
burns till you blister.But meth burns us in sooo many other ways..Been burned by dealers or people scoring for me and still spent more money right away because you got to have it.
Meth burns your soul Which is pretty much asleep when using.and if we could see our insides..lungs throat arteies.We might trip.But the hole it burns in your heart and the pain that comes with continuing destructive behavuor and getting to the point were you wish you could stop no matter what it takes.even dying would be a relief from that pain.The external burn.Well i would probably just look at it happening and say dumb ass to myself because the pain that already been eating at. you while using .especially continuing to use when you now all the pain you cause to people who care and love you.To me this pain is unbarable.Thanks for that post.Pretty much now what. the point is ..


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

That’s why I isolate, especially around people who know you.

Robert - you should consider challenging some of this kind of behavior - our secrets die in the light, my friend. Isolating is the same as hiding. You are hiding out, you are miserable, what do you have to lose except a butt load of misery and disappointment?

Come out of the dark, dude. You had four or five days last week, you can have one day today. One day TODAY.

If you already started using today... you STILL have a choice.

The last day I used I had the bag out, I had the pipe loaded, and I looked at it and just made a decision that I wasn't doing it "today." I didn't sleep the night before, I had to go help my hubby go build this monstrous big deck down the street, and he had to test, so he couldn't use. I decided I wasn't going to use, I would suck it up and NOT DO IT.

I'm sorta weird about money, though. I shoulda flushed it - but I gave it away instead, and I never used meth again, ever. That day... I didn't know that was going to be my very first day clean from meth, and that the day before was going to be the very last time I ever used meth, but that was the day that I figured out I could decide to use or not use one day at a time.

Just so you know, I fell off that monstrous big deck, ten feet, landed on my head onto a cement pier, flipped over and took a 4 x 4 post right in between my shoulder blades, and started sliding down the hillside on my back for about 20 feet - LOL - that was about a week later. I guess I was a little clumsy after quitting - but my head didn't break (Go Figure,) and I still haven't used.

Come out of isolation, Robert. You don't have to hide. You don't have to keep living like this - you DO have a choice. You can make choices about your life, or you can believe that meth makes them for you.

It doesn't - you let it. Your life belongs to YOU. Meth just makes you believe it owns you - it doesn't. You belong to you. Decide to take your life back - you deserve it back. No more drowning in that puddle, dude - F*ck that puddle.


Re: Meth Pipe Burns

This thread hit sooo close to home! I'm usually here as observer and it always makes for great reading but this is the first time i've seem this topic addressed. I have my share of "brandings" and when I think about how I got them, it sickens me. I have 2 on my calf from dropping my pipe. I have a HUGE, perfectly round scar on my upper thigh from smoking in shorts. At the time, my thinking told me "hey, just don't smoke in shorts anymore," instead of the logical "hey, don't smoke meth anymore." I have 3 small round scars on the inside of my upper thigh from smoking, drunk, sitting on the toilet. I dropped it and was so scared the pipe would hit the water and i'd lose my stuff, that I moved my leg so it would land on me. Being drunk, I couldnt keep it in my hands and dropped it twice more and both times it hit right in the same spot. I didnt even feel it until the next day when the blisters broke and the fluid was running down my leg. Again, my thinking told me "hey, just don't smoke on the toilet anymore," instead of the logical "hey, don't smoke meth anymore." My last one and the one I hate the most, happened when my ex and I were smoking during sex. I was laying back on some pillows and he handed me a full pipe. Right before I got it to my mouth, I felt this horrible burning feeling on my chest, right below my collar bone. No matter how I tried to brush it off, it just kept burning. It was like napalm..it stuck and just kept burning. I now have a 2 inch long, 1/2 inch wide, deep scar on my chest that I can't hide unless I live in turtlenecks. My head told me "hey, just don't smoke laying down anymore," instead of the logical "hey, don't smoke meth anymore." I am thankful that the pipe didnt make it to my mouth because I would have gotten a mouthful of molten hot liquid. Its hard to even imagine what the outcome of that would have been. I have 2 weeks clean and I want nothing more than for that to turn into a lifetime clean. Unfortunately, I'll have those battle scars forever but at least now my mind tells me "hey, don't smoke meth anymore."

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