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Smoking Meth with homemade pipes

Homemade meth pipes
I know that you can make a pipe from a soda can by turning it on it's side and punching tiny holes in a dented in area on one side.

Can Crystal Meth be smoked from this type of hand-made pipe? I found one in my son's place and it has a chemical, burnt plastic type of smell. It is not pot.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
meth or crack can be
Re: Homemade meth pipes
crack would be my guess
Re: Homemade meth pipes
tin cans are semi-decent pot pipes. They suck to smoke crack or crank out of. But fiends will use anything.
Why don't you ASK him what he's up to? You don't have to be the detective & know exactly what he's doing first. You can just be up front & ask & let him know that it's not good & that you will help him find resources if he's willing.
Good luck.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
I personally doubt he would smoke off a tin can with a hole in it.. I mean.. yeah. Pot I can see. Happens all the time.

Meth though? Foil works better.. and if he didnt have that he could always do a line. I think the can thing isn't very likely. The smell you smell may be from the pain on the can being burnt? Just my thoughts.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
In a pinch, a crack head will smoke thru a can by placing a few cigarette ashes over the holes to keep the crack [freebase] from running thru. Doubtful that it was used for meth.
If you're missing any tin foil or light bulbs, someone is likely smoking meth.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
it's for crack, the put ashes in the hole to filter.
....I've seen it done many times.

It was definately not meth....
.....it's impossible...or we'd know about it!

meth liquifys and you gotta see it.
...you can't see thru cans.

crack is a one hit deal..
....you burn it up fast,one hit at a time, and it can be done thru a hole in a tin can.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
no. the meth will fall through the holes. the crack usually won't if there are enough ashes to hold it for a couple seconds but the meth burns (biols) longer and hotter and will fall into the can or burn up.  there is a possibility of putting hole in can and putting the meth inside the can at the closed end (bottom) and drawing through the drink hole while heating the meth. but you cant see the meth and are likely to just burn it up. glass pipes are better made from glass air freshener containers with blow torch. but why make a pipe when we are in recovery? Stay well  
Re: Homemade meth pipes
You asked:
"Why don't you ASK him what he's up to?"
Because he will lie.
Over $100,000 has been spent and 16 months in Rehabs....so, yeah, he knows it's not good and that we will help him.

I know he smokes pot all the time and I don't mind IF he has a life besides smoking pot and doesn't do it all the time and spend all his money on it.

He did mention he bought and snorted coke at a party last month, along with a lot of booze. At least they got a hotel room and didn't drive around.

Thanks for the replies.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
Mine has used a can for POT only... But trust me he can make a pipe out of anything for anyone. I have seen him make a meth pipe out of a stick of glass before.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
Hope I don't overstep my boundaries, but maybe that's where the problem started. You don't mind him doing pot, but there are stipulations. I don't get that!! Pot is illegal! Pot is a drug! Pot is where most people start!!!

Maybe if another approach would've been taken, you wouldn't be having this problem.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
I thought about my response, and I think I should clarify that I don't know you or how you've raised your child. I did assume and if I'm wrong, I apologize.

I know there's no for sure way to raise kids that will be drug-free. I just can't see a point in my future when it'll EVER be ok for my son to use marijuana or any other drug.

Hope I didn't "ruffle feathers".

Have a good weekend.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
SavedInIllinois –
You have a valid point and I am not offended. My son is almost 20 years old, not a mere child anymore. I don’t take drugs (although I do drink alcohol) and I don’t “allow” my son to do drugs. But, I would rather he smoke a bit of pot rather than drink and drive, and/or take Meth and harder drugs. I also don’t like medicating him for ADHD and depression.
Re: Homemade meth pipes
I can feel your pain, and understand what you must be feeling, my heart goes out to you.
many hugs to you
Re: Homemade meth pipes
Just to add to this. Meth is flamable/explosive in a gas form. You can't smoke it by putting direct fire onto it. Unless you like breathing in flames. I mean come on you guys have never accidentally lit the gases coming out of the top of a glass pipe and watched it break from the combustion? I have lol

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